Tor Thunder-Throat

Tor Thunder-Throat in durring his days of Adventure. H eis wearing his legendary armor he called "Dragonhide".

Tor Thunder-ThroatEdit

"I have traveled all over the gods' creation we call Tamriel. From Highrock to Blackmarsh, i've made great friends and allies and have slain may wicked foes and while i'll never replace my father, as long as the blood of Akatosh flows through me and his lineage is continued, Tamriel will never fall"-Tor Thunder-Throat giving a speach about Tosh Raka's Akaviri Invasion.

Tor Thunder-Throat​, also known as Tor Dragon-Heart or Renus Mede was the eldest and strongest of the Dragonborn's (Olmgar Thunder-Throat) children who was a famous adventurer, leigonair Veteren, master of Thu'um, and aventually the Emperor of the fourth Tamrielic Empire and continue the Mede bloodline his father carried on before him. Tor was skilled at most types of weaponrry and magic just as his father was and had his knowledge aswell.


Tor is much like his father in how he loves to adventre and to help others in need. He was wreckless and sometimes still is in some ways. He is very kind and a generally fun loving guy. He has a bad temper in battle as his father did and also likes to abtain new knowledge. His temper would sometime lead him into sticky situations but he could ussally get out of them. All together most people liked him.

Early life

Tor was born on the first of Second Seed, the 4E 202 to his parents Olmgar and Mjoll. He was named after the battle of Sancre Tor in which General Talos found the Amulet of Kings. From a young age Tor was very skilled and accomplished many impressive feats early on. They include:

.Age 3 killed his first rabit

.Age 6 killed his first deer

.Age 7 cuaght two Slaughter Fish bear-handed

.Age 10 rode Ohdaviing

.Age 14 killled his first Frost Troll

.Age 16 defeated his archnemisis in a swordmen's dual

.Age 16 killed a highway man who tried to rob him and then wounded another

.Age 18 instead of killing oe Ice Wraith to enter manhood he killed three (show off)

.Age 18 cleared a old crypt of Draugr

.Age 20 joined the leigon and became a legend

Dispite much controversy most believe the accounts of Olmgar for he was not one to tell a lie. When he was 10 years of age Olmgar sent Tor to be trained by Orcs in the art of furousity in combat and then to learn strategy by some of the best Imperial commanders in the Imperial city. He went on many expiditions around Nirn and soon became to reckless in nature and would seemingly never mature enough to take the thrown. This became apperent when he lead his party of Imperial soldiers to Akavir to improve relations with the Nation of Tang Mo when his expidition was derailed when they got lost in wilds of Akavir. Him and his Soldiers were attacked over and over by the beasts, Taesci, and the diseases of Akavir and when they fiinally got to Tang Mo only him a five out of a hundred Imperials remained alive.
Akavir map

This map shows the route Tot took and the correct one. This massacre would be known as "Tor's March of Death".

This was due to his wreckless commands such as ditching the trail or continuing on for days on end without turning back. As a ressult Tor was so tired from the trip that he accidentally insulted the Tang Mo. Olmgar was furrious so he sent him to High Hrothgar at the age of 26 to learn thu'um, discipline, and cuation from the Grey Beards. He did this so he could not only ready him for the thrown but also if a Dragonborn Emporer were to take the thrown they should and must know thu'm.

Redemption at High Hrothgar

After years of studing for years at High Hrothgar, Tor became a master of thu'um due to his dragon bloodline giving him a slight affinity for thu'um (although he was no where near the skill of Olmgar). He returned to his father with a mastery of thu'um and cuation. He returned to the Imperial City in the year 238 at the age of 38. His father was 68 and in great health so his time to rule was not yet here but soon a chain of events woul push him into the thrown.

The Akaviri Invasion (Tosh Raka's War)

In the year 240 the armies of the Ka'Po'Tun Nation invade the Imperial cities of Dagon Fel in Morrowind and Solitude in Skyrim and thus the Dragon Emporer of Ka'Po'Tun called Tosh Raka began his crusades to take over Tamriel. Olmgar and Tor were in the city of Solitude when the armies of Tosh Raka marched into it's gates. The to fought with the soldiers and guardsmen but soon the city had near fallen to the invaders. The majority of citizens were either evacuated or dead so Olmgar told Tor to retreat then he let out a shout that collasped a portion of the city and most of the invaders.

Tor dragged Olmgar away as he layed barried under rubble. After they got out of the city Olmgar told his son to go to the Tomb of Ysgramor then he died. He had the Archmage and Imperial court mage Anoth put a spell on Olmgar's body to freeze and preserve it. He lead a army of Leigonairs to the fight their way through the pale and into the hold of Winterhold to secure and enter the tomb. There the spirit of his father was among the ruins waiting for his son. He told his son of a time when he traveled to Akavir but not the first or second times recorded in history but a third time unknown to scholars. On that trip he incountered the Dragon Emporer Tosh Raka who was the single Largest Dragion in history.
Tosh Raka2

The Dragon Emperor "Tosh Raka".

He made it abundently clear that only a true Dragonborn could defeat such a beast and now that he was on his way to the next life he bestowed a part of his soul to Tor thus giving him his powers. Tor left the Tomb with his father's spirit guiding him to wage war on the Akaviri invaders as the new Emperor of Tamriel, Renus Mede.

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