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Wintershade Passage is a large glacial cave located in the Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.


It is a cave close to Winterhold, built into a mountainside. The cave is a hive and Nnst of Falmer, Chaurus, and 2 Ice Wraiths, making it particulary dangerous. It intersects with a section of the Dwarven Ruin, Alftand, which holds a Dwarven Sphere and several Dwarven Spiders, though most of the ruin is glacier tunnels and rooms.


Follow a small trail to the entrance to the cave, which has a Charaus Chest and a Falmer pole surrounding it. Go inside.


Once you enter you'll be in a small tunnel, walk it and you be in a room with a Chest and a Ice Wraith, defeat it and look in the chest, it carries 15 gold and Steel Cuffed Boots of Frost, now move on through a large tunnel in the side of the room. At the end of the tunnel is a Falmer door, open it and your in a Room/Hallway, with a Falmer Tent with a Falmer in it, along with a pet Chaurus, defeat them and go through a hall in the side of the room, the hall walls change from Glacier to a Dwarven hallway, open the Small Dwarven Door at the end and you'll be in a large Dwarven Room, with stairs and lots of Falmer tents, this room is filled with Falmer so Save before entering. Go forward and encounter 3 Falmer and a Falmer Skuller, keep going and encounter 2 Chaurus and another Falmer. Now you'll enter through another partly broken door into a very small peice of whats left of a Dwarven hallway, immedietly turning back into ice that caved in through the years, move forward and right, then left again. Your now in a largish cave room with a waterfall and a old stone bridge. This room has many high leveled Falmer and a Chaurus Reaper, enter it to wake the 2 Falmer and 3 Falmer Skulers, along with their pet Chaurus to come and attack you, kill them. In the room their's a single Falmer Tent, with a dead old Nord, a campfire and A Chaurus Chest with some gold and a Flawless Ruby or a Flawless Emerald. Keep going up the over the bridge into a doorway, be careful now, theres a pressure plate with poison darts, and after that another pressure plate with a battering ram trap with massive damage, keep going through the inside cave entrance to Wintershade Cave.

Once you enter Wintershade Cave, you will be in a glacier/dwarven style small hall with a dead Falmer on the ground; giving the sense something bad is ahead.