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Governor of Mount Dagon, Ruler of the Great Land
Biographical and chronological information


Morrowind, 3E


Vehkayemhekemkhotayemrohtayemneht, 6E

Physical traits and magical qualities


Half-Dunmer, Half-Dremora



Hair color:


Eye color:



Dagon's Tooth

Societal status and affiliations


Mount Dagon Citadel, Vehkayemhekemkhotayemrohtayemneht


“You see, young one, you are not the only one with a very annoying brother. It is time you met my mad brother - Sheoth.”
―Vahkaran to one of his disciples

Vahkaran was the founder and ruler of the Daedric realm Vehkayemhekemkhotayemrohtayemneht, and one of the prime figures during Dagon's March. He was born to a Dunmer woman and a rogue Dremora. He had a younger half-brother, named Sheoth, who later became the second Sheogorath. He was raised in Mehrunes Dagon's Court until he was thirteen. Under the guidance and with the help of many Daedric deities, he managed to create his own Daedric realm. Two years later, his half-brother, Sheoth, was sent to his court and together, they were raised in the royal court of the Daedric deities until Vahkaran was twenty years old. During that time, Vahkaran had lost much contact with Sheogorath, one of his most favorite princes, and sent Sheoth to investigate. A year later, a Dremora messenger was sent to Mount Dagon Citadel, Vahkaran's castle in Vehkayemhekemekhotayemrohtayemneht, to tell Vahkaran that Sheoth became the new Daedric Prince of Madness. Then a strong alliance between the Shivering Isles and Vehkayemhekemkhotayemrohtayemneht was formed. In the eve of the Third Era, Vahkaran journeyed to Cyrodiil and was nearly killed during Dagon's March. He allied with Baltis Llervu and his army, and together with the Llervu Legion and the Rogue Dremora forces combined, Dagon was stopped. Vahkaran ruled his realm with the Daedric councils until 6E, when the realm fell into chaos. Imperial Legion forces invaded Vehkayemhekemkhotayemrohtayemneht and assassinated Vahkaran. The cities were besieged and burned, but the land still remained, forever hidden, a secret between the Daedric forces and the mortal realm.

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