The Price Of Power

 The Price Of Power was a book written by Othello in the fourth era. It dates and explains the speech made by Lord Elres, who was the Lord of Stros M'kai and later, Sovereign. The speech was encouraging troops on battleships as they invaded Sovereign and kill Apache, now a 400 year old vampire.


I awoke that morn to hear the bellowing cry of the battle horn. I slid into my armor and walked to the hull. There i saw Lord Elres, his armor glistening bright above all of us. Some men were shaking, I couldn't tell from either the nerves or the sea sickness. Elres shouted for silence, and we all immediately obeyed. And this is where I heard the speech... And i have never looked back since...

You are no fools.

You are no damnable pirates.

You are the strength of all of our people!

You are the ones who will change the course of history!

You will defy your ancestors, and take arms today!

No man, woman or child shall stay living on this island.

For no man, woman or child deserves to live on this island!

Do not stand aside and let your brethryn die in vain.

Fight for your people!

Fight for your island!

Fight for your mortality!

That day, as he said, no man, woman or child lived on sovereign. Perhaps if we had not come, perhaps if we had not slain the beasts that roamed that island, then the corruption that lived within those battered walls would've burnt it to cinders anyways.

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