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Welynn McClellan
Biographical information
  • Farrun, High Rock
  • Shornhelm, High Rock

Last Seed, 4E 158


Mid Year, 4E 191 (33)

Physical description






Hair color


Eye color


Chronological and political information
  • Fourth
  • Lady of Shornhelm

Welynn was the wife of Lord Stewart McClellan IV of Shornhelm. She was the only wife to Stewart, and birthed his four sons. She died of complications caused by the birth their final child, Drake McClellan. She was loved by the community of Shornhelm, and most of High Rock. Stewart would never remarry.

Character and AppearanceEdit

Welynn is often described as being beautiful, with long flowing red brown hair, and light brown eyes. She had a very womanly figure and pale skin.

The Lady of Shornhelm was loved by many across High Rock. She was kind, and delightful to be in the presence of. She was often called a goddess, and she never showed any bit of anger or aggression in her actions.


Welynn was born Welynn Bostwien, in Farrun, High Rock. Her father was an advisory to the Lord of Farrun. When she was 13 she was set to marry Stewart IV, how ever the Great War had him sent over seas to fight the Thalmor, and their wedding day would be put on hold for several years.

In Morning Star of 4E 175, Stewart returned, and the two married. Later that year she gave birth to their first child, Tyron McClellan. She blossomed in her roll as Lady of Shornhelm. Her love for art and music helped shape the town's culture. She soon gave birth to Jorren McClellan and Taylor McClellan. She would die Mid Year of 491, after giving birth to Stewart's final son Drake. Her body was entombed beneath the manor were her and Stewart spent the first year of their marriage, in Baleria. Each year, from the begining of Mid Year, till the end of the month, the people celebrated her life in a month long festival.