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The New Kingdom of Atmora

The New Kingdom of Atmora Edit

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Early History Edit

The roots of this kingdom are deeply planted in the Imperial province of Skyrim during the year 4E 201. It was one of Skyrims darkest moments in history, its people were engaged in a bloody civil war between the Stormcloaks and the Imperials from the dying Empire. To make matters worse Alduin had returned and dragons plagued the land with fire and ice. For some people the cord had finally snapped, they had enough of the war and just wanted to live in peace without any of these worries. This was when a Nord named Natalia Northwind begun to rally these people to her cause, to find the old Nord homeland Atmora and start a new life of peace and prosperity.

Natalia travelled Skyrim rallying people to her cause and was surprised at how many people wanted an end to the conflict. The numbers started at hundreds then worked their way to thousands of people, not only from Skyrim, but from all of Tamriel wanting a new life. But there was one problem with the endeavour on how to get to Atmora, they did not have the ships and people were worried about the dangers of the Ghost Sea. Natalia found an answer to this however, and lead the large group north the forests near Dawnstar. Her intention was to build her own fleet to make it to Atmora hiring carpenters to teach her people to create the ships they needed. This plan was not without its problems however; such large groups attract unwanted attention.

Bandits, deserters from the war and the wildlife preyed on these people robbing and killing many. But the peoples resolve was not tainted they finished the ships and set sail for Atmora.

The journey was hard, ferocious storms plagued them and a few ships fell to the weather. But after two mouths of sailing a young boy sighted land, and on that land there was a little bit of what remained of the old Nordic kingdom, half buried in the snow. The ships immediately went ashore and the people who fled here wandered around what was left of this Atmoran town.


Natalia named this place Lost Shelter and immediately got the people to set up here, to repair the homes and set up a place to rest the night. As well as doing this she sent the most able bodied men and women to scout out the area and took residence in what looked to be a great hall. The returning scouts then came back to tell of a Dwemer ruin not far from where they were, Natalia refused to believe them, the Dwemer had never come here to her knowledge. Days passed and new problems came to the people, the air was too cold for farming and there was nothing to hunt, to make matters worse a storm was fast approaching. In a desperate attempt to survive Natalia lead her people to the Dwemer ruins that her scouts had discovered. Inside they cowered as the storm raged around them. Natalia after the first day inside the ruins sent scouts to explore deeper into the depths of the ruins. They returned, telling Natalia of an artefact and place where plants could grow. Natalia trusting her scouts lead the people towards this place and were shocked to find a large underground cavern with a large crystal acting as a source of warmth and light. Natalia then seeing the spectacle that was the crystal, set her people to settle down in the depths of the ruins and ordered what few mages she had to examine their new source of light. She then named this place Lot Drem meaning ‘great peace’ as they now could settle down and live their lives in peace.

After a few mouths the people flourished, they had discovered that they could plant any sort of crop and it could be supported by the crystal. Better yet the entire ruin was now clear of all of the ancient Dwemer machines. After a year then passed, the mages had made progress on their studies of the crystal. They said to Natalia that the Dwemer had constructed this crystal to make the harsh continent of Atmora much more bearable to themselves, and before they could raise it into the sky they disappeared from Nirn. Natalia then told the mages to do what the Dwemer did not, raise the crystal. After the better part of a few weeks the mages finally succeeded and now the crystal shone all over Atmora slowly melting the ice. But it came at a cost the crystal absorbed all of the mages life force to power itself causing the mages to die instantly. Natalia, after their deaths raised a monument in the mages honour to not forget their sacrifice. Now free to wander Atmora without fear of constant storms the people then established colonies around Lot Drem and proclaimed Natalia queen of all Atmora, a position she reluctantly accepted.

The Bruniik Jul

The years went by and the Kingdom expanded rapidly and the population doubled.Natalia herself had a child which she named Mikkel to be the future king of Atmora. But problems continued for the new kingdom. There were rumours from the outlying settlements of tribes of beasts covered in fur human like yet twice the size. As the months passed people came to the Queen saying they were attacked by these beasts and so Natalia took action. In the year 4E 216 she formed a defence force to protect and govern these outlying settlements made out of volenteers. They confirmed that these creatures existed, so Natalia named them Bruniik Jul meaning savage men and set the force of volunteers to annihilate their tribes that had formed after the climate had become more habitable.

At first the resistance against The Atmoran army was small, and they were destroying the Bruniik Jul camps with ease. But this however soon changed when large forces of Bruniik Jul were spotted near a small village. The Atmoran Army despite their small numbers went in to intercept but were surprised at the force of almost two hundred of the savage beasts were arrayed against them. Little did they know that three of the Bruniik Jul tribes had combined their strengths to take on The Atmoran Kingdom and ths became known as the Battle Of The Beasts.

Under Commander Jorl the battle was won with superior tactics and weapons, but at a cost. 56 Atmorans lost their lives out of the one hundred and fifty and another 36 were wounded. But this started the demise of the Bruniik Jul as a race and what was left of The Atmoran army wiped out the Bruniik Jul into near extinction.

A New Threat

By the year 2E 217 the Bruniik Jul were completely wiped out and the numbers of The Atmoran Army swelled to four hundred soldiers. Natalia decorated Jorl for his great victory against the Bruniik Jul in the Battle Of The Beasts, and he became a military advisor for her. But soon after another threat rose to take the old one’s place; in the heart of Lot Drem the entire council that helped run the entire nation was killed. Natalia herself was lucky to survive only just escaping death narrowly as Jorl fought for her safety and died defending her. After the assassination attempt Lot Drem was in uproar at the attack, they feared that if the heart of Lot Drem was threatened so were they. Natalia did her best to calm the people by calling back The Atmoran army to protect Lot Drem from these mysterious attackers.

This worked for a time but then Lot Drem came under siege from these mysterious attackers blocking all forms of communication from the outside world. As the Siege of Lot Drem continued the food begun to dwindle and so did the defenders, as The Atmoran army was reduced to just 87 men of the original 400 recruits during raids that came from nowhere. The people after a siege became increasingly desperate as lives continued to be lost until someone found a way out. A long cave was found deep in Lot Drem that was believed to be an abandoned Bruniik Jul cave. Natalia seeing no other option lead what remained of her people out though the cave.

The journey through the cave was long and hard and a few did not make it to see the light thanks to a mixture of exhaustion and starvation. But eventually the long dark gave way to light and they emerged from the ground. Natalia then lead her people south towards Lost Shelter  an effort to get the people to safety but were ambushed by the Shadows. The battle that followed was the first success against the shadow creatures called The Battle of South Hope. Where, the small remains of The Atmoran army volunteers of the people bested the Shadowy wrights by sheer determination for survival. Natalia and the people after the battle buried the men and women that fought bravely against the shadows at a place they now named South Hope, and continued towards Lost Shelter.

Morale was raised greatly when the battered host of Atmoran’s finally made it to Lost Shelter, and work almost immediately start in setting up defences for the town. Natalia taking residence in the great hall started sending outriders with messages warning all the other outlying settlements about the shadow threat and for any able bodied warriors to join the Army at Lost Shelter. She was shocked when most of the outrider’s came back with news that most of the smaller settlement’s had been burnt to the ground and the survivor’s fleeing. With this news the drop of morale was great and many boarded the ships to leave to go back to Tamriel, these ships were immediately destroyed by heavy storms, they were trapped.

The Atmoran now had no other choice but to sit tight and regain their strength that they lost at Lot Drem, building barricades around Lost Shelter and teaching all of the populous how to fight against the shadow threat. For months it was silent, nothing happened and Lost Shelter was not attacked by the shadow threat. As the months went by, refugees from other outlying towns begun pouring into Lost Shelter, bolstering the forces of The Atmoran army 

The RallyEdit



System of GovernmentEdit

The kingdom holds a system of government evidently similar to the one in Skyrim with a few big differences. Once a king or queen dies the kingdom holds a moot that is different to the one in Skyrim. Instead of having the Jarls of each hold vote for the next king or queen the 11 members of the council of Atmora does. The council also only votes from however many heirs’ there are to the throne at that point; and if there are none they vote for a new leader from on the council.    

Kings and QueensEdit

Queen Natalia- Probably the greatest monarch of the kingdom; she founded the kingdom and fought off the many dangers that were present to them at the time. Her skills in leadership is the reason the kingdom exists and that it continues to grow

King Mikkel-

King Belethor-

King Adrian-

King Heinrik-

Other members of the Royal Family

Atmoran CouncilEdit

The council is the ruling body of the Kingdom, completing administrative task’s not handled by the ruling monarch. They also vote on the decisions made by the monarch and does have the power to oppose and change the current king or queens decision, though example of this power is rare. The council among these tasks is also tasked on deciding who should be the next monarch of the kingdom between any of the present heirs.


  Chief Councillor-   

Secondary Councillor-

Jarl of Lot Drem- This member would represent the major city of Lot Drem on the council and its surroundings.

Jarl of Lost Shelter- The Jarl of Lost Shelter represents the city of Lost Shelter and its surrounding.

Jarl of South Hope- The Jarl of South hope represents the city of South Hope and its surroundings

Treasurer- The treasurer is tasked with the managing of taxes and all things related to the economy of the kingdom.

Military advisor- The Military advisor helps the current king of Queen decide on military matters, such as war and the upkeep of The Atmoran army

Lord of the fleet- The Lord of the Fleet handles all see trade with the help of the Treasurer along with the managment of the Kingdoms naval fleet. 

Priest of the Nine- The priest of the nine is to discuss and decide of decisions if they affect the nine.

Representative of the non Nords- He/she would deal with matters relating to the other races on Atmora. Such as the Argonians, Khajiit and Elves that arrived on the frozen continent from Skyrim 

Elected of the people-  This member is chosen by the people to represent their interests on the council and is normally a noble of some description.


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At the time of the arrival of the New Atmorans, Atmora was in a dreary state. It was still frozen over; an icy wastland with naught but snowly plains, frozen rivers and half buried mountain peaks.


Lot DremLot Drem is the centre of the kingdom, housing the reigning monarch and the current members of the Atmoran council

Lost Shelter- Lost Shelter was the first place the New Atmorans landed upon when arriving in Atmora. Since then it has grown to a great city that feeds the people of Atmora with its fish harvest.

South Hope- South Hope was once the site of the legendary Battle of South Hope where the new Atmoran’s defeated the shadow threat for the first time. Since then it has been built into a memorial city that honours the dead but is also a major housing zone for the living.


Notable figure'sEdit

Natalia Northwind

Commander Jorl

King Mikkel

Notable placesEdit

Lot Drem

Lost Shelter

South Hope

Battle's and WarsEdit

Battle Of The Beasts

War on Shadows

Siege of Lot Drem

Battle of South Hope


The Atmoran army


Bruniik Jul