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The Valmer (Aldmeri: Valiant Elves) were a race of mer that existed on Barachis in the Merethic Era. They are the intermediate common ancestor between their modern-day descendants, the Dalmer (Damned Elves), and the ancient Aldmer.



The Valmer emerged from one line of ancient Aldmer, whom, according to their mythology, were fleeing their original homeland in the midst of some great catastrophe by ship. According to legend, they performed their mass exodus traveling overseas on the Aldmeri empire's entire naval fleet. Their search for a new land to call home lasted for exactly seven years (with occasional stops at peculiar, uncharted islands in the middle of the sea) and they endured an unnatural amount of hardship along the way.

One such hardship was a storm of unatural strengh that spit their sailing fleet into two; the the one's still on course becoming the Darwishi and the one's that were forced northeast becoming the Valmer, the ancestors of the Dalmer.

The Valmer that were forced to the north east called themselves the Valmer, or "Valiant Elves" in their tongue, because of the unusal amount of hardships they had suffered. They continued to abide by that name until the fall of their empire on Barachis, during the closing days of the Alt-Nai Era. This period of immense hardship, which they still attribute to having been the will of the gods, was recorded in many volumes in detail as the Tribulatorium.


War on the Dark one'sEdit

Abandonment of Alt-MaorEdit

After many years of relative peace in the islands of Alt-Maor, the Valmer and Shezeen lived in peace with one and other. However, this was about to change, as the ground beneath their feet begun to rumble with the fury of gods. It soon became apparent, that the Volcano of Kongbu (Terror:Shezon) was about to erupt.

The Valmer acted quickly on this; they knew something bad would happen, and begun detailing plans on abandoning Alt-Maor to the fury of the Volcano of Kongbu. However, the majority of the Shezeen population did not want to leave their homeland, and stubbornly decided to refuse the Valmer's offers to board their ships. Some however, but not many, did decide to abandon Alt-Maor, as they new staying would mean their end. And so, in AoY 1,450, a fleet of Valmer and a few Shezeen left the shore of Alt-Maor for a new land in which to prosper, watching as thousands burned as Kongbu erupted.

Invasion of BarachisEdit

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Valmer EmpireEdit

Valmer Empire

Extent of the Valmer Empire during its golden age in the Alt Nai Era



The Valmer fervently worshiped the eight divines; however their version was different to that of the Altmer having of evolved differently when they landed on Barachis. Their versions are...

Aurial - Akatosh/Auri-El

Orkae - Arkay

Belle - Dibella

Julinus - Julianos

Cinarth - Kynareth

Mare - Mara

Stadur - Stendarr

Xenthur - Zenithar


Customs and TraditionsEdit


Shezeen WarriorsEdit