King of Argonia
Thoricles Romus
Biographical and chronological information


3E 398

Physical traits and magical qualities





Hair color:

Dorsal Fin

Eye color:



  • Akaviri Katana
  • Elven Longbow
Societal status and affiliations


  • Lilmoth (original home)
  • Black Rose Prison (imprisoned)
  • Stormhold

Thoricles Romus was a battle hardened Argonian leader who led Argonia against the Septim Empire, and later during the Accension War. A former member of the Elder Council who gained popularity among his people for helping the resistance fight more effectively against the Imperial Legions and for being a prominent Argonian figure in Tamrielic politics. He believed that the decadent Imperials should be exterminated, and that all beast peoples should unite and force the Nedic and Aldmer races from Tamriel. Years of fighting the Imperial Legion forged him into a hard and ruthless figure, and this was reflected by his decisions during the Accension War. He was determined to eradicate the Imperials, and to expand Argonian power across Tamriel.


Early LifeEdit

Government ServiceEdit

Military ActivitesEdit

In 3E 425, Thoricles was arrested, presumably for attempting to stage an uprising in Argonia, and was taken to the Black Rose Prison in central Argonia. After being held in a small cell for several months, an army of Argonian militants staged a raid on the prison, and managed to rescue Thoricles as well as other battle hardened criminals with which Thoricles formed the core of his near rebel army, the Naga Cult.

In 3E 428, after three years of building and supplying his newly created rebel army, Thoricles attempted a military coup in Argonia, also known as Black Marsh, for the purpose of appointing himself ruler and freeing the Argonians, who were now becoming close to openly resisting the Septim Empire of Cyrodiil, which instigated a genocidal holocaust in which tens of thousands of Imperial citizens and merchants were slaughtered by the Naga Cult, and his mercenaries. Imperial forces, accompanied by the Blackwood Company, invaded Argonia, and after several major battles, the Naga Cult was forced to take refuge in the Black Rose Prison, the same prison that Thoricles had been kept in three years earlier. After a brief skirmish, the remaining Naga Cult members fled into the forest, where they would later be expanded by Thoricles' second in command, Fearfang Coldheart, while Thoricles was captured and transported back to the Imperial City to be put under trial.

In 3E 431, he was acquitted by the judges due to his open use of bribery, blackmail, and murder, and was allowed to return to Argonia, where he returned to the swamps and began to rebuild his shattered forces. Thoricles was not widely perceived to be a threat in either Argonia or the rest of the Septim Empire since his defeat at the hands of the Imperial Legions three years earlier. However, with the help of the Blackwood Company, a mercenary company that had previously fought against him, and the Fearfang Pirates, Thoricles managed to acquire large amounts of weapons, armour, and treasure. His subordinates, including Fearfang Coldheart and Amusei, a former member of the Thieves' Guild, began a campaign of piracy, theft, and murder in the major cities and waterways of Argonia. His sudden military action caused Emperor Uriel Septim VII to evacuate all Imperial government personnel, and ordered an Imperial Legion to mass on the border for deployment.

In 3E 431, the Imperial Legions were forced to retreat from their campaign in Argonia to return to Cyrodiil and combat the daedric hordes of Mehrunes Dagon, and the Mythic Dawn. With the Imperial Legion out of the picture, Thoricles led the Naga Cult into Stormhold, and proclaimed himself King of Argonia.

Accension WarEdit


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