"The Siege" is a fanfic by TingleLovah. The Siege is a fanfic about the Siege of Kvatch. It is from the perspective of a Redguard male named Ashan, who is madly in love with a Dunmer female named Lazzela Mordivi. It begins on the day before the Daedric attack on Kvatch to Ashan's death afterwards.


  • Ashan, a Male Redguard; last living relative is Azzan.
  • Lazzelda Mordivi, a female Dunmer
  • Hirtel, a High Elf Male
  • Brother Martin Septim, a Male Imperial
  • Count Ornellus Goldwine, the Count of Kvatch
  • Savilian Matius, captain of the Kvatch Guard
  • Savir Rock-Crusher, a Male Nord
  • Sairnir Mordivi, a female Dunmer. Also mother to Lazzelda.
  • Katachi, a Dremora Warlord
  • Eidelda Weintasi, a female Dunmer. Shopkeeper of Morrowind Armor, Cyrodiil Branch.
  • Azzan, a male Redguard. Brother to Ashan and Guardian of the Anvil Fighters guild.
  • The Hero of Kvatch/The Stranger, a hooded person
  • Emmia Hammerhead, a female Nord. Savir's housekeeper.


Tamriel, Cyrodiil, Kvatch: Ending of the 3rd Era

I never expected such a beautiful city to be crushed like a locust. I am Ashan, a male Redguard who resides in the city of Kvatch. I was only sitting in the arena, watching a city guard tame a Mountain Lion, when a Dunmer female sat next to me.
"Hello,' she whispered, 'Is it not a lovely day?"
I nodded. It was one of the more calmer days, where Daedra worshippers weren't terrorizing the city.
"Oh, excuse me. I am Lazzelda Mordivi. I am new to this city,' she said, her eyes piercing my heart.
How could I explain? She was gorgeous. She had beautiful blonde hair swept up in a ponytail, a long tan skirt, and a beautiful gray shirt covered by a green and gold apron.
Ah, yes. Now I remember the name. Lazzelda and her mother, Sairnir had recently opened up a general store, Mordivi Goods. They sold so many things.
I heard from my friend, Savir Rock-Crusher, that the count Goldwine had come in a few days ago to buy a new robe! Of course, he couldn't get a great view. He was surrounded by the guards.
"Excuse me, I have to go,' I said, getting up, 'I promised my friend I would stop by the Chapel and pray for his mother."
Poor Savir. He had lost his last living family member about a month ago. She was murdered. Savir is blaming the Dark Brotherhood for this.
So I left the arena and made my way down to the Chapel of Akatosh to pray. I was kindly greeted by the priests, and Brother Martin.
I feel something... special about him.
Brother Martin was dropped off at the chapel when he was merely a child. He grew up under the watchful eyes of our Chapel staff. I always knew he would be a priest.
"Good afternoon, Ashan,' Brother Martin said warmly. I nodded to him, and went over to the altar of Mara. I kneeled down and whispered a great prayer to Mara that my mother had taught me when I was young.
O great Mara, I love thee. You are the essence of life, and everything that breathes. You and Kynareth, the mothers of nature have given us so much. This is a humble prayer to honor thee. O great Mara, along with Stendarr and Akatosh, keeps our world the way it is. O great Mara, I love thee.
I stood up, feeling stronger and more confident. My confidence was pushing on me to see Lazzelda. I knew I shouldn't, but it seemed as if Mara wanted us to be together.
I looked at the chapel clock. Have I ever mentioned that Kvatch has the only working sundial in Cyrodiil? Well, that's what we know.
It was noon. I had a while to kill, so I wandered over to the Kvatch notice board.
One notice caught my eye. It reads;
Join the Kvatch Guard today! Fight wildlife and keep Kvatch safe! Joining the Kvatch guard gets you a free uniform and shield, a silver longsword, free meals every day and 30 gold an hour! See Savilian Matius, captain of the Kvatch guard, to sign up today.
I laughed. I would never be able to live my life like that, even if it gave so much gold. I preferred working part-time at Morrowind Armor, Cyrodiil Branch as an armor repair boy.
Have I ever mentioned that I am great at repairing armor?
That's what I'm known for, after all. Nearly every Redguard repairs armor. Nearly.
I sighed and turned towards Mordivi goods, and decided to go inside. Although it's been there for three weeks now, I've never been inside.
Bravely, I climbed up the steps and went inside.
It was stunningly beautiful. Candles and Silver cups decorated the store, along with a model of a Glass Longsword and a glass cuirass in a long showcase.
Lazzelda noticed me, and immediately stopped putting together a little trinket that was sitting on a table nearby. She smiled and walked over to me.
"Hello again, Ashan. Hey, could you help me put together a Stand for the glass armor?"
I could tell I was blushing, as Lazzelda giggled.
"Uh, sure,' I stuttered.
Lazzelda smiled brightly and led me to the stand. It was complicated to put together, I'll tell you that, but during that brief time, I knew one thing was confirmed;
I was madly in love with Lazzelda.
By the time we were finished with the stand, it was nearly sunset. We bid each other farewell, and I decided to eat with Savir the Nord tonight. Goodness, when Savir has a feast, he overdoes it. The minute I asked, he rushed over to Mordivi Goods and came out with so many foodstuffs, I couldn't even see his face. I laughed, and returned to my humble abode.
I smiled when I saw a letter from my brother, Azzan. He lives in Anvil now.
I quickly removed the Anvil seal from the parchment and looked at it.
It reads;
Hello, Ashan.
I am writing to you because the greatest thing ever has happened to me; I have been promoted to Guardian of the Anvil Fighter's guild. I might move to Chorrol soon, as that's the only way I can be promoted to Champion.
I am also very sorry you decided to decline to an invitation to the Fighter's Guild. Perhaps you can join the one that will be built in Kvatch soon?
Yes, that would be wonderful. Then, once you hit the Defender rank, you can come to Anvil and we can train together!
Please write soon, Azzan.

I laughed and slipped the letter into my desk. That Azzan has been pestering me to join the Fighter's Guild for at least a year now!
I wandered up the stairs and watered my Nirnroot I received from the Count two months ago when I caught a thief by accident.
I still cannot forget that!
Savir and I were invited to see the Count one afternoon, and I bumped into a fellow who then spilled all of the things he stole in the count's bedroom! So happy, the count gave me a Nirnroot and about a thousand gold pieces. I was famous for a little while. Too bad Savir got nothing.
I looked at the little sundial on my windowsill. Six pm. It was time to eat with Savir.
I dressed in my finest clothing, a black and burgandy coat with sackcloth pants and quilted shoes and made my way to Savir's house.
"Good evenin',' Savir greeted me.
I could tell this wasn't a formal occasion.
Savir was garbed in blacksmith's pants with no shoes or shirt.
"Savir!' Shouted his housekeeper, Emmia Hammer-Head.
At least she was dressed well.
About an hour later
It was a delicious supper. Venison and Ale for the main course, then apples and sweetcake with cheese for dessert. I happily let out a full sound and thanked them both for the awfully delicious supper.
It was dark out then. Winters are always dark early. I made my way home, and put on my Informal clothing.
I readied myself for sleep, and drifted slowly into dreamland...
Around two am...
Someone was knocking rapidly on my door. I immediately got up and rushed down the stairs.
Then I smelt fire. And I realized my house was on fire! The roof was half gone and the whole house was a blazing inferno.
Lazzelda frantically rushed in when I opened the front door. She was covered in ashes and was bleeding everywhere.
"What happened?" I yelled over the fire.
She burst into tears and put her head on my shoulder. "The Daedra took my mother! They've set fire to the town and they are coming after me!"
I stood there, horrified. Daedra were in our town?
"Don't worry,' I assured her, 'they won't get you."
Lazzelda continued to sob. "It's too dangerous to get into the chapel, and the town gate is blocked by a Daedric gate!"
Suddenly, the door broke down. A Dremora, followed by two Xidvilai entered my house.
The Dremora stopped the two Xidvilai and stepped forward.
"Mortal,' it announced, 'I am Katachi. My master has ordered me to imprison all the maidens in this town, and slaughter any man who is not important. Give her to me, and I can promise you will not be harmed. If you refuse, you both die a slow and miserable death."
I was just about to decline the offer, when Lazzelda broke free of my grasp and stepped forward.
"I'll go with you." she said, with a tear in her eye.
Katachi nodded, and said something in Daedric to one of the Xidvilai.
"Bedtrohtiyanehtgeth tayemhekemiyaseht mehtohtrohttayemayemlyr tayemoht tayemhekemekem cesshekemayempayemekemlyr, nehtohtweb."
The Xidvilai nodded, and took hold of my arm. He dragged me through the Daedra swarming the town and up to the chapel door.
I gulped, and entered the chapel.
"Where is Savir?" I asked Emmia.
Emmia shook her head. "Dead. A dremora killed him."
Oh, poor Savir. I had known him since he'd immigrated from Skyrim!
Then I noticed, the city guard came pouring in, along with someone in a black robe, of whom I could not reconize.
"This person closed the gate! We won!" Savilian Matius, captain of the guard shouted.
I turned to Martin. The hooded person was leading him away.
As the guards led us to the encampment halfway down the mountain, I realized something horrible.
I had lost everything. Savir was dead. Martin was gone. Lazzelda was gone.
I broke away from the guards and found a travelling Legion officer. He gave me a ride until we reached Skingrad. I picked up an Elven bow and arrows from the 'Hammer and Tongs' and continued towards Cheydinhal. When I reached Cropsford, I picked up a few foodstuffs and continued on my way.
Soon I had reached Cheydinhal. I paid a worker at the stable to let me borrow his Paint horse, and he let me.
I continued north and soon the ground was frozen. I was in the Jerall Mountains, now.
A Nord greeted me, but I ignored him. Up the mountain I went, until I reached a small little camp that was on a small cliff.
Dive Rock. I had finally reached my destination.
I got off the Paint Horse, took a deep breath, and threw myself off.
Only when I am with Lazzelda, I will truly be happy.
The End.

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