By Sabregirl

To become a member of a certain clan you need to be infected by a werewolf that is a member of that clan. There are NO quests associated with this mod but each clan has a lair in their home region with services that are only for clan members. You can also talk to the werewolves about their own clan and other clans at high disposition. If you become a known werewolf you can visit your clan's base to have your known werewolf status removed on entry. The new werewolves spawn in their own particular locations in Vvardenfell and solstheim. You’ll find individual werewolves that are normal NPCs during the day and attack you while in werewolf form just like normal Bloodmoon werewolves. YOU CAN become a werewolf and vampire at the same time with this mod with NO messed up head (You'll have to either use the console or use a weakness to common disease spell (since vampires are immune to common diseases) and you must be infected by one of the clans and you must be a vampire first)-however use caution as combining other werewolf and vampire mods may have strange effects-this aspect has not been fully tested...

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