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The Void Walkers were an elite group in the UOGE. They were formed to track the Dragonborn after the discovery of Nirn by the UOGE. The reason for this is that Commanding General A-218 saw the potential of the Dovahkiin and he knew that traditional tracking would not suffice due to the dragons that roamed the skies(traditional tracking uses long range flying machines). Known Void Walkers include Adam Cain A-218, John Cain J-217 (currently AWOL),Wahyne (last name classified), Ryan Cain (R-215), Lenosa, and Rasugi. All Void Walkers possessed intense skill and mastery of the sword and the bow. After the Void Walkers are contacted, an arrow barrage can be spotted for with a special spell. It is presumed that the Void Walkers may be related to the Ace of Blades, as is evidenced by A-218, W-216, and R-215's membership in the Void Walkers. The Void Walkers used a specially ohysics defying chrono-device to revive the Dragonborn when he fell in combat or died by  "other means".

Void Walker EquipmentEdit

The Void Walkers are such a small group that their equipment is second to none. They have light and heavy
Woman in accented nightingale armor

A woman wearing accented nighingale armor,the closest available visual representation of the Void Walker armor

armor variants, both of which, like the Nightingale armor, are upgraded using Void Salts. Their weapons are close to Daedric in power and, when at legendary status, are better than than Legendary Daedric weapons on the damage/ weight ratio. A-218, W-216, and R-215 have unique versions of this equipment when they are fulfilling their job as Void Walkers. The only way to get their equipment is to steal it, but that is not recommended because if you're caught, they can kill even a highly seasoned Dragonborn quite quickly.