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Tyron McClellan
Biographical information
  • Shornhelm, High Rock
  • Sun's Dusk, 4E 175
  • Mid Year, 4E 202 (26)
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Chronological and political information
  • Fourth

Tyron McClellan was the first born child of Lord Stewart McClellan IV of Shornhelm. He was a smart, yet temperamental man, and very talented with coin. He was murdered in Mid Year of 4E 202 when Vampires raided Shornhelm.

Character and AppearanceEdit

Tyron McClellan, like his father is short in stature, however is slightly thicker and stockier than his father. He has brown hair, and is very well groomed and clean shaven. He was characterized as having "the smallest hands of man". He had the signature dark blue McClellan family eyes.

Much like the rest of his siblings and his father, Tyron had a very bad temper. He denied this trait however. Tyron is very intelligent, and well educated. He was sent to the Academy in Daggerfall for several years, and is a gifted alchemist. He is also a very good merchant and tradesman. Tyron was kind hearted, and greatly loved his family. Though he was the first in line behind Stewart to take the throne, his father did not see him as a suitable leader.


Birth, and ChildhoodEdit

Tyron McClellan was the first child of Stewart, born in a secret manor on the Isle of Baleria. He became the instant heir to Shornhelm throne and the McClellan family. As his other brothers were born he became very close with them as well, including Drake McClellan, his final brother, as their mother would die the day after Drake's birth.

Through out the years Tyron was periodically sent to Daggerfall to the Academy there. There he became a master alchemist, and merchant. Stewart wanted Tyron to one day handle the treasury of High Rock.

Later LifeEdit

As he grew up, marriage attempt after marriage attempt failed for him. He did not have much luck with women, or finding someone suitable for him. He would never marry, nor bare in children. Tyron stayed in Shornhelm, managing the treasury for his father.

Sacking of ShornhelmEdit

In Mid Year of 4E 202, Shornhelm was raided by vampires. Tyron took up arms against the attackers, and fought valiantly. However, he was killed by Rhavar Dorrian while attempting to buy time for keep caretake Leighton Bowers to escape with Erma McClellan and Drake. It is unknown whether or not they escaped Shornhelm, as their bodies were never found. After the raid, Tyron's body was buried with the rest of his family on the Isle of Baleria.