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Wahyne W-216 is a Maj. Gen. in the UOGE. His operations on Nirn have made him very unpleased, as incendiaries are banned under AoB Order 837. There he was limited to fire magic and fire enchantments. He used power attacks frequently and had a massive unarmed damage boost, making disarming him less viable.

Combat SkillsEdit

Under normal circumstances, W-216 fought with fire breath (YOL TOOR SHUL), a fire enchanted Daedric sword, and a fire enchanted Daedric bow with a custom design etched into it. He was also known to use a fire enchanted warhammer when his foe had a high armor value. He used a custom designed set of Ebony armor, modified to be stronger than Daedric with no regard for weight. As a Void Walker, he wore unique heavy armor, the Burning Battlesuit, which is un-disenchantable, but each piece had the enchantment of "increases all fire damage of the wearer by 50%". His Void Walker set also included a fire enchanted bow, fire enchanted swords, and a fire enchanted greatsword.

Quest PurposesEdit

He gave the Dragonborn a series of quests if he sided with the UOGE and joined the Ace of Blades. This questline helps the 16th Legion, of which he is the commander. Otherwise, he helps A-218 and is involved in a few of A-218's quests. Eventually he can be a follower after completing the 16th Legion questline. As a follower, he favors two handed weapons and weapons with fire enchantments. He will only wear heavy armor, but will usually keep his own high power armor on. He has a perk where everything equipped weighs 0, anything up to 10 weight weighs 0 on him, and everything else weighs half.