Thorim the Recluse is a Nord born in Skyrim and traveled to Cyrodill after the banishment of Lord Dagon by Martin and his accomplice. He lived a very quiet life in Bruma and made almost no friends for quite some time. He mainly was a treasure hunter, making his small fortune by selling ancient artifacts and weaponry to the local shops. He discovered that he had a relative living in Cyrodill, after conversing with one of the locals for a surprise change, and set out to meet with his long distant relative

Daily LifeEdit

Not much is known about Thorim. He mainly keeps to himself, but sometimes he will go to the local tavern and drink a little until he leaves. He is very much to himself, never saying much that does not need to be said. His conversation with the Queen to buy a house was cold and short. He is a very intimidating person, standing at 6'4" and is well built. Olav, of Olav's Tap and Tack, says that one day he saw him crush a brown bear's skull with a Silver Mace in one swipe. Some believe that he might be a Crusader, seeing as he goes to church often, and never harms an animal that is not hostile towards him. Others swear that they heard a dog in his house sometimes.

Relations in CyrodillEdit

According to Olav, he was in the tavern for his regular drink when someone was talking of a Arena Champion named Canadil. Thorim knew him as his uncle that left Skyrim and headed for the imperial city so that he may become an Arena Champion. Thorim looked up to his uncle, so when he left and did not return for three years, Throim thought of him as dead, and became very quiet. Hoping to finally meet his uncle, Thorim packed his belongings and went to the chapel to pray for a safe journey. He made his way out of town with a dog in tow, so the rumors were true.

The VoyageEdit

Thorim did not have a horse, but he was accustomed to walking and bearing heavy armor. Along the way, he did encounter a few bandits and bears, but they were of no trouble to him. Unfortunately, the weather was a problem for him. He was drifted aside because of a fierce snowstorm and had to find shelter. He quickly found an abandoned camp and slept for the night. His dog was sleeping next to him when he heard a deep grunting sound. He looked around and saw nothing, but he did get up and looked around. Suddenly, he was struck and sent to the snow by a powerful paw. Thorim looked around, but still saw nothing. He stood up and was struck again, but this time it shattered the front plate of his Ebony Armor. Dazed and gasping, he reached to his mace, but the being knocked him back into the snow. He looked again, and saw his companion lunge and bite the mysterious fiend in his arm. The fiend threw the dog off and landed stunned by a ledge overlooking Cyrodill. Although Thorim could not see the Fiend, he did see the blood trickling down his arm. He looked down, saw a Silver Axe, and quickly picked it up. The fiend swiped at him with his bloodied paw but Thorim stepped back, slashed at his arm, and cut it clean off. The beast screamed with a sound out of Oblivion. Thorims' dog, waking up, lunged again at the beast. They booth stumbled around until the beast headed for the edge. Thorim could only watch in horror as his dog and the beast plunged off into the dark. Thorim watched the edge, hoping that maybe the beast would come up, so that he may cut his throat and watch the hellspawn suffer. Or that, maybe, his companion may have just hung on, and he would make his way up. Thorim sat for what seemed like hours, but was only a few seconds.

Thorim's LossEdit

Thorim let out a scream so loud, the Nine Divines could hear. He stumbled back to the tent in which he slept once with his furry friend. He stumbled about a sack, with a journal and the journal stated about the beast, named Uderfrykte Matron. He read about the warrior and his beloved wife that were both slain at the hands of the Uderfrykte. He looked around and saw a man buried in snow. He walked over and knew that this was the man the journal spoke of. He did not take his armor or belongings, although he did need it. Instead, he picked him up out of the snow and made a large fire. He cremated the man and continued his voyage to the Imperial City. The travels once again were brimmed with danger, but he had no emphasis to fight. He walked slowly and contemplated on his loss. In one particular instance, A Highwayman had the courage to try to rob Thorim, but Thorim took the Silver Axe and cleaved the poor man’s head open. An Imperial Forester, who had seen the act, quickly ran away towards his horse, leaving his game. Thorim continued his journey.

The CityEdit

Finally, after a day’s hike, Thorim finally made it to the Imperial City. The Tower looked even more beautiful closer than it did from Bruma. As Thorim walked across the bridge to the City, some of the locals happened to ask Thorim about his wounds and armor. He did not reply, instead he headed through the Elven Gardens and into the Arena. Breaking a long tradition of silence, he started to walk over to the Bet-taker. He was immediately scared, and stepped back a few feet. Thorim asked: "Do you know the Champion named Canadil?" Thorim was very Stoic in his question. The Bet-taker nervously responded: "Y-yes! H-he was in here a-a couple of days ago." "Where is he?" "I-i don't know! He fought his match, and they went to the Merchants Inn for a d-drink!" Thorim asked the location, and swiftly went off.

The EncounterEdit

It was around eight thirty on Turdas. Thorim walked into the Inn and sat down for a drink. He asked for the usual and sat down in the corner. People were looking at him, and the shopkeepers were closing up and getting a drink. He didn't mind. He was used to it. The only glance he enjoyed was his dogs. But that was over, all over. About a half an hour later, a Nord walked in and sat down with Thorim. The stranger did not say anything for a bit, and then opened his mouth: "Your name is Thorim." Thorim was confused. "Yes, and what do you want?" "I was curious; your uncle speaks of you." At this point, Thorim was very interested in the man. "Where is he? I need to find him!" Thorim shouted. "Be calm." said the stranger."I was once his partner in the Arena. We were considered the greatest team ever. So great that Gaiden Shinji would be proud. Then one day, we were pitted against each other. We were furious! There was no way that we could fight against each other. But as I was walking back to my house, I saw Canadil walking into an alley. Curious, I followed him. I saw him taking a large sum of gold from Battle Matron Ysabel. I was shocked, but I knew why. He needed the money, and all the gold he could get. That morning, we fought. I did not want to hurt him, so I threw the fight. I knew that he could not defeat me, so I let him get a blow across my chest. I feigned death and as the crowd left, I slipped out the back. I have not seen him since." "If he had the money, why did he not come back to Skyrim?" "He had another motive for staying, he was seeking vengeance." "What do you mean?" Thorim asked. "Your uncle sought after the Shivering Isles." The inn went silent. Everyone stared at the stranger. Thorim finally broke the silence. "Do not joke about that! Everyone knows those who come out of the Shivering Isles are tempted with madness or drowning in euphoric peace. Besides, the man outside the Arena said he was there a few days ago." The stranger spoke; "Yes, he was. Then he left for the Isles. Just because I say that I have not seen him doesn't mean I haven't heard of his travels. He is the Arena Grand Champion." Thorim laughed which, after his harrowing loss and travels, was a welcome break in mood. "Do you plan on pursuing him?" The stranger asked. "Yes, but I will need some more provisions, seeing as the Uderfrykte Matron destroyed my armor and the travel drained all of my food." Once again, the inn went silent. The barkeep asked him; "You fought the Uderfrykte Matron?" "Yes, and killed it. But not after taking my dog with it." The stranger chuckled a bit and remarked; "You know, i can help you with your provisions."

Gifts of OldEdit

Thorim was pleased and took up on his hospitality. He followed the man to his house in the Elven Gardens district. The way this man dressed you would think he was living in the slums, but he was very wealthy. Thorim followed him to his house and then his basement. In the basement was a chest. "Here, in this chest were your uncles’ belongings. He left them outside my house one day after his crowning of the Grand Champion. He wrote, "Keep good care of these, I don't need them anymore."" Thorim looked through the chest. Inside, he found a remarkable full set of Daedric Armor. Armor like this surfaced only after the eruption of Oblivion Gates. A full set was rare but very powerful. He also found a Daedric mace, claymore, and longsword. He found exquisite enchanted jewelry that made him stronger than any man and faster than a slaughterfish. Within minutes, he had already thrown away his old armor in exchange for his new armor. But he was still missing something. he did not feel whole without his dog. "What was his name?" the stranger asked. Thorim paused, and then answered, "Rage." The stranger just accepted it. he did not ask about the odd name. "What is yours?" asked Thorim. "Vitek." The now known stranger responded." There was a long silence in the air. As Thorim readied himself for the crossing into unknown, Vitek just stood back and shut his eyes. In his mine, he was imagining what it would come down to when Thorim finally meet Canadil.

Into The UnknownEdit

Vitek and Thorim left for the Shivering Isles at dawn. The journey was quick and silent. At noon, they reached Bravil. "You need a boat. I have one tied at the bottom of the hill." Vitek spoke. Thorim didn't respond. Instead, he looked at the remains of a broken Oblivion Gate. He walked over to the gate remains and looked at the scorched earth and the Daedric architecture. "How long were these things active?" " I do not know. I just stayed inside most of the time. I left that fighting side of me back in the Arena." Thorim went back to the beach overlooking the gate to The Isles. He felt a certain uneasiness about heading into the unknown. But if he were to find his uncle, he was destined to discover the Isles. "One last bit of advice: if you do find Canadil, tell him I said goodbye." Vitek said "Why, You don't plan on dying, do you?" Thorim responded. "No, but who knows when you will come out of that place." Thorim nodded, and untied the boat to row to the gate. As he got closer, he could make out the shape of a head, with three faces. He docked the boat and approached the gate. With a deep breath, Thorim walked into the blue light separating himself from the unknown.

The Shivering IslesEdit

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