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Vera the Huntress was a bounty hunter who lived in the Third and Fourth Eras. Of all the mercenaries, she was considered the most expensive and by some, the "best" due to her amazing tracking abilities and brutal justice. Vera started her adventures when she ran away from her home and joined the Fighter's Guild at the age of sixteen, though her jobs was mostly killing rodents and reporting crimes while training in the ways of a warrior.

Her later years were far more difficult as she had to cope with the realization that she was part of an ancient cursed bloodline which carried Lycanthropy, a condition which she inherited by birth that would allow her to transform into a werewolf. The death and her murder of her sister at her claws had a traumatic effect on her mind, which only worsened as she bordered insanity due to her bestial tendencies.


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Vera the Huntress
Vera the Huntress
Name: Vera Castius.
Title(s): Bounty Hunter, huntress, Hound of Hircine.
Birthplace: Cyrodiil.
Marital Status: Married to Kraven.
Deity: Hircine.
Residency: Cyrodiil & Skyrim.
Language(s) Spoken: Basic Cyrodiilic.
Profession: Bounty Hunter.
Character Specialization: Werewolf.
Biological Traits:
Race: Imperial-Werewolf.
Gender: Female.
Height: 5"8.
Weight: 163lbs.
Hair Color: Blond.
Eye Color: Yellow.
Special Marks/Tattoos/etc.: None.
Age: 319.
Siblings: Praxedes(deceased).


Patron: Hircine.
Former Teachers: N/A
Weapon Training: Bow, crossbow, axe, knife.
Weapon of Choice: Crossbow, axe, knife.
Political Information:
Current Affiliation(s): Werewolves. Hircine. Fighters Guild.
RP Information:
Creator's Name: Darnkess Eternal, Werewolf&Vampire
Forum Name: Werewolf&Vampire
Name for this site:

Personality Edit


Vera is instinctive, intelligent and ruthless when it came to her Bounty Hunting profession, but she was shows an amable side for the very few people she cares about in life. She was often motivated by coin, and as such her trust was to the highest paying customer. She became known in areas around Hammerfell, Morrowind and Skyrim as well as Cyrodiil that even authorities secretly hired her. She has an insatiable lust for life, she also does not express any gentleness with tragedy or grief and is battle-hardened.

Most of the time, she kept a calm demeanor when calculating her every move, always planning to triumph or survive. When not on the job of hunting down prey, for profit or for glory, Vera often squandered her earnings in taverns purchasing Cyrodilic Brandy and various assortments of meats and spices to sate her hunger. From even a younger age, Vera had a dry sarcastic humor and wit. She was not far from being considered tougher than some guys, going as far as to arm wrestle large brutish orcs and nords in shady taverns and winning. Her clients who require bounty hunting service range from the low-life cast to the civilized and snotty noble. As long as the pay was good, she was the right woman for the task.

Having a sense of devout worship, Vera was religiously mindful of a few Daedric Princes. Although she only kept Hircine in high respect. Her and the Nine do not tread common ground, so she forsakes any Aedric worship

Werewolf FormEdit

Vera the huntress



Physical Appearance Edit

Vera grew into an athletically built, axe wielding young woman of average height, with long, blond strands of hair and amber-colored eyes. She was often looked upon by those whom she came across as potentially beautiful, but her savage behavior and lack of personal pampering makes them think twice before attempting to woo her. Vera has some exceptional strength, which is evident by her legs and her stomach section which displays a sculpted and well-built midsection over the years of running.

In a harsh life, Vera went through facial changes along the way of her perilous career. In a single month in Skyrim, her nose had been broken a total of three times before being fixed by a professional chirugeon. After three-centuries of having a long-span in her life, Vera slowly became older, sacrificing some of her youthfulness.

Combat Skills & Abilities Edit

The life of a huntress and a bounty hunter meant that the individual had to learn an array of special skills and abilities. Vera learned much of this over the years, for she never started as an expert.

Vera became quite good in archery, blunt weapons such as axe and maces and hand-to-hand. She is able to disarm and subdue enemies. or kill them from a distance using her crossbow. Vera is an expert in tracking and survival skills, also is efficient in using guile, the act of outwitting her prey. Vera's lithe body and muscular legs aid her in her speed as well as strength and her sharp cunning mind gives her advantage over the less experienced individual, enemy or ally. Vera kept herself in prime condition, maintaining the habit of practicing sometimes with her equipment. During her life she displayed prudence and skills in tactics in hunting.

As a werewolf, she was able to climb great heights quickly, having supernatural strength and an enhanced sense of smell, vision and taste. She had quick reflexes and impressive hunting abilities that counted her among the dangerous females in the provinces. Though she had weaknesses to silver and also lack of subtely when angered and influenced by the Beast, making it easier for her to kill a person she(or her Wolf spirit) considers feeble.

Vera the huntress II

Clothing, Gear & Miscalleneous Edit

Vera's armor was made and forged from ebony, allowing it to endure a tremendous deal of damage sans degrading. Her armor also had two shoulder pads which were black in color. The ebony armor also increased protection from flames and intense heat, frost and cold conditions, and among other natural and supernatural elements. Her sharp shoulder pads also allows her to charge and attack her adversaries with a shove of the side, making her armor something beyond the use of defense. Additionally, helmet also served to conceal and preserve her identity from her enemies and foes, who knew her only by gender and not by age or race or physical attributes(eye, hair, skin color). This allowed her fame to be widespread but whispered and mired in rumors and half-truths. Even her employers never truly saw her face, but still hired her due to her reputation

Vera armor

For weapons, she carries simple, but effective weapons which she is confident she will rely on in times of need; Poison arrows for paralyzing and slowing down enemies, a sharp battle axe good for cleaving the skulls of wanted enemies or dangerous creatures in two. She heavily relies on her bow and arrows for hunting whenever she runs out of crossbow bolts. She also carries a silver dagger and a hunting knife which she conceales in her boot.

In her travels, she takes with her an array of items; raw and dried pieces of horker meat, rabbit legs and venison. Few herbs as well. She carries a small sack of gold for her travels, as well as a map of the province in which she is staying. Among her gear is a small statuette of the Patron of Hunting and the Sacrifice of Mortals. A bottle of water if she is in dry climates such as Hammerfell, and fur gloves if she is in cold places such as Skyrim.

Vera the huntress hunting