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This isn't the William Septim (Akulakhan) you know.
William Septim (Akulakhan) is a part of the Akulakhan continuum, an Alternative universe originally created by Michaeldsuarez. As a result, people and events here bear little resemblance to their real-world counterparts. Any questions, comments, or suggestions should be left on this article's talk page or on Michaeldsuarez's talk page.
William Septim
Biographical information



3E 15

Physical description

Dunmer, Imperial




5' 11"

Eye color


Chronological and political information

Third Era


Crown Prince


Prince William Septim was the illegitimate son of Barenziah and Tiber Septim.



William was raised by Barenziah and Symmachus. He rarely saw his real father. William lived in a settled world. His mother was afraid that Tiber Septim or Great Houses may hire assassins to assassinate him. Although he rarely had contact with his father, the Dunmer feared the influence Tiber might have on him.

High OrdinatorEdit

During his childhood, William wanted to become a member of the Imperial Legion like both his father and adopted father. Once William was old enough, Symmachus trained him in military tactics and physical combat. By the time he was 20, William had become a skilled military tactician and proficient swordsman and mage. However, Tiber Septim gave orders to his officers to never accept William into the Legion.

Finally accepting that his father would not allow him to have a high position within the Empire, William decided to serve the Tribunal Temple and become an Ordinator instead. Due to his training and family influence, William was abled to become a High Ordinator.

Question of successionEdit

After the assassination of Pelagius Septim, there was a debate over who would succeed him. Since Pelagius was childless, Prince William Septim was the next in line for the throne according to tradition. However, the anti-Elven Elder Council supported Kintyra for the position.

Although he believed that it was his birthright, William realized that the non-Elven people would not support him, so he allowed Kintyra to assume the role of Empress without a fight. However, the Elder Council and Kintyra feared that William would take the throne later as Elves lived longer than humans. As a result, the Elder Council decreed that only legitimate children of the Emperor could assume the throne.

Camonna TongEdit

Although William never joined the faction, he kept close ties to with the Camonna Tong (Akulakhan). After William was not given the thone, the criminal group realized that William's tie to the Imperial family were not strong. However, the Tong also believed that William's ties to the Septims could be used against the Empire.

With the aide of the Camonna Tong, William was able to become a high-ranking Councilor in House Hlaalu. Eventually, he developed a relationship with the Duke Archoran Dren of Narsis and Galana Septim. Dren was the Grandmaster of House Hlaalu and the leader of the Camonna Tong. William trained Kilmorean's and Galana's daugher Artemesia Dren in the arts of war and diplomacy.

War of Red DiamondEdit

In 3E 110, Queen Potema Septim of Solitude invited William to her kingdom in order to arrange an alliance. William and Artemesia then went to Solitude, where they met with Potema Septim and King Orgnum of Pyandonea.

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