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Tiberius Stormrider
Biographical and chronological information


  • Hero of Kvatch
  • Grandmaster of the Fighters Guild of Cyrodiil
  • Archmage of the Mages Guild of Cyrodiil
  • Listener of the Dark Brotherhood
  • Grey Fox
  • Second Divine Crusader
  • 7th Champion of Cyrodiil
  • Daedric Prince of Madness
  • Arena Grand Champion

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Physical traits and magical qualities





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Societal status and affiliations


  • Battlespire (until its destruction)
  • Anvil (until his arrest by the Imperial Legion)
  • Cloud Ruler Temple (until the midst of the Oblivion Crisis)
  • Imperial City Waterfront (up until the end of the Oblivion Crisis)
  • Battlehorn Castle


Alessia Marcus Stormrider


Arcadius Stormrider


  • Battlespire (until its destruction)
  • County of Anvil
  • Imperial Legion
  • Third Empire


“My father was something different. He believed in the philosophy of something that has to be rebuilt must be first broken. And he thought that the Empire was the one that needed rebuilding. So he decided to break the Empire to make it new. The only thing he managed was only to help Dagon's arrogance and begin the conflict. But he never managed to see the end. I killed him. Yet still in his dying breaths, he told that he was the one to break and I to rebuild. And he was right.”
―Tiberius talking about his father's weird philosophies as seen in his Journal.[src]
Tiberius Stormrider Rumarius, or Avitus Martimonde as he was known during the Oblivion Crisis, was an Imperial male that lived during the conflicts that ruined the Empire in the Third Era. He was known as being a member of the Stormrider family who traveled to Tamriel after the destruction of their kingdom in Battlespire. His father was the famous evil Battlemage Jagar Tharn . Tiberius also had a son named Arcadius Stormrider. A man with troubled childhood, Tiberius would some rise to shape the future of the Empire itself. One of the most famous personalities of the late Third Age, Tiberius almost singlehandedly ended the Oblivion Crisis that ravaged Cyrodiil. In the first years of the Fourth Era that followed, Tiberius was the one that changed the shape of the Third Empire after the extinction of the Septim Dynasty. In the period known as the Interregnum, along with Potentate Ocato as the political leader, Tiberius, as the military leader, supervised the Empire's repair and return to global power as well as the crowning of Titus Mede, a Colovian warlord who would later come to rule as the Emperor of Tamriel.


Early life and trainingEdit

“Man sure is a mystery. Not even gods know his birthplace. Both parents are dead. He showed up as a prisoner at the Imperial Prison District. In less than a month, he defeated any Daedra as if he was training.”
―Baurus talking about Tiberius Stormrider[src]

Tiberius Stormrider was born in the beaches of Rumare in an unknown day of the Third Era. Actual information about his birthplace is vague. His exact birthplace is unknown and it is speculated that it is either Vilverin, the ruined capital of the once powerful Ayleid Potentate of Vilverin, or Vanua but both locations seem speculative and Tiberius himself carefully avoided revealing anything related to his birthplace. He has a brother named Almohad Stormrider who was born three years later. The two brothers grew separated from each other, with the one being raised in the Imperial City alongside his mother and the other being raised in Battlespire.

The events surrounding his birth are clouded in mystery. His mother was a highly accomplished member and later Archmage of the Mages Guild of Cyrodiil, while his father was an Imperial Battlemage. The early years of Tiberius's life were quite peaceful and would often being recalled by himself, as his quite fond childhood memories. Jagar Tharn, who was an acclaimed Battlemage and wizard showed great interest in both of his sons upbringing. Eletta his mother, although separated from the family because of her title and status, also was an active member of Tiberius's early childhood. However the years that followed Tiberius's childhood, would later haunt his adolescent life.

The War BeginsEdit

“Jagar was a tough one. Especially when fighting an apprentice. But instead he didn't make much of resistance. And he fell. Only to fool me into thinking he was dead. So that he would ensure his plan without having me messing it. And so the conflict at Battlespire began. The next day the conflict began. I was not there. My father had advised his servants whom I trusted greatly, to fool me away from Battlespire so that he could turn it to dust. He knew that if I was there I could threaten Dagon himself. And he knew why. Because I am a descendant of Lorkhan.”
―Tiberius talking about the beginning of the Battlespire conflict

Tiberius soon grew enough to think wisely. He soon became an adolescent and he knew that his father Jagar would become more suspicious of him. Tiberius believed that his father was unable to do anything worse than he did to his mother. Tiberius was sure that Jagar was unable to do anything so he would rest assured until one day he was informed of one of his close friends, named Mangled that was killed by Orcs. Tiberius was terrified and rushed to his friend's home in Anvil. There he went on his grave. He spent time thinking about his future. Then Tiberius realized that his friends will soon disappear, leaving him alone to face a war. However, the war had already begun. At the beginning, Tiberius was not aware of the war but as soon as he realized that there was something strange going on, he rushed to Battlespire. The only thing he found was a complete massacre. The teachers and students were dead. Then he rushed at the main hall only to see a ruined hall filled with Daedra. The Daedra noticed him and soon attacked him. However, they were not match of a Stormrider. Tiberius now had to cut his way to the Grandmaster's chamber where he knew that his father was. However, as soon as he reached there he saw the true evil. His own father was corrupted by the arrogant thoughts of Dagon. Tiberius had to take him down. In addition, after a lengthy duel Jagar fell. However, Tiberius had no time for feelings. He had to continue his way at the Battlespire Great Mausoleum where Dagon himself oversaw the massacre.


“w:c:elderscrolls:The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion

―When the Battlespire collapsed the Daedra invaders exiled us to the Mortal World of Tamriel. It was there where I fled, after the Conflict at the Battlespire. I was forced to hide my identity because I was new to this world.

[[Tiberius when he first arrived on Tamriel


After his victory at the Battlespire, Tiberius finally caught by the Daedra. Because the Daedra were numerous, armored, and elite trained, Tiberius surrendered and was brought to Mehrunes Dagon. Dagon allowed Tiberius to choose his death, by being thrown to the spikes, or by being hanged in an obelisk and then shot. Tiberius was held prisoner for four days. On the dawn of the fifth day, he managed to escape the Daedra, its unknown how Tiberius managed to escape the Daedra. Anyway, after his escape, he crashed on Tamriel near Crowhaven. There his crash attracted the attention of the Imperials, who were at the time guarding the fort of Crowhaven. Led by Baron Lovidicus who was at the time second in Command of Crowhaven after Duke Anthemius, an expedition was sent to find out what was that mysterious explosion. Tiberius managed to escape all the baits of the Baron, but on the end, he was caught. Then he made a dark deal. That Lovidicus would become a Commander of Crowhaven by assassinating Anthemius. The deal was done and Anthemius died. Then Tiberius fled to the wilderness. While he reached the Brena River, he was ambushed by a mob of bandits. The exhausted Tiberius, however, who was looking like a loner, was accepted, and brought to their headquarters in Atrene Camp. There he was asked to tell his name, but Tiberius used an alias of him called Dagny. Then the bandits of Atrene Camp would call him Dagny. Dagny was a skilled magician, which was a thing that impressed the mob's leader. He was made a Bandit Hedge Wizard and he was given a rare Crystal Ball to test his powers. However, Dagny was not only powerful to use the ball as training, but to predict the future too. Years passed and Empress Morihatha who was ruler of the Empire at that time, died. Dagny became a notorious bandit and a killer of many Imperial Guards. His bounty was huge but Dagny was so skilled that the Guards never managed to arrest him. One day while he was meditating on a hill near Kvatch, he was ambushed by Goblins, who managed to incapacitate him easily. Dagny disappeared along with the Goblins. When his mob arrived, they did not found Dagny anywhere and were saddened by his disappearance. They built a camp at the hill were Dagny meditated. To honor him they named the camp Dagny's Camp. Dagny was never seen again as a bandit.

Captive under Goblin JimEdit

“So it's you Goblin Jim. Quite a surprise...

―Tiberius Stormrider

Tiberius was surprised when he woke up at the Goblin Camp. He thought he was to be executed, but he later found out that the Goblins were up to something. He waited enough until the Goblins reacted to something. And they did. Later that day the shaman of the tribe, Goblin Jim showed up. Tiberius was surprised knowing that the person that is called Goblin Jim used to be a legionnaire named Artus Mane. Artus disappeared during the Battlespire Crisis. He was believed dead when rumours appeared claiming that a Goblin tribe was assimilated by an Imperial. Tiberius thought this rumour to be impossible since once a shaman dies a goblin trible would start some kind of civil war until the best one survives and is named a shaman. He believed that Artus somehow tricked the clan into thinking he was the immediate successor to the dead shaman. Tiberius tried to communicate with Goblin Jim, but he had lost any ability of communication by amnesia. What saved Tiberius was the fact that he was a brother of Goblin Jim, probably meaning that he was of the same race. However Goblin Jim was pretty careful of prisoners and preferred to kill them so that they would not endanger his group. Tiberius's execution was arranged tomorrow. The details of the execution are not known. Tiberius was thrown out to the wilderland, where he was expected to be killed by some kind of a beast. He managed however to break his shackles and flee to Skingrad. He was pursued for days by the Goblins until he was tracked by the Legionnaires and apparently saved. His treatment under the Imperials is unknown. His tracks are lost and he reappears many years in Anvil.

In AnvilEdit

“Where have you been all those years? We where looking for you...

―Alessia Stormrider to Tiberius.

Tiberius finally returned back to his wife Alessia. Though Alessia was sure this would not be the end of their troubles. The family rejoiced. Soon however things wouldn't stay the same. Tiberius became a member of the Imperial Legion.

Personality and traitsEdit

When Tiberius Stormrider fled from Battlespire, there was nothing known about him. As Dagny he became a greatly infamous bandit. However, when he was captured by the Goblins he was made to realize his huge mistakes. As he grew much older, he would take great lessons from his daily life. These lessons would allow him to think before doing anything else. Tiberius wanted to learn more, so he would be found many times doing labor that any other common Human or Mer could not do. However, in exchange he became even more famous. When Uriel Septim was made an emperor, the Mythic Dawn disliked Tiberius greatly. The agents of the cult would haunt him everywhere, so to protect himself he took the identity of Martimonde. As Martimonde he was again infamous, because he has responsible for the assassination of the Emperor's sons. He was caught by the Imperial Guard, and imprisoned with a life sentence first at Fort Grief and then at the Imperial Prison. There changed his opinion for the Imperials, and believed that they were a common race. Then the gods awarded him by releasing him from the prison. Tiberius realized that the gods really existed, and changed his belief. At the end of the Oblivion Crisis, Tiberius had become a very intelligent and wise man and his words would often impress the otherwise people of Tamriel.

Talents and abilitiesEdit

When Battlespire collapsed, Tiberius was forced to protect himself, and defeat Mehrunes Dagon. Although still a novice, Tiberius was intelligent enough to use what skill he needed. That was why he succeeded in defeating Mehrunes. Years later, Tiberius was given the choice to extend his skill. The extension made his Daedra adversaries easy to kill at the times of the Oblivion Crisis. After that, Tiberius was recognized both for his skill and for bravery. Another tale about Tiberius's actions was Sundercliff. It was said that, Tiberius managed to dispose all his enemies inside Sundercliff without been seen or heard. His tremendous ability also proves how Tiberius managed, by the dawn of the Fourth Age, to control all organizations of Tamriel.

Behind the scenesEdit

Tiberius Stormrider was George Skywalker's hero made in Oblivion. Tiberius's name was actually Martimonde. The name Martimonde came up from the first playing of Oblivion. The hero needed a knightly name so Martimonde was the ideal one. However, the name was changed because it was not the proper name for the character. At first, the Stormrider came up from the Stormrider Scrolls. The Tiberius name came much later, replacing the Tiber one because it was not fitting with the surname. Finally, Martimonde was not completely gone but along with the Avitus as a name, it was used as an alias of Tiberius Stormrider. Many of this character's names are Roman. It is because of the author's addicted ancient nation. After years of playing, George Skywalker after having done everything in Oblivion decided to add Tiberius Stormrider in a hall of fame. Therefore, he began this wiki in order to store his own article here. Tiberius Stormrider is still played by George Skywalker although better games have replaced Oblivion, like Assassin's Creed.