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The Tribulatorium is a collection of many volumes of books depicting what is widely believed to be an unexaggerated, firsthand account of the events that transpired throughout the Valmer's perilous journey from Aldmeris to Barachis. Each volume was hand-written in the form of a journal, and reprints have never been produced. The Dalmer hold these texts sacred because they offer rare insight into their heritage and their relationship with the gods.

Over the ages, numerous volumes have been separated and scattered across the continent, only to reappear in some private collections or be lost for good. Of the original twenty-two-part collection, the whereabouts of only six volumes are recognized, all of which are located in the recesses of the Trimillon Library in the city of Jiandan-Shan in Duessha.

Even though some volumes never resurfaced and were seemingly lost to the ages, it is unlikely that any of them have disappeared from the world, at least for good. Them being the last remaining accounts of the Valmer pilgrimage and only viable source of information on Alt-Maor, Daedric Prince Hermaeus Mora is known to have taken an interest in them. He revealed to scholars in the past that he could never allow such vital literary works to perish. Furthermore, those who are familiar with his workings can conclude that any volumes that simply could not have survived in the mortal realm are bound to still exist within "the place where lost books reappear."

Books of The Tribulatorium have been described as very vivid and lively, so much so that a reader might be able to take certain skills from different books in the set and find means to apply them in the real world. This has been used as an incentive for adventurers to attempt to seek them out in their travels, though in recent history, most efforts haven't been fruitful.