Elder Scroll

the tome of argon

this is the horrid tome of argon, left to his high priest.


When argon was a lich, he split is soul into three objects. one of these was the tome. it has many forms, a book, scroll, or an orb. it is always either in the possesion of the high priest or angron himself. it has many powers, summoning armies of daedra, asorbing the souls of many, even summoning argon himself. it is full of terrible power,so much it has driven thousands insane, which has earned the respect of sheogorath. there is even a tale of how nexus-shadowscale an argonian high priest of mephala became the hateful father, high priest on argon. it began when mephala abandoned nexus, because he when he became a vampire lord, feeling betrayed, nexus destroyed the altars and sluaghtered all the cultists in his rage. it is here when he hears a mysterious voice calming him, the voice tells him to steal mephala's orb and head to the throat of the world. there he was told to look into the orb and speak the prayer of he did so nexus became filled with hate for all but those who worship argon, and he became the hateful father. 

current eventsEdit

recently the elves are gearing up for a war against the empire, meanwhile argon's cult has grown to include all, but a few argonians, who are seen as his sacred people. the tome is being used to summon an army of daedra and even argon is comming to the mortal plane. 

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