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"First the Souls of the mortals of Barachis, then the souls of the foolish mortals of Nirn, then finally even the Daedra will be devoured!"
Yorgoth The Risen Lord1
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 Yorgoth is the Darwishi God who all if not most of the Darwishi worship and stride to be like. In the minds of the Darwishi he is a god-child of the Primordial, the creators of the universe. When in reality he is a strange Daedra-like being tricking the Darwishi into believing his story.


Generally most mortals don't know the truth of Yorgoth and his lies so that Darwishi religion is considered the "True" history of Yorgoth.

The False StartEdit

It is told that in Darwishi Lore that the other gods were jealous of Yorgoth. So the gods planned a plan to slay Yorgoth and remove him from their realm, The Primordial`s Realm of Chaos, which required him to turn mortal. Using a book from Yorgoth's own library they used a spell that cast away Yorgoth's Godhood into a separate realm causing the now mortal god to be thrown into the newly created Nirn.

Mortal Life TimeEdit

The now mortal God was furious with his so called siblings and began immediately to plot his revenge. Knowing that a single man could not change the world but a single idea could Yorgoth began moving to the only settlement at this time in history the place that in the future would be known as Barachis. At this time Barachis was known as Aturon with only one massive city that had any form of intelligent life. Full of newly born Mortals who were called Mor, or Mer, Yorgoth began his search for allies within the city. The city, Aturon, was constantly plagued by the gods for entertainment while the Mor lived sad pitifully lives but not doing anything to change this. Yorgoth, now cloaked as a mysterious stranger, showed them they could and should stand up to those beings they called "Gods". Using their anger and want for justice Yorgoth was able to amass followers that would be willing to do anything. Using the only magic Mor, or Mer, to open a portal to what they thought was the Gods' realm to attack and destroy them, in reality this was the Necriomian. The Necriomian is the realm in which Yorgoth's god-hood was cast into, it is here were Yorgoth gained back his God-Hood and now rests thus ending the start of Yorgoth.

The True BeginningEdit

Though not known to any mortal Yorgoth was born when the first Mortal died of Astral Separation, Soul Removal, causing their soul to empower his birth. Being a pitifull being who could do nothing without the great power of Mortal Souls Yorgoth waited Eras to gain enough power to even start crafting the realm of the Necriomian. It was only when Atum Telzoak entered the Necriomian and met the False God Yorgoth did he even have enough power to expand his will. Once the Darwishi converted to worshiping Yorgoth did the realm of Necriomian finally become what it is today.


There are two Personalities of Yorgoth, The one he showed to his Prophet and the true Personality of Yorgoth.

False PersonalityEdit

Appearing as a Caring and loving Father to his children, his worshipers, Yorgoth will do anything in his power to protect and serve them as any good Father should. He will never speak harshly to his children even if they make horrible mistakes, he will even comfort them in times of need.

True PersonalityEdit

A harsh and cruel being Yorgoth is hateful of anyone who is lesser then him, which in his mind is everyone. Power-Hungery and Sinister is words to describe this greedy leech. He will lie and deceive to gain any foothold he can by any means necessary.

Allies and EnemiesEdit


  • The Darwishi (Empire and Race)
  • The Spawn of Yorgoth
    Spawn of Yorgoth

    Spawn of Yorgoth

  • Worshipers of Yorgoth


  • Enemies of The Darwishi (Empire and Race)
  • Necromancers
  • Daedra
  • Mortals
  • Ideal Masters