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Political information
Type of government


Founding document

The Script of Dagon

Head of State

Count Lorvos, Countess Riora

Head of Government

Governor Vahkaran


Commandant Drake

Executive branch

The Red Council

Legislative branch

Governor Vahkaran

Judicial branch

Hermaeus Mora's Court

Societal information

Mount Dagon Citadel

Official language



Peryites (Molten rock coins named after Peryite)

State religious body

Daedra worship

National holiday

Dawn of the Star (Morning Star, 1), The Bloody Festival (Mid Year, 1), Dance of Blades (Sun's Dusk, 4)


The Song of Dagon

Historical information
Date of establishment

1E 444

Date of dissolution

6E, 369


First Era, Second Era, Third Era, Fourth Era, Fifth Era, Sixth Era

Vehkayemhekemkhotayemrohtayemneht, or Vahkaran in the Cyrodillic language, was one of the greatest daedric realms. However, Vahkaran was not directly in Oblivion, rather an independent continent east of Tamriel. Many races besides daedra live here, and while it is a unique daedric realm, it does not feature the same features like its Oblivion counterparts. Instead, it resembles a cross between the Shivering Isles and an alternate version of Cyrodiil. Starting off as a small village started by the Dagon worshipper Vahkaran (for which the continent was named) on top of Mount Dagon, many daedric worshippers took ships off of the Black Marsh to reach a small island, on which the portal to pass through to Vahkaran was. Vahkaran exists in a strange way - half on Nirn, half in Oblivion, but you must pass a portal to reach. For this reason, the portal is a gateway - Vahkaran exists on Nirn invisibly (both visually and physically), and while you can feel a continent's mental presence there, you cannot see it visually or feel it physically.

History Edit

Founding Edit

Vehkayemhekemkhotayemrohtayemneht was founded by the half-Dunmer, half-Dremora known as Vahkaran. He was the son of a Dunmer woman and a rogue Dremora who had soft spots for humanity. Due to this, he appeared like a regular Dunmer except for his eyes, which were a deep daedric red-orange. He had exceptional magic abilities (including 'fire absorption', in which he was not just immune to fire, fire healed and restored him) and could bend reality with a snap of his fingers. Luckily, he saw how fragile the world was, and decided to create his own world. He had great relationships with the daedric princes and princesses, often doing quests for them, and they helped by creating a portal to his own world. The princes and princesses who helped Vahkaran were Sanguine, bringing merry and mirth, Hircine, populating the world with beasts, Azure, creating dawn and dusk, Jygalagg, bringing order, which balances the world, and Sheogorath, for from madness sprouts creativity (in Vahkaran's words). Dagon, Vahkaran's favourite Daedric deity, was obviously not invited to have his part on the creation (perhaps bringing a monument to mark destruction or bring destruction into the minds of the people), but in honour of the Daedric prince of Destruction, Vahkaran named the first mountain created there Mount Dagon.

The First Village: Valkynaz Edit

After the land of Vahkaran had been shaped and the portal created on a small island east of Tamriel, Vahkaran invited many of his Dremora kin and fellow daedra worshippers to come into the land. The Dremora served as guards and adventurers and explorers while the worshippers were just like any citizens, working to establish a settlement. The Dremora reported unique finds of a vast valley and cavern full of unique molten coin-shaped rocks. When Vahkaran experimented with them, Peryite's face appeared on both sides of the rock. Vahkaran made this the currency and made plans to set up a mining camp there. After getting enough provisions and exports from Tamriel, Vahkaran started the first settlement - Valkynaz, the temporary name for the first village on the top of Mount Dagon (It was later renamed Mount Dagon City in the later years).

Ruling the Realm Edit

Vahkaran built a small citadel of sorts on top of the highest point on Mount Dagon. While he was still young (just barely thirteen years of age), he had a natural leader within him. He ruled from there as Prince of Valkynaz, with the guidance of various daedric deities, while his Dremora explorers expanded the realm, mining more Peyrite stone from the valley and establishing new settlements. In the next year, Vahkaran's rule over the great realm had reached a third of the land. By a snap of his fingers, flowers would grow. When he commanded it, it would rain, or snow, or change into whatever weather Vahkaran wished. He finally had a world for him to shape and call his own. However, the deities warned him not to abuse his powers. With this knowledge, he carefully ruled his personal realm.

A Family Reunion Edit

When he turned fifteen, Vahkaran was sent a message from Azura. The Daedric princess told the young Vahkaran that he had a half-brother, Sheoth. Sheoth was actually the son of Sheogorath, but this was an unknown fact to Vahkaran and Sheoth for now. Azura told Vahkaran that Sheoth was coming to live in his realm, and that she and the other Gods would watch over them. And so Sheoth was reunited with his half-brother, Vahkaran. Sheoth was good company. He deeply resembled his father, despite the fact that he was half-dunmer, and was jovial good joker. He also had strong combat and diplomatic skills. Sheoth would occasionally go with the Dremora to explore and expand the realm (Vahkaran had claimed 2/3 of the land by that time). Sheoth stayed with Vahkaran for five years until a strange incident began.

The Expansion Edit

For a few months, Vahkaran lost contact with one of his daedric deities, Sheogorath. He sent Sheoth into the Shivering Isles to investigate and re-establish contact with the daedric prince. After Sheoth had left, Vahkaran immediately put into action an old expansion plan to completely dominate the realm, starting with the plan to recreate Valkynaz. He started with his small abode, a castle of sorts, recreating it with silver, molten rock, and obsidian. He renamed it Mount Dagon Citadel in honour of the Daedric Prince of Destruction, his favourite deity. And then he began the reconstruction of Valkynaz, remodeling old wooden huts and turning them into stone buildings lined with silver, obsidian, marble, and molten rock. He created an even greater Temple of the Daedric Lords, making it bigger, with a great burning pit for offerings of animals and gold, donations pots right at the feet of the Daedric gods' statues carved from used sigil stones and molten rock, and shrines used to contact the deities.

This was only the beginning. Vahkaran began to remodel Valkynaz into the vision of the great Imperial City, which he saw as a great work of both the Ayleids who started it and the Imperials who expanded it. It had the tendency to somewhat look like the Imperial City, but he didn't exactly copy it. After many years of work, Valkynaz was complete with its recreation, at the expense of the Government. Vahkaran signed the Script of Dagon, binding the new name for the city, Mount Dagon City. He was officially the governor and ruler of the realm, and he started a council, consisting of all the counts of the currently built towns and cities. At this point, Vahkaran had claimed 3/4 of the entire realm, and he decided to leave the rest in honour of the Gods. The remaining wilderness is named The Daedric Pines.

The government's costs during the remodeling of the former Valkynaz were replenished after a wilderness party struck a rich Peyrite mineral mine. Now Vahkaran had two rich mines and had a healthy realm under his rule.

The First War Edit

After the completion of The Expansion, Vahkaran received word from Sheoth. His half-brother told him everything about what happened - Sheogorath's true story, The Graymarch, the death of Sheogorath and the restoration of Jyggalag, and Sheoth's new rule over the Shivering Isles. Now Vahkaran had a great alliance between his realm and his half-brother's realm. But this did not mean the realm was immune from wars. After an Imperial Mage discovered the realm's presence off of the coast, he immediately contacted the Imperial City. Cyrodill's officials ordered contact with the realm. After several diplomats were dispatched, Vahkaran denied them entrance. They believed in the mortal gods. The realm was only open to the daedra scholars, worshippers, and the daedric servants of the deities' realms.

The Imperial City sensed hostility when they realized that this was a daedric realm. They immediately ordered the destruction of the realm, or in essence, the portal, to forever seal it and bar the doors. When Vahkaran learned this, he immediately sent his great army, the Great Daedric Legion, to head out onto the island where the portal was held and hold the mortals off. The legion consisted of Dremora from Dagon's realm, Golden Saints and Dark Seducers from Sheogorath's (now Sheoth's) realm, hunters from Hircine's realm, Order Knights from Jyggalag's realm, mortal warriors, and worshippers of Azura and Sanguine. It was a vast army, and when the Imperial Legion came by boat, arrows flew into the skies, spells were flung, and trebuchets launched molten boulders at the ships. At the beginning of the war, nine Imperial Legion ships were sunk immediately. Many from both sides died (mostly the Dremora from Vahkaran's army, since they were in the front lines, but they were eventually reincarnated, such is the daedric way of life) during that first skirmish of a great war, and when the surrender flag was raised on the last ship, the survivors were held prisoners of war.

When news of this arose, the Imperial officials declared war upon Vehkayemhekemkhotayemrohtayemneht. However, families of the captive prisoners of war were scared to death of what would happen to their relatives, and they sent requests to the officials to surrender. They were not going to surrender, but just so the public would not be distressed, they contacted Vahkaran and made an offer for the lives of the prisoners - gold in exchange for them. Vahkaran laughed at their petty offer, and he told them that Septims were not the currency they used. Vahkaran taunted them, saying that the prisoners would have a new great life at mining Peryites at the mining camps. This angered the officials even more, and they sent the entire Imperial Legion to go destroy the portal.

Vahkaran just sent the same troops to defend the portal, and a near-repeat of the previous skirmish happened. And then the daedric governor began taking bigger risks, sending his army by ships armed with cannons and trebuchets to go raid Cyrodiil's cities. Leyawin was the first city to be besieged. The city was laid to waste, civilians caught to be slaves for the mining camps and farms (and some maidens served as offerings to Sanguine, as Vahkaran's custom was). But the army would not stop there. They sailed up the river and sacked Bravil, though there were only petty goods there, and the civilians were lazy and stunk. When the army was halfway to the Imperial City, the officials became worried as the civilians panicked (some saying that this was the Oblivion crisis all over again, except worse), and the officials sent word to Vahkaran of their surrender. Vahkaran was not yet pleased. He replied like a royal warlord that he could send his armies to crush their city into rubble and lay waste to Cyrodiil, unless a proper offering of civilians, imported goods, and the allowance of public daedra worship in Tamriel was given.

The officials did not allow public daedra worship, but civilians and imported goods were immediately sent somewhat regrettably. The army retreated, and the First War of Vahkaran was won.

The Black War Edit

Vahkaran became quite infamous, famous, and feared for the First War, but that would look like a child's fight compared to the second war Vahkaran had chanced upon. Vahkaran was judging another group of daedric scholars and worshippers when an Argonian agent sent by the Royal Argonian Court to explore the realm and spy on Vahkaran smuggled himself in. He blended fairly well with the large group of people, and as the Dremora, Golden Saints, and Order Knights led the group of people to the first settlement by the portal, which was nestled on a rocky outcrop on the southwestern corner of Vahkaran, leading to the small settlement of Riora's Gate. The agent found his way to Mount Dagon, in the middle of the continent, and spied on the inhabitants, city, and officials. He made it into Mount Dagon Citadel without being noticed, until an Order Knight found him sketching the images of the officials and taking notes, which Vahkaran had stated strictly illegal to do so, unless it had a permit, like for educational purposes at the schools, in fear that they were spies. The Order Knight led the agent to the prison cells, confiscated his things, and gave them to Governor Vahkaran. When Vahkaran learned that the agent was from the Royal Argonian Court, he ordered the agent's execution, in fear that his perfect realm would be tarnished by "the foolish mortals and their false gods".

News leaked out that the agent had been executed and when the Court learned of this, they sent battleships to try the same manoeuvre the Imperial Legion had once did. With twenty-five shiploads of knights, archers, and battlemages sent out, the Court was foolishly proud and thought that their soldiers would lay waste to the portal. But Vahkaran was vigilant and saw the ships being loaded, news told to him by messengers and spies. He immediately sent a large, mixed contingent of Golden Saints, Dark Seducers, Order Knights, Dremora, and Hircine's Hunters to defend against the ships. Nearly like a reply of the First War, ships were sunk and prisoners were taken. However, many ships were spared and the army took the ships back to invade the Black Marsh. They pillaged cities, towns, villages ruthlessly, taking captives and spoils of war. Panic spread through the Black Marsh, and the Court called upon the assistance of Elsywer and Morrowind. There, the three provinces allied together started to attack the daedric realm. They had been the first to breach through the gate, but did not make it farther than Riora's Gate. There, the Legion drove them off, but it wasn't until Governor Vahkaran stood up from his gold-lined throne, called for his servants to bring him his Black Daedric Armour, and rode on his Dragon Steed, Sultan, towards Riora's Gate, that the legion finally prevailed against the foreign invaders.

In fact, the legion had barely enough strength to hold the Dunmer, Khajiit, and Argonian forces back from destroying Riora's Gate and razing the rest of the land. The foreign forces were forced to retreat, and half the entire Argonian legion and their allies were lost, either dead, slaves, or dying. Fearing that more lives would be taken, the Royal Argonian Court surrendered and were forced to compensate with a hefty donation. This war had been the most costly of all, and had required three combined provinces to even stand a bit of a chance against Vahkaran.

Intense Conflicts Edit

With two wars won by Vahkaran, the relationship with the mortal realm and Vehkayemhekemkhotayemrohtayemmneht didn't improve at all. Cyrodiilic officials and Argonian Officials wanted to destroy not just the portal, but raze everything in the realm to the ground. Vahkaran started daily patrols outside, with a quick warning system, back-up plans, and fail-safe system in case all went haywire. The daedric lords had his side, however. Briefly, officials considered plans and tried to send diplomats, but Vahkaran sensed that the danger of infiltration was too great, and sent the diplomats back. Officials wanted to leave the realm alone, but then they remembered the hostility and threat the realm posed. They decided not to do a direct assault, but wait for Vahkaran to make the first move so that he could look guilty.

Geography Edit

Settlements Edit

Mount Dagon City Edit

Mount Dagon City is the city surrounding the true capital of Vahkaran, Mount Dagon Citadel. Mount Dagon City was formerly known as Valkynaz before The Expansion. It was modeled in the vision of the Imperial City by Vahkaran, but it was not an exact copy. Its buildings tended to look like the Imperial City's from time to time, but the layout was vastly different, thought it slightly resembled the Shivering Isles Capital, New Sheoth. There were five districts, all arranged like a large square, with the four districts - Market, Temple, Noble's, and Old Town - surrounding the largest and greatest district - Citadel. That was where the Mount Dagon Citadel, the true capital of Vahkaran, was held. The walls were built with steel, obsidian, rocks from Oblivion, and reinforced with the metal of the Master of the Forges, Atraidius.

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