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Vor'saa Blood-Scale was a notorious Argonian outlaw. Vor'saa had a reputation for being cold, ruthless and pragmatic. These traits would allow him to go unrivaled by any other bandit leader or outlaw in the area around Leyawiin. However he would later move his operations into Skyrim while pursuing a former subordinate, Daniel Krine.


Vor'saa was born in Black Marsh to the Swamp Tide tribe. His father was the tribe's cheiftan, and his mother was the tribe's priestess. He was the second eldest of their children, with an elder brother, two younger brothers and a little sister.

Vor'saa grew up under the tuteledge of his father, who taught him how to hunt the marshes. Meanwhile his mother, who had skill in alchemy and acted as the tribe's medicine woman, taught her son how to identify ingredients, mix medicine, and identify and treat poisons. During this time Vor'saa also learned much from his elder brother, Kre'saa.

Kre'saa was next in line to be chieftan, and was easily the best warrior among the siblings. Vor'saa had looked up to his brother considerably during this time, and the two were often inseparable. That was until a tragedy occured. Kre'saa and Vor'saa were out hunting when they were ambushed by slavers. The two fought desperately, but were ultimately outmatched. Kre'saa managed to hold the slavers back, and allow Vor'saa to escape, but in turn he was captured himself. This would be the last time that Vor'saa would see his brother.


With Kre'saa gone Vor'saa was the next in line to be chieftan. However Vor'saa had no wish to lead his tribe. In some part of his mind he felt as though he would be stealing what rightfully belonged to Vre'saa. So while he humored his father about becoming chieftan, he devoted himself to other prusuits when his father's attention was elsewhere. In particular he devoted himself to hunting, and fighting. After losing his brother he became determined to never be so weak in the face of danger again.

Vor'saa quickly became his tribe's deadliest fighter with the exception of his father, but he was an even better hunter and he had a mind for tactics that was as sharp as an Elven blade. During this time he encouraged his little brother Lo'saa to prusue leadership within the tribe. Lo'saa was charismatic, had a mind for politics and genuinly wanted to be of use to his tribe. At this point Vor'saa's youngest brother, Hal'saa began to idolize him. He followed Vor'saa wherever he went. This actually served aws more of a trouble for Vor'saa, as Hal'saa was not a particularly adept fighter, and was also a bit dull witted.

Tradgedy would enter Vor'saa's life once again when his father died. The Swamp Tides were in dispute with another tribe, the Stone Tails. One day the chieftan of the Stone Tails challenged Vor'saa's father to a duel to put the conflict to rest. The Swamp Tides had no issue with this as Vor'saa's father was a warrior fo some renown in Black Marsh. There was little doubt as to who would win.

The two parties met at the agreed upon place. The two chieftans took their stances in preparation for the duel, and then began. For the most part the duel went the way that everyone had expected it to. Vor'saa's father easily dominated his opponent. However before he could deliver a finishing blow Stone Tail archers that had been hiding in the bushes sprung out, and filled Vor'saa's father full of arrows. The chieftan lay dead, and the Stone Tails managed to make a hasty retreat before the Swamp Tides could properly retaliate.

Back at the Swamp Tail village the warriors were in a fury over what had happened. They cursed the Stone Tails for their dishonesty and cowardice. However Vor'saa only saw the result. His father lay dead, and the Stone Tails had eliminated a powerful rival in spite of his skill. His fathers death made him realize that while being strong was a good thing, it met nothing if your enemy killed you anyways. From that point on Vor'saa prioritized victory over honour.

Vor'saa still had to avenge his father though. He took a small group of warriors, and by the cover of night snuck into the Stone Tail camp. Vor'saa went about poisoning all of the food in drink that he could get his hands on, and silently slitting the throat of the tribe's healer. The other warriors were unsatisfied with getting revenge this way, but Vor'saa was in no mood to debate. The next morning the Swamp Tides recieved news that the Stone Tails had been decimated.

Following this the matter of the next chieftan came up. Vor'saa was the eldest of the former Cheiftan's sons, and was a fearsome fighter. Naturally he was the first choice. Vor'saa declined this, and instead nominated his brother Lo'saa instead. This was not met with much resistance, as Lo'saa was well liked and trusted amongst the tribe. Thus Lo'saa became the next Chieftan, though many of the warriors had become loyal to Vor'saa after fighting under him.

In the following years Vor'saa became famous in the surrounding lands in Black Marsh. Vor'saa had attained a reputation as a ruthless warrior who would do anything he had to in order to win. His reputation was so fearsome that many former rivals of the Swamp Tide tribe made peace for they feared having to face him. It was during this time that Vor'saa gained the moniker "Blood Scale". The nickname came from the fact that Vor'saa was always seeking out his enemies, and when he found them it was not long before his scales were dyed crimson with their blood.


Though Vor'saa had a reputation to be respected and feared in Black Marsh, he would soon be forced to flee his homeland. It all began when a Thalmor ambassador came to Black Marsh. The ambassador was trying to convince numerous Argonian tribes to become allies of the Thalmor. He came bearing gifts, and great promises which swayed many. However there were many that believed that the Thalmor would simply try to exploit the Argonians as many others had. Vor'saa and his brother Lo'saa were chief among these dissenting voices.

Just as Vor'saa had gained a fearsome reputation in Black Marsh, his younger brother had gained respect as well. Lo'saa gained his respect for his wisdom, and fairness as a leader. Thus when Lo'saa spoke out against forming ties with the Thalmor many of the other tribes began to turn the ambassador away. Seeing Lo'saa as a threat o their plans the Thalmor began to make plans to have this obstacle removed.

The Ambassador and his men met deep in the swamps and discussed ways of having the Lo'saa killed in ways that would not draw suspicion to the Thalmor. However they were not as alone as they thought. Vor'saa had been mistrsutful of the Thalmor delegation from the start. He and a group of hunters under his command had begun tailing the Ambassador. No they sat amongst the marshes listening to the Thalmor plot to murder Vor'saa's younger brother. Vor'saa decided to send a message.

As the conspirators went their separate ways Vor'saa divided his men to go kill all of them. The Ambassador and those accompanying him were Vor'saa's personal prey. They ambushed, and quickly slaughtered the Ambassador's bodyguards. However the Ambassador's death at Vor'saa's hands was anything but quick. The next morning the Thalmor found their Ambassador's bloody body pinned against the trunk of a tree with a message written in his own blood.

“Black Marsh will never be yours.
Just try to take it Longears.
―Vor'saa's message

Naturally the Thalmor were furious. They claimed that killing their ambassador was a blatant act of war. They called for Lo'saa to answer for the murder. Meanwhile Vor'saa had informed his brother of what had actually went on. While Lo'saa was now aware of what the Thalmor was up to, there was no way they could prove the existence of the conspiracy. This meant that someone would have to answer for the Ambassador's death. Vor'saa put his own name forward. He had left his own name so that he could claim to have been acting on his own. Lo'saa reluctantly agreed.

When this reached the Thalmor's ears they immediately demanded that Vor'saa be handed over for punishment. Since it was their ambassador that was murdered they felt that it was their right to punish his killer. When the demand came Vor'saa immediately began packing. He took the supplies he needed, and planned to escape before the Thalmor could do anything. HIs brother agreed to this, but reminded Vor'saa that once he had escaped Lo'saa would have to declare him to be in exile, which Vor'saa was fine with.

Vor'saa left, and a few of the tribe's warriors volunteered to go with him. Among these was his little brother Hal'saa, much to Vor'saa's displeasure.  With the supplies he needed and the men at his back Vor'saa made his way towards Cyrodiil. Black Marsh would no longer be safe for him to return to. Lo'saa reported to the Thalmor that his brother had escaped. The Thalmor suspected that Lo'saa has allowed his brother to flee, but could not prove it. Lo'saa would remain on guard regarding the Thalmor from that point on, and would be among their greatest obstacles in Black Marsh since.

Bloody BusinessEdit

Upon reaching Cyrodiil Vor'saa and those that had accompanied him set up in Leyawiin. The city had many Argonians, so it was easy to blend in. Vor'saa started making his living in Leyawiin with what he knew best, hunting. However the demand for fighters, his skill in battle and Vor'saa willingness to ply his skills soon saw him working as a mercenary along with his comrades.

He eventually came into the service of a Breton criminal named Tovierre.


Vor'saa has a cold, ruthless personality.

Skills and AbilitiesEdit


  • Vor'saa came to be because the author wanted to make a bandit adversary for his Dragonborn, and liked the idea of a cold blooded, ruthless Argonian.
  • Playing as Vor'saa in Skyrim is a lot of fun. His primary skills are Light Armor, One Handed Weapons, Bow, Sneak and Alchemy (Vor'saa likes poison!). He is a perfect character for Hunters and Assassins. Furthermore proximity to water gives Vor'saa an instant tactical advantage as it aids in sneaking up on oppenents, and provides an easy escape if things get too hairy.