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'Arms Like Thunder, We Strode Into Battle. And On The Brink Of Despair I Ended Two Lives In An Instant. Thus Began Orsinium's Freedom.' - Vakenhawk

Lord Vakenhawk of Orsinium was the first born child of Chief Lo'grok and the sucessor of Largashbur. A long time after he became the chief, he decided to leave the camp to his son, Va'grom. He journeyed to Wayrest where he joined the Legion. After working his way up to Legate, he fought in a battle known as Vakenhawk's Hour. Which led eventually to Orsinium's defeat. As the leader of the Breton army was about to kill the leader, Vakenhawk jumped up, wounded and shoved them both to the ground, he then stabbed a sword directly through the neck of the breton commander, which also went through the current Orcish lord. This ended the battle in a draw, the Bretons left and Orsinium became an independant state from High Rock. (Events Occured Between 4E 406 - 4E 435). Soon after he was crowned the Warlord Of Orsinium. And thus began a change in government.

Early LifeEdit

Born in 4E 385, Vakenhawk was the proud son of the chieftain of Largashbur. His family were renowned fighters and politicians amongst the Orcish Strongholds. His dream was to merely success his father, which he accomplished at the age of 14. Astonished by this, the rest of the stronghold instantly made him leader. He ruled over Largashbur until the age of 34, when he decided to move on. He left his son in charge and fled to Wayrest to join the Imperial Legion.