Madgod, Sheogorath the Second, Dark Sister
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Pale blonde

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New Sheoth Palace, Shivering Isles

“Power is life, my daughter. Without power, where would I be? Sitting upon the throne of Madness? No, Keyfri- I would be one of the pitiful beggars you see down in Bliss. Without power, I would be nothing. Without power, you would be nothing.”
―Volvalie to her daughter, Keyfri

Volvalie Telvalyn was a female Dunmer born in the Third Era. She is famous for being the first mortal Madgod in the Shivering Isles, and in rather notorious for her work in the Dark Brotherhood in Cyrodiil.


Early LifeEdit

Volvalie was born in Cheydinhal in 3E 414. Her early years were rather unnotable. It was a known fact she was friends with the Count's son, Farwil Indarys, despite the fact his father hated his contact with the townsfolk. They began to tear away from each other when Farwil's mother, Llathasa, died. Volvalie fell into a state of depression when Farwil stopped his almost daily visits.
To be continued

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