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“It is a terrible thing for a Dovah to lose his voice.”


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Zulsenahlot (ZULSENAhLOT) was a fierce and cunning dragon, who was mostly known for his part during the Dragon War serving as one of Alduin's Jills. But near the end of that conflict, Zulsenahlot was challenged by a human and defeated. Though he was not killed in the struggle, the dragon lost his voice and was made an outcast amongst his kind. He is featured as a secondary character in the story The Extinction Effect.

Appearance and PersonalityEdit

Being a Jill, Zulsenahlot is primarily black. He has silvery wings and a white underbelly. His eyes are yellow. Zulsenahlot is extremely prideful, even by dragon standards. Being so highly ranked, he has much disdain for lower dragons, and refuses to speak to them. He knows many shouts, and is extremely intelligent in battle. As well, he delights in killing, often choosing to chew apart his enemies instead of using his shouts to kill them. However, once Zulsenahlot loses his voice, he becomes much more mellow and depressed.


During the Merethic Era, Zulsenahlot reigned over a massive area, covering nearly all of High Rock, and including some of northwestern Skyrim. As he controlled such a large population, his Dragon Priest, Onikaan (ONIKAaN) was one of the most powerful in Tamriel. Being a prominent elite of Alduin, Zulsenahlot's territory was undisputed; but many minor dragons lived under him.

At the start of the Dragon War, Zulsenahlot was not aware of the rebellion. It took Alduin himself visiting the loyal dragon's eyrie to get Zulsenahlot to join the war. And while he served thereafter unquestioningly, Zulsenahlot's territory was lost, and his Dragon Priest assassinated. When Alduin was defeated on the Throat of the World, and sent forward in time, he continued to fight.

Paarthurnax had betrayed the dragons by this point and taught mankind how to use dragon shouts, though Zulsenahlot did not know this. And with how easily he had destroyed so many strongholds, he became overconfident in his abilities, even with Alduin gone.

It was close to a month after Alduin's defeat that Zulsenahlot assaulted a tower near Riften. While he destroyed most of the soldiers with ease, he came across one who knew how to use dragon shouts. The battle they engaged in was terrible and long, and both were wounded badly by the end of it. In a last act of desperation, the man used a rare and exceedingly powerful shout called Quiet Voice. In essence, that shout, if used on weakened opponents (such as Zulsenahlot), would rip out the opponent's voice, and absorb it, similar to absorbing a dragon soul. Only, in this case, the use of the shout was incredibly taxing and absorbing a voice of that magnitude was too much - thus, killing the man.

Thereafter, Zulsenahlot retreated to seclusion. Losing his voice was perhaps the worst thing that could happen to a dragon, as all of his power was tied to it. Losing it, he lost all desire to fight, and all desire to rule other beings. Instead, he retreated away from his old territory to the western mountain peaks, and made a quiet living there. Because he was not sighted again, Zulsenahlot was considered killed in the previous conflicted, and was listed as such by the Dragonguard.

Although he was not known to have survived by mortals, other dragons knew of Zulsenahlot's existence. One such dragon, Jundremkah, even knew where he lived. It was Jundremkah who much later pointed the rogue Felduven toward Zulsenahlot. And upon finding the silenced dragon, Felduven was given safety and shelter from the Dragonguard.

In the second book of The Extinction Effect, Starfall, Zulsenahlot provided refuge for Felduven and later for Malmulnax. He protected Malmulnax from Felduven after the latter tried to kill the former for betraying Jundremkah during the Dragon War. During the events of the second book, the three were attacked by the Dragonguard. Zulsenahlot was heavily wounded during the battle, as he could not use shouts or his fire breath. He later accompanied Felduven and Malmulnax further west close the mountain border between Skyrim and High Rock. There, the three dragons found a sanctuary for [[Snow Elves. After some negotiations, the dragons were allowed to stay with the Snow Elves, as long as they provided protection for them.

Zulsenahlot did not long survive in the Starfall Vale, for the wounds he received from the previous fight with the Dragonguard soon festered. He succumbed in the heart of winter, and the Snow Elves did not realized he had died until the next spring, when they saw his bones poking out of the melting snow. His fellow dragons, Malmulnax and Felduven, however, were aware that he had died as soon as his body went cold.

Later, during The Tragedy of Evenhall, Knight-Paladin Arabor forged a dragonbone battleaxe from Zulsenahlot's bones.


  • Zulsenahlot's name translates to "Silenced Voice".

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