The Scorching Hammer (Book)

The Scorching Hammer was a play written by Crassius Curio in the mid 3rd Era. It features an female Orc Blacksmith and her male Imperial apprentice as he learns the ways of a smith. It is likely a reference to Ghorza Gra-Bagol and Tacitus Sallustius. It is also infamously riddled with Inuendo as the style of Crassius. The play uses a tagline for every volume said by the apprentice: 'You must exscuse me, I am still learning ma'am!'

Volume 1 - The Sword And The SheatheEdit

Apprentice: Ma'am can you help me get my sword into it's sheathe?

Blacksmith: Zenithar's Mercy! What have you done to it, it's mangled and twisted into such a strange way!

Apprentice: I was trying everyway i could, but it just won't fit inside!

Blacksmith: That's no worry, we'll use a hammer to tap it into place.

Apprentice: But a hammer will surely break the fabric!

Blacksmith: No worry my dear apprentice, we shall knock it gently, it shouldn't take much effort to fit such a great and bountiful sword inside.

Apprentice: I can feel it going in!

Blacksmith: Keep it steady, we've taken alot of effort to get it in, we shouldn't let it slip out again!

Apprentice: I should really put the sheathe on tighter ma'am!

Blacksmith: No wait! You'll tear it!


Apprentice: You must exscuse me, I am still learning ma'am!

Volume 2 - Sharpening The AxeEdit

Apprentice: Ma'am i need help sharpening my axe!

Blacksmith: You must have a mighty long axe if it needs two people! Let me try.

Apprentice: You have very rough hands ma'am, even for an orc!

Blacksmith: Hush my apprentice! We must both concentrate to get it right!

Apprentice: Is it sharp enough yet?

Blacksmith: Its getting there, you need to press harder my boy!

Apprentice: I'm pushing as hard as i can but nothings happening!

Blacksmith: Let me try from your side.

Apprentice: Ahh, thats so much better!

Blacksmith: Stop taking your hands off, hold it tight!

Apprentice: You must exscuse me, I am still learning ma'am!

(More Volumes Coming Soon)

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