Vilod The Lonesome is a character and follower found in a cabin up in the mountains near the Citadel. She is only available after downloading Skyrim DLC Pack: Volume One. She, unlike other followers, can be married. She can be hired for 500 Gold and will follow The Dragonborn unless told otherwise. Before hiring her, however, the Dragonborn must retrieve her Elven Sword of Flames from the nearby fort. She uses both this and the Spell "Lightning Bolt."


Vilod is a Nord Woman who has been living on her own for years. Like other followers, it is possible to choose her armor, but not her weapons. However, The Dragonborn cannot give her any armor or take any of Vilod's. She has three pieces of armor to choose from; Fur Armor (Skirt), Fur Armor (Skirt/Upper Body) and Studded Imperial Armor. Unlike most NPCs, Vilod is barefoot and she cannot be given any shoes. She has a similar appearance to that of Ysolda in Whiterun and speaks with an English accent.


After completing her quest for the Elven Sword of Flames, a new dialogue option will open up, allowing the Dragonborn to buy her a drink at The Bannered Mare in Whiterun. While you are at The Bannered Mare, the Dragonborn is given an option to marry Vilod. If The Dragonborn declines, it is possible to take her to The Bannered Mare again. 'This can be repeated an infinite amount of times if The Dragonborn does not accept. After being married, Vilod will occasionally give The Dragonborn a piece of armor a weapon.


  • During "Unbound," 'Ralof states "I wonder if Vilod is still making that mead with the Juniper Berries mixed in."
  • Vilod was the only follower capable of Marriage until Lydia was de-bugged in Skyrim DLC Pack: Volume Two.

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