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Skingrad, Cyrodiil


Valus Mercius was an Imperial male who lived during the late Third Era and early Fourth Era. Born in Cyrodiil, he lived in the province all his life. In his earlier years, he served in the Skingrad Town Guard, and was later noted for his many skooma and moon sugar busts. In his later years, he left service as a guard and became a vintner in his hometown of Skingrad.


Early LifeEdit

Mercius was born in Skingrad, Cyrodiil in 3E 398. His father was the Captain of the Skingrad Town Guard, a position that Valus would succeed him in. Valus had taken interest in his father's occupation from a young age, and with time was trained in combat by him. Valus would often go hunting in the wilderness on the outskirts of Skingrad with his father.

Serving the ProvinceEdit

Valus joined the Skingrad Town Guard at a young age, and within a few years had taken his father's position as Captain. His many drug busts gained the attention of other towns, and eventually the Imperial City. Valus became a member of the Imperial Legion at the age of 32.

Becoming a VintnerEdit

Mercius became bored of his job as a guard, and moved back to Skingrad. There he would make more of his wines, taking advantage of Skingrad's prime conditions for grape growing. He met his favorite vintner, Tamika, in Skingrad and the two soon found themselves in a relationship. Valus began to help Tamika in her winery and the two became renowned vintners throughout Cyrodiil.


Valus and Tamika had a son named Vamas Mercius. Vamas showed interest in becoming a guard just as Valus had when he was a child. Valus often taught his son how to fight, and years later, Vamas followed in his father's footsteps.


In his earlier years, Valus showed anger in his combat and was perhaps a slightly corrupt guard. His superiors gave him warnings about his behavior, and with age he cleaned up his act and became an honorable soldier.

Fighting StyleEdit

Valus preferred the shield and blade to two-handed weaponry, and was noted for his skills with a sword. Valus was barely seen without his silver longsword by his side. He showed considerable speed in his combat, pulling many unpredictable maneuvers. With age however, Valus' skill in combat became less effective.

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