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The Tropics are a group of islands off of southern Hammerfell. They are accessed by a Hub transport on the outskirts of Ace City. There, the Dragonborn encountered a race of Islanders. If the Dragonborn sided with the Revolutionaries, he defended the islands, under Revolutionary occuption, from UOGE liberators. If the Dragonborn sided with the UOGE, he attacked the Revolutionary garrisons to secure the islands one by one. It is divided into 9 holds on 11 islands. The holds are Sornus with the capital of Sorno, Hariisurf with the capital of Hightide, Maru and its capital of Marii, Deku and the capital of Dekusa, Black Sea and its capital of Dakyab, Far Land Hold and its capital of Far Land, Scorpii and its capital of Stiku, Haruusii and its capital Menu Kaeus, and Aho and its capital of Hunol. The islands are Hispar, Maru, Deku, Beskaro, Seskiin, Itsole, Archiinos, Haruusii, Aho, Spiidros, and Liinos.

Mod details (delayed until January)Edit

At the beginning of the mod, a courier comes with a message. Reading the message opens the Trouble Brewing quest, which tells you to go to a hub transport outside of Ace City. The Revolutionary equivalent is a highly advanced ship docked at a hidden location by the Sea of Ghosts. Interacting with the respecitve transport begin a relative cutscene, in which you are sent to the Tropics island chain. Once there you fight off waves of foes, only to be captured in the end. Upon your escape, you meet a new race, the islanders, new foes like sharks, new enchantments like Fortify Unrelenting Force, new alchemical ingredients and potions like the splitweed and nicleaf, which can make defortify destruction poison, new guilds (called tribes) like the Destroyer and Yoiku, and new smithing options like dragonhide, sharktooth, and frond.