Tiboreis Nemfim is the Nord that wrote the Book of Panfear with his brother.


Before he traveled over to the continent Panfear he was a geographer in the city Jylkurfykhe was hired by the Captin of the ship Calmeria to convince the newest king to give them the funds to buy four more ships for the travel to the newest continent he was able to get the funds if he would murder the captin of the commanding ship before they went that night,so he did and he got the funds and became the captin of the ship.When they reached Panfear they built a settlement called Calewall.When they finished he and his brother Faltoreis Nemfim went out seeking races,and ruins for thirty-four days until they found a Dwemer ruin and settled in it.They told about their last ten days in the ruin in the Book of Panfear.

Morning Light AssasinsEdit

When Tiboreis joined The Morning Light Assasins in Jylkurfyk and preformed one of the most known assasinations across the world.When he joined them he finished many missions,killing priest,kings,and others.Once he finished his second to last misson they asked him gladly to kill the king to scar the entire city and the kings family forever.He got through the citys gaurds and then proceeded to go through the window into the kings quarters and saw him standing between two gaurds,he knew someone was going to try to kill him.But he did not give up,Tiboreis hid behind the ten barrles stacked took his dagger out and flung it at him,the king was killed and he escaped.

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