13th of second seed 217 of the fourth era


the 2nd of Suns Dusk 220 of the fourth era




Atmoran victory

Major battles

Siege of Lot Drem,Battle of South hope


The New Kingdom of Atmora

Shadow Wraiths of Atmora

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War against ShadowsEdit

The War against Shadows was a conflict between The New Kingdom of Atmora and the mysterious race known as the shadows. It took place on the continent of Atmora starting on the 13th of second seed 217 of the fourth era, and ending in Atmoran victory on the 2nd of Suns Dusk 220 of the fourth era. The war nearly spanned four years and was one of the most devastating wars of the kingdoms history with over two thousand Atmoran’s dead.

List of BattlesEdit

Siege of Lot Drem

Battle of South Hope


The War against Shadows begun on the 13th of second seed when mysterious attackers assaulted the council inside Lot Drem, killing all members except Natalia, the Queen of Atmora. She was only just saved by the death of her military advisor Jorl Pure-Shield in his attempt to save her from the Shadows. After the attack, the people of Lot Drem begun to worry about more attacks on Lot Drem and urged for the Atmoran army to be called from the field. Natalia fearing the safety of her people did just that calling back the Atmoran Army fresh out of the ended war with the Bruniik Jul and all four hundred soldier’s returned by the 26th of Second Seed.

Siege of Lot DremEdit

It was then the Shadows attacked in greater numbers surrounding Lot Drem and dragging it into a long siege that would last for weeks on end. This Siege cost the lives of many trying desperately to hold off the horde of Shadows at the entrances of Lot Drem. However this was no use for the shadows spawned inside the city killing many and disappearing from whence they came. For the shadows this tactic was very effective against the Atmorans as the Atmoran Army was reduced from four hundred soldiers to just 87 soldiers. This mixed with the prospect of salvation within the capital made the Atmorans increasingly desperate. This was until someone managed to find an old cave leading out of Lot Drem.  

March of tearsEdit

With Lot Drem in the hands of the Shadows the Atmoran’s morale was crushed and they were forced to march through a narrow cave hungry and wounded. Many men and women during this march through the cave either succumbed to wounds, hunger or disease. But despite all this they continued on for hopes of survival and to avenge their dead relatives. This resolve carried the battered people out of the caves and back into the wilderness of Atmora, which in itself raised morale even higher.

However this morale was short lived when the rear guards reported that they were being followed by the shadows and that in a day or a few hours they were going to catch up with the exhausted Atmoran host. Natalia was shocked by the news and made the decision to rest her forces instead of making a mad dash to Lost Shelter. She and her appointed Commander Kalin gathered up what men and women that could fight and begun building defence’s in which to hold out in. They gathered up a wall of stone’s and using what little amount of wood they had they created a line of stakes as well. Those that did not have the strength to fight were placed inside this small barricade and armed with stone’s and throwing spears to help drive the shadows back. With this all prepared, the Atmoran’s set about to wait until the shadows came.

Battle of South HopeEdit

The Battle of South Hope was the second engagement between the Atmoran and the Shadows, taking place in what is now the city of South Hope. The Atmoran’s ready for the coming battle positioned themselves on top of a large hill surrounding it with stakes and other defensive barricade’s. They had also armed the populace so they could defend themselves if necessary.