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Tradosha was a female Argonian of the Companions, Thieves Guild, College of Winterhold, and a group of Argonian dealers. She married Scouts-Many-Marshes shortly after convincing his boss to give the Argonians at Argonian Assemblage more money than usual.


Early lifeEdit

Tradosha was born sometime prior to 4E201 to two Argonians that belonged to a wealthy, prosperous, and powerful family in Skyrim. Tradosha was distant cousins with Kirsei Argosta and Felatos, as well as the younger sister of [Deelvara]]. At some point, she joined a nomadic group of Argonian trades dealers with her cousin, Kirsei, but left when the group's leader was killed. Sometime later, she became an enemy of Jalon-Sai, an Argonian who was a member of the Empire, and was at some point kidnapped by him and he had her taken on the way to Helgen for execution.

Prison and Dragon AttackEdit

In 4E201, Tradosha was illegally arrested by Jalon-Sai and was taken to Helgen to prison, When she arrived, Tradosha was going to be put to death when a dragon named Oggurbaval attacked the prison and the city and fled to Riften with Rolof.

Working for the CompanionsEdit

After defeating the troll and hearing a lot about the Companions, Tradosha went to Windhelm to see what they were about. Tradosha asked the head of the Companions if she could join and he had her duel with his highest-ranking warrior to test her. She won the duel and joined the Companions.

First missionEdit

After joining the Companions, Tradosha's first mission was to go with Farkas to a tomb to find an artifact.

When they arrived and went inside the tomb, the two were immediately fighting Draugrs and Tradosha was nearly killed by one. While trying to find a way past a gate, Tradosha walked into a tiny room to find the lever but a gate swooped down after she pulled a lever inside the room and she became trapped. However, she soon witnessed Farkas turn into a werewolf and attack the group of bandits inside the room. Farkas opened the gate and they continued on their way to find the artifact.

Dark Brotherhood and Attemped AssassinationEdit

At some point, while searching for an artifact known as the Dragonstone, an assassin of the Dark Brotherhood had been assigned to kill Tradosha but failed when Tradosha killed the assassin and found the note.

Fighting the Dragon CultEdit

Shortly after finding a horn for the Greybeards, she was given the task of tracking down and killing all of the highest-ranking Dragon Priests in Skyrim and retrieve their masks and staffs. She started with the Dragon Priest Rahgot, located inside of Forelhost, then Vokun inside of High Gate Ruins, Morokei inside Labyrinthian, Otar the Mad inside Ragnvald, and several others. She would later help out the remaining Blades members in trying to stop the great Dragon Alduin and find the Elder Scroll with the help of Paarthunax and the mages of the College of Winterhold.


Shortly after reaching Forelhost, Tradosha was asked by a Stormcloack soldier to retrieve the Mask of Rahgot, of which she agreed to. But, Tradosha felt she couldn't trust him and pickpocketed him and found a note saying to impersonate a Stormcloack soldier, retrieve the mask, and return to the writer. So Tradosha killed the soldier and went inside Forelhost.

Shortly after defeating dozens of Draugr, she had to fight a Draugr Wight Overlord. However, after taking several serious blows from the Draugr's sword, she had Barbas and Faendal take out the Draugr and went on to find a way to Rahgot's tomb. But, while on the way to the tomb, the three were faced with three leveled-Draugr and a Frost spirit. Tradosha and company managed to kill the spirit and the Draugr and made their way to Rahgot's chambers. Tradosha, Barbas, and Faendal arrived to battle Rahgot's minions.

After defeating Rahgot's remaining minions, Tradosha battled Rahgot himself. Using her flame ability, she defeated Rahgot easily. After he died, he turned to ashes and Tradosha took his robes, mask, and staff and headed out of Forelhost.

Mystery of Solstheim and MiraakEdit

Arriving to SolstheimEdit

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The Dragon CouncilEdit

Hermaeus MoraEdit

The Battle of DragonbornsEdit

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Taking Care of the Dragon PriestsEdit

Physical descriptionEdit

Tradosha as Radoshytla

Tradosha, disguised as Radoshytla.

Tradosha was a female Argonian in her mid-20s to early-30s. She stood at five feet and six inches and weighed about 140 pounds. She had green skin and light - almost white - eyes, with orange markings on her head.





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