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The Union of Galactic Empires, or UOGE, is the defunct name of a military conglomerate designed to bring peace and unity to empires and organizations across the galaxy. The group secretly interacted with Nirn and her people in as early as 4E 201, just after the Dragonborn was captured and sent to Helgen. This group, which tracked the Dragonborn throughout his journeys, was known as the Void Walkers. The UOGE only exposed themselves when J-217, an AWOL Void Walker, unleashed his armies of Revolutionaries to attack the planet. After the battle, the UOGE kept bases across the planet, including the massive base/city of Ace City (provided their strategic victory), located in Skyrim, and several military "embassies" in and around the Imperial City in Cyrodil.

Union MembersEdit

A group known only as the HCAO was the main group involved and responsible for the formation of the UOGE, beacuse of a bloody war lasting about 30 years before the constiuent groups finally came to peace with each other, forming the HCAO itself and eventually the UOGE. Some tensions between groups and assimilation of other groups into the Union led to a rebellion on a massive scale. The rebellion was a short but bloody war that has, unfortunately, forced many unrelated factions into the fighting. The Union is now bolstered by several organizations, some human, some not.

Command StructureEdit

Th command structure of the UOGE is quite complex. Being a military alliance, the military leaders of their respective groups have to come together to make the UOGE military work. Politically however, the groups are separate. This causes issues when political leaders try to deal with military matters. But with every group having at least one Maj. Gen. (going against the usual structure of General terminology, Maj. Gen. is 4 stars in the UOGE), which help keep the chain of command from imploding. Ultimately a military action is directed by the political leaders and Commanding General Adam Cain A-218.

Nirn's Relations to the UOGEEdit

Nirn was formally introduced to the UOGE when they assisted Tamriel's people during the Battle for Nirn. After the battle, the UOGE set up embassies that represented the different members of the UOGE across Tamriel, notably in Cyrodil. After much negotiation, the Empire (and Stormcloaks, provided the Dragonborn helped them during the Civil War) joined the UOGE as (an) honorary member(s). Being only honorary member(s), the group(s) in Tamriel only has/have minimal power in political decisions and no mlitary presence off world. The Ace of Blades' City in Skyrim houses the only UOGE embassies in Skyrim.

Directive 274-35Edit

UOGE Directive 274-35 provides speical provisions in the event of contact with "primitve cultures", which includes the cultures of Tamriel. The Directive is designed to revent a technological culture shockwhich the UOGE had accidentally The Directive states that "forces operating within the parameters in the culture's grasp may not use technology includes advanced projectile weapons, military vehicles, and Class 3 and Class 9 technological aids, excluding strenuous circumstances". This Directive greatly limited the amount of non-Ace of Blades forces in Tamriel due to their reliance on such technology.