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Champion of Sheogorath
Biographical and chronological information
Physical traits and magical qualities





Hair color:


Eye color:


Societal status and affiliations




Victrix Valmir was the Champion of Sheogorath He did many things for the era such as build statues,Destroy nations,establish Madness of Nirn,and created the Most powerful army of the world...


Valmir started his force when he needed a army to destroy the Kingdom of Adreinloolpin.He found a Fort that held a Staff that could creat armies and control them. After finding the staff he created a Army of Gatekeepers with help from Sheogorath.He destroyed the Kingdom then Destroyed the Imperial Empire he created a need nation under Sheogorath calling it for sheogorath and making it a part of the Isles.He later died 390 years later by a Rogue follower...

Equipment / possessionsEdit

  • Sword of Goyun
  • Shield of Aswell
  • Sheogorath's Champion Armor
  • Ring of Freakness
  • Eye of Sheogoth
  • Staff of Creation and Control

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