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"Dovahkiin, it is good to see another of my kind after so long, the pure blood runs deep in you. However I can't say the same for your goals so heed this my child; you will be shadowed by the glory of my wings, you will be stunned by the might of my strength and you will tremble before my cleansing breath. I am Vulonnaknir and I will herald your doom!"
―Vulonnaaknir to Threads-Many-Seas and Alunausbah.
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Merethic Era


  • 4E 208 (First Time)
  • 5E 2 (Second Time)
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  • Dovah Empire
  • Jar-Fel Dragon Cult


  • Merethic Era
  • Fourth Era
  • Fifth Era

Vulonnaaknir (VULONNAaKNIr) was an ancient fire breathing dragon who resided in the ruins of Wul's Hold just south of Stormhold in Black Marsh province. He did not partake in the Dragon Crisis of 4E 201.

Merethic EraEdit

Dragon WarsEdit

With the onset of the Dragon War against the ruling Dovah and rebelling Nords, Vulonnaaknir lead Dovah operations in the Black Marsh province against fleeing Nords. He had tracked them all the way down from Skyrim but thanks to the help of the defect Paarthurnax, they had managed to bypass Cydrodil all together without being caught at all.

Eventually, and now an entire continent away from the war; Vulonnaaknir engaged the Nord fugitives, lead by Fagrof Steel-Fist at Morzam (now Stormhold). The city was burned to the ground looking for Nords, killing more Argonians if anything. Finally Fagrof Steel-Fist challenged Vulonnaaknir to a one on one duel at Wul's Hold. The resulting battle saw Fagrof being killed but the dragon also becoming heavily wounded.

Jar-Fel Dragon CultEdit

Soon after Vulonnaaknir went into hiding at the hold he was discovered by several hunters. Vulonnaaknir saw that he needed them for protection and so offered them wisdom of the Best in return for protection. However it soon grew into more protection. The hunters began to live there only ever going out to find food. They grew slowly insane and began to worship the dragon as a god. So began the Jar-Fel Dragon Cult.

4th EraEdit


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Vulonnaaknir looks down on the Dragonborn atop Wul's Hold.

Sometime after the end of the Civil War and Dragon Crisis in Skyrim, a returning Stormcloak Argonian by the name Threads-Many-Seas ; the Dragonborn of legend, hunt down the location of Vulonnaaknir after a parting talk and favour from Paarthurnax atop The Throat of the World. He requested that the Dovahkin find a missing dragon that disappeared from Skyrim towards the end of the Dragon Wars.

His search lead him to Stormhold where locals spoke of roars coming from the ancient ruin of Wul's Hold. When the Dovahkiin came within close range of the grounds, Vulonnaaknir ordered his followers to attack the intruder. Wave after wave of cultists failed to halt the Dragonborn's advance on the ruins. Vulonnaaknir had no choice but to act.

First DeathEdit

Vulonnaaknir immediately expressed his discontent and annoyance with the arrival of the Dragonborn telling him of his wish to simply live in peace. Threads-Many-Seas refused to believe the dragon much to his displeasure forcing Vulonnaaknir to attack the Dragonborn. Threads-Many-Seas drew his longbow preparing for battle against the last known hostile dragon.

Vulonnaaknir launched an unrelenting assault of fire on top of the Argonian assisted by his last few cultists. The Dovahkiin his in the main tower of the hold while the cultists stormed it and Vulonnaaknir tore it apart with his claws.

Threads-Many-Seas used Dragonrend to stun the dragon until he was forced to land. Vulonnaaknir fought the Dragonborn, clawing and yelling at him until the final blow could be dealt. Threads-Many-Seas now exhausted before the dragon expected his death only to be interrupted by Derkeethus, his loyal friend and follower. Vulonnaaknir was slain and his soul absorbed by the Dragonborn... for the first time.