Torfas Stacker
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Imperial Forrester


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The Great Forrest

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Brown (Windswept short)

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Imperial Forrester

  • The Imperial Legion
  • Kvatch Guard.

The eldest of children to Imperial father Captain Korvan Stacker II and Mage's Guild Magician Jade Mara, Torfas Stacker learned to be a hunter early in his life, which later led him to becoming an Imperial Forrester.


Family HistoryEdit

Torfas Stacker was a male Imperial born to Korvan Stacker II, an Imperial Guard Captain at the time (From whom he learned Blade and Marksman combat, Heavy Armor skills, Armorer skills, and Mercantile), and Jade Mara, a Mage's Guild Magician (From whom he learned a minor healing spell). His siblings, all of whom were younger than he was, were sister Ofilia, brother and sister twins Korvan III and Nessanna, and brother Elisre.

Early YearsEdit

Between Torfas' Fifth and 12th year, Korvan III, Nessanna, Elisre and he underwent training from Korvan II and/or Jade Mara-Stacker. His father taught him how to use a blade properly, using shortswords and daggers to help. Korvan II would also take him out shopping to learn Mercantile skills. Torfas' father also took the time to teach him how to move and use heavy armor and how to repair the armor used at the later ages. Jade and Korvan II both built wooden targets so that she could teach most of the kids spells. Ofilia was learning Conjuration, Destruction, and Restoration magic, even got help from Jade's fellow mages to learn Illusion spells and alchemy. Nessanna spent time working on telekinetic Mysticism and invisibility Illusion spells. Torfas learned a minor healing spells and left it at that. Elisre only wanted to learn to use spells for unlocking doors. However, Korvan III spent enough time to nearly master Conjuration, Mysticism, and Restoration spells by the age of thirteen.

Family DeathsEdit

Nessanna disappeared when he was fourteen. This is why Korvan III always blamed her as the murderer of both the parents. Their caretaker took care of them.

Kvatch Guard and Imperial LegionEdit

At age 15 Torfas left home and moved to Kvatch. Thanks to his training and the fact that most of the guards in Kvatch knew his father, he was accepted into the Kvatch guard at age 18. Five years later, he requested to become a part of the Imperial Legion as a Forrester. While waiting for the outcome of his request, brother Korvas III, an Ancestor Moth Prelate by then, showed up on horseback while travelling Cyrodiil. Korvan III claimed to have run into Nessanna in Cheydinhall, nearly killing her since she attacked him. He also claimed she was a Dark Brotherhood member. Torfas also learned Ofilia had wed and made it into the Mage's Guild, an Evoker at the time, and Elisre had just gotten out of prison. A couple months later the acceptance letter came. He reported to the Imperial City where he got survival training for the wilderness and was given his title. He spent the rest of his life in the wilderness. He was found dead in the wilderness nearby the bodies of several Marauders several months after his 30th birthday.


Torfas was affiliated only with the Kvatch Guard and the Imperial Legion as a Forrester, dying in the wilderness outside Bruma.

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