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The life of Olmgar Thunder-Throat, The Dragonborn

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'"As Dragonborn I look back at my predicessors' struggles, Alessia fought for freedom, Reman for glory, Talos for order, the Nerevarine for justice, mine is ...something in the distance that lores me, yet elludes me the same, Miraak was not of them. They shape the frabric of history, he tears it and uses his gift to bring the world to its knee, I am differnet? Am a hero or a heaven? Only time will tell."-Olmgar Thunder-Throat.

Olmgar New Picture

Olmgar Thunder-Throat as he really looked (he really had blue war-paint)

Born as Tor Dragon-Heart to his family clan, but more comonly known by the aliases of Caius Axea and Olmgar Thunder-Throat and was a Nord Hero and Dragonborn described widely as, "a man skilled in all ways of contending, with a wisedom about him that allows this man to discover and create, driven by pure ambition towards one goal, to rid Tamriel of evil", he was raised in a family of a his Legionaire father and his alchemist mother, later going on to slay Alduin, rid Skyrim of its bandits, reunite his homeland and the Empire in a pact of his creation, and conquer the Aldmeri Dominion then the howl of Tamriel. He was a skilled warrior and an adapt politician, standing in the sidelines, observing his oppenants, then sweeping onto the floor and gaining allies until his oppenants joined with him. He was fair, never lying or making promises and was also excepting trying to please all but if you defied him his brutallity would be known. Often before that he could whip you into shape with one angered gaze. He never forgot but gave forgiveness where it was truely wanted. 


Olmgar is a man of controdictions. He is a warm hearted Nord who strongely believes in traditions but is open to change slowly. While a kind and caring person, in battle he is said to be so fierce that even the toughtest foes quake in fear. When he must get involved he can make even the most bitter enemies agree on a settlement which would be written in respect toward him and eachother. This may possibly come from the his Imperial lineage giving him a natural sense of deplomacy. He is usually calm and collective but his anger in battle is legendary.

He enjoys a good fight but does not relish in killing and he especially hates murder. Mercy and forgiveness were granted by him and to those who deserved and wanted them. He is a strong believer of the Empire but he still worships Talos, first in secret and later in public, part of his defiance. In plain sight he worships all other divines,the All-Maker, and reveres the Hists but dislikes most Daedra especially Merunes Dagon and Molag Bal (exept Maridia and Azura,  Boethia and Sheogorath he tolerates). He is also exepting of others religion and culture. While he is no scholar, Olmgar is able to learn quick, enjoys knowledge, and tinkering.

He, unlike some of his kinsmen, loves all races of people Mer, Man, and the beast and dispises racism in any form. He is charitable to all who don't have two Septims two rub together and will go out of his way to help them help themselves. He hates all evil right down to crime and corruption and strives to vanquish them in all forms. All together Olmgar apeals to most people as kind and complex person.

Olmgar 2

Young Olmgar as he look from his younger years (sorry could'nt find matching hair).

Early lifeEdit

He was born on the 1st of Morning Star, the 4E 170 on a farm in the Rift , Skyrim. The farm which his father Saalgren Dragon-Heart called "Rah Filok" (God's Rest in Dovah) was perched on a mount of stone under a waterfall flowing north from lake Geir. His parents, Kira Axea (Kiirna in Nordic) and Saalgren, met when he was stationed in the Imperial City in the legion (where he got the nickname "Night-Wolf" for his skills in recon) where he met Kira and dispite all of his hardy Nord brovado he was scared to death to talk to her for her and every time he tried speaking to her all he could do was run. She thought of this as funny and soon grew very fond of him as well. Soon they began courting and they fell in love so Saalgren left the legion and the two settled in a farm in the Rift. But years later the Great War began and he left the farm were they had moved to and now was sent to Hammerfell where he and his btrother Jorvengral worked with a Redguard Legionaire named Nazeem Atr to delay the Aldmeri onslaught then later in Cyrodiil then the Imperial City. Saalgren, his brother Jorvengral, and Nazeem At'r (Ateer) lead the defense of the city until almost all of the legionares inside were dead but as the city fell they relunctantly escaped then later would lead the charge with Titus Mede II to take the city back in the battle of the Red Ring.

Saalgren reveled in the victory but was reluctant to exept the White Gold Concordat, leaving the legion once the war was over and a very young Tor finally had his father back. His friend Nazeem was forced to stay behind in Hammerfell as the Empire left and renounced provence. They lived a simple life on the farm where he learned honor, hunting, farming, fishing, and how to use a sword in combat. Athough it was outlawed his father still worshipped Talos and taught Tor about him as well. From a very young age Tor loved adventuring and could be seen exploring around the Rift's autumn forests and Whiterun plains hunting with his father. Sometimes his father and him would go on hunting trips to Morrowind and amongst the party of people on the trip their was a young women who caught Tor's gaze. Her name was Mjoll, later known as Mjoll the Lioness.

Olmgar's house

A map showing where Olmgar's house was.

They were great friends and would venture out into the wilderness alone together to explore. In these times Tor gathered many great tales of adventure, like the time Tor and Mjoll were caught in a wild Guar stampede and ended up having to spend the night in the wilds of Morrowind, evading a Sabre Cat that was stalking them. Finally as the beast pounced on Olmgar wounding him, Mjoll sent an arrow flying through the beast's heart prompting Tor to give Mjoll the title of "Lioness" which she would go onto use. He was in love and he wanted propose to her at a young age and have the her join him in a continental quest around Tamriel.

Olmgar's misfortunesEdit

The Thalmor Raid

Alas fate had different plans for Tor. One day as a 16 year old Tor retires to his room after a long day of hunting and farming he was woken by a raiding party of Thalmor who began to attack the farm. Saalgren and Tor were able to kill all the attacker but damage was done. The farm they had worked so hard to make was burnt to the ground and the foundation sunk into the lake. Olmgar ran to Mjoll's villiage only to find it burnt to the ground and she was nowhere in sight. He looked in the rubble for hours until his dad found him and brought him to his senses. From that day on a heart broken Tor wouldn't love another woman for years. With no home or money Olmgar's family moved Helgen to start anew and hide from the Thalmor. Tor went by the name Olmgar but they struggled to get by in Helgen. Kira started a shop selling goods and Saalgren and Olmgar worked at the mill in Riverwood. As they made the journey each day they bagged some game. Even with all of them working, they barely were able to afford their shack of a house in Helgen. While working in Riverwood Olmgar made friends with a young man named Ralof.

The two worked out a system to help eachother. Olmgar would deliver Ralof's love letters to his sweetheart in Helgen and Ralof would slide Olmgar some septims. He also met Hadvar another lof his friends. Soon Saalgren's job at the mill wasn't paying enough coin and their house in Helgen was threatened. Saalgren tried mercenary work but still it wasn't enough septims to put bread on the table. One day as Saalgren was escorting a wealthy client through the southern Haafingar forests to Solitude they were ambushed by an assassin who sends a throwing knife into the client's neck killing him then Saalgren and the assassin clashed steel untill both had recieved serious wounds. The assassin in over his head but seeing skill in his opponent told Saalgren that they were looking for new recriuts and if he let him live i could get you in

Dark brotherhood symbol.


This truly was a farfetched deal Saalgren thought as he said," and why would I want to be one of you, assassin" and the assassin responded ," by the looks of you your low on coin and...and we pay heftly for skills like these" he said as the wounds begin to cause him great pain. Saalgren was thinking of this as he looked away the assassin was gone and in his place their was a note adressing him. He reluctenty joined the brotherhood and soon he began bringing home bags full of money. Secretly Saalgren would kill innocent people every day for his family and with the new wealth they were able to purchase a permanent home in Solitude and a vacation home in Whiterun for when Solitude winters would drive them to wanting a warmer climate. With this new prosperity things were looking good but one more thing had to happen for him to be put on the path of Dragonborn.

At his job Saalgren dispised Sithis' worship and he would never worship such a murderous divine. No one suspected this but one day Nazeem learned of his "lack of faith" and there was a council of all the assassins in the sanctuary as Saalgren was out on a contract. When Saalgren returned the assassins grabbed his arms and forced him on his knees then the assassin leader, Astrid stood with a dagger ready in hand. That day Tor was curious where his father worked followed him to work that day in secret. He was watching from a clearing in the forest as the assassin leader screamed "HAIL SITHIS" and plunged a dagger in Saalgrens stomach. Tor charged at the assassins sword ready but by the time he got there they had already entered the door and closed it Just as his sword slammed on the stone.

Tor stayed by his father's side untill his death. His funeral was a week later but Tor kept Saalgren carreer a secret to his widowed mother and both moved to Cyrodiil to live in with Jorvengral (who had moved there after the war). His uncle Jorvengral had started a very successful shipping company in the Imperial City making him a very prominent and wealthy man. To blend in with the native people of Cyrodiil he began going by the name of Caius Axea. Tor would work on one of his uncles ships and traveled around Tamriel from Elswyr, High rock, and Hammerfell and even to Blackmarsh. His sorrow for his father's death was dredged in adventure on a daily bases but as he adventured for those many years his mother's health was slowly deteriarating with the absence of her lover, Saalgren.

A widow's dying wishEdit

As Tor traveled around Tamriel his mother, Kira never quite got over Saalgren's death and with depression and stress creeping up on her every day her condition continued to get worse. Tor would visit as much as possible but it became clear Kira wouldn't pull through and one day as Tor returned to his ailing mother and he found that she was sercuming to her ailment. As she lay there dying in Tor's arms she kept speaking of her loss of Saalgren and how her heart was torn in two. Tor, greefstricken, told her of the Dark Brotherhood's treachory and he promised her he would avenge Saalgren's death. She begged for him not to seek revenge but died soon after. This is where Tor's journey truly began to the contrary of popular rumors or myths told time and time again by song or book. He was determinded to avenge his father and that began a series of events leading to him becoming the glorious heroic figure of legend.
Olmgar's adventure's

A map showing Olmgar's early adventures and travels.

The journey to SkyrimEdit

Tor's uncle gave him all the money he could spare and a strong horse of his then the two set off for Skyrim. They first passed through Weye then stoped at Charrol for the night. They stayed at an inn for the night enjoying a good night sleep. The two set out for Bruma but were delayed due to a slight detour. They were trotting along on the road when they noticed a minotaur attacking a carriage and it's 3 passangers.

Tor and Jorvengral asisted the travelers in killing the minotaur then escourted them to Applewatch where they lived. As they left for Bruma one of the travelers handed them some supplies for the journey. The travelers, Tor, and Jorvengral exchange thanks then the two head for Bruma praying to the gods there to be no more delays in their trip. When they got to Bruma they stayed with Isabella and her husband Renus (Isabella being a cousin of Tor on his mother's side) and enjoyed a feast. When in the morning Tor woke then he and Jorvengral parted but before that Jorvengral had a few words of advice for Olmgar.

He told Tor that although he had lost his only love and his father and most recently his mother, he needed to let go of that and try to make a life for himself. He had been watching his nephew for years working away his problems on a gods' forsaken ship, not so much as gazing at even the most modest looking of wenches, not even to speak of the true beauties, never the less Jovengral most importantly told his nephew to move on and make a new life and don't get consumed by revenge on the Dark Brotherhood or the Dominion. Tor bid his uncle goodbye and a 31 year old Olmgar entered his homeland for the first time in years. What lay ahead was uncertain to Olmgar. Jorvengral journied home, preying for his nephew to find his way to a new life and be happy.


When Tor entered Skyrim in the 17th of Last Seed, 4E it was early in the morning and he got his first breath of crisp Skyrim air he had been missing for so long. He took in the sights and sounds and he quickly became overwelmed with it's beauty. He felt both a sense of pride and happiness for his land but he also felt a unexplainable feeling of power surging through his veins but he dismissed this as excitement and maybe some bad mead. As he trotted, on horseback, through the pine forests of Falkreath he noticed a large group of people in a convoy style formation riding up the road ahead of him. When he got closer he noticed armored soldiers and guards. He rode along side them for a few minutes to ask directions but as he came upon one soldier he noticed that he looked very familiar but he coundn't recall from where.


What Olmgar saw as he entered Skyrim.

Overcome with curiosity he came over to the soldier and asked him what his name was. He replied with Ralof and Tor imediatly rembered him then explained who he was and the two began remenessing about the "old-days". As the moved along down the road their conversation would be cut short when a raiding party of Imperial legionaires ambushed the convoy. Ralof jumped into battle but while Tor was frozen in thought wondering what was going on and what to do then a thief named Lokir pulled him off his horse. As Tor got back up and drew his blade poised to split the thief in two, an Imperial archer thinking he was a Stormcloak sent an arrow flying at Tor. If it weren't for Saalgren's lucky helmet which Tor was wearing he would've been making an early trip to Sovngarde but instead he was knocked out.

When he awoke Tor was in a heavy stuper and had a severe headache. Ralof, Lokir, and a third passenger whom he had no name for were sitting in the same carriage as him. Ralof told him about what happened and cursed the Imperials for taking them prisoner. As Ralof told him what happened they were taken down the road to Helgen. When they got there Tor realised who the third passenger was after Lokir said his name, Ulfric Stormcloak, and that is when he realized he was going to die if him and Ralof couldn't escape. He was suprised that Ralof would join the rebels ( who he had heard about scarcely ) and didn't know really how to act when he learned of it. He himself was a loyal and legal citizen of the Empire but one who fearcely loved his homeland and worshiped Talos.
S or i

Stormcloak and Imperial flags.

Despite both facts he decided that moment that this was not his war but today his nuetrality may be threatened because when a chance of freedom were to show itself every one would be his enemy, whether Imperial or Stormcloak. He just hoped that Ralof had enough sense that if they were to get free he would either go with him or to get out of his way. Once they got off the carriage he waited for his turn to be called up but before that the thief began running away. Before the coward could get away Imperial arrows perced their target leaving him dead. This made Tor's hope deminish, although he despised Lokir for trying to steal his horse, this meant escape was out of the question and that his doom was near.

He was called up to only see another old friend, Hadvar who relunctantly wished him luck on the journey to the next world. As General Tulius was speaking to Ulfric they heard a loud noise but then they got back to the exicutions and soon it was Tor's turn at the chopping block. He braced himself to see his dead parents and Mjoll, his only regret was allowing the Darth Brotherhood and the Dominion to live and as he kneeled at the block he said a short prayer to Talos. Just as the Executioner lifted his axe Tor noticed (much to his terror) a huge black dragon, who he would learn later was Alduin, land on one of the towers in Helgen. It then shouted and a massive storm of flaming earth fell from the sky domolishing anything in it's path. The beast belched flames and scourched anything or anyone in it's path.

Amidst the chaos Tor, Ralof, Ulfric, and the remaining prisoners made a run for a tower. They tried to get to the top but Alduin broke through the second floor wall and sprayed fire inside killing one of the rebels. Tor and the rebels went seperate ways as he jumped into the top floor of a nearby house. He then met up with Hadvar who was defending the city with the other soldiers. The two made their way to a wall where Aduin landed against the wall with his clawed wings . Although not taking notice of Tor and Hadvar he scorched all in his path. Hadvar and him ran to Helgan Keep where Ralof was trying to make his escape as well.

Hadvar or Ralof

Olmgar's view of Hadvar and Ralof at Helgan keep.

Ralof and Hadvar went their seperate ways and Tor had a choice, go with Ralof or Hadvar. Either way it still wasn't his war. He made a split desicion and went with Hadvar but he would later regret leaving his old friend to uncertainty but he just would've felt the same way with Hadvar if he had made the other choice.

They made their way down fighting through Stormcloaks and anything else that got in their way then Tor finds a barrel of potions and made good use of them. The two find a tunnel and leave Helgen just as Alduin does. Tor and Hadvar get to Riverwood were his is aided by Alvor, Hadvar's uncle, then he checks into the Sleeping Giant were he thinks about what Hadvar said about joining the legion and as he does he can't even remember why he came to Skyrim in the first place.

He figures it was from the arrow that hit his helmet. He searches into His pocket for any clues but he only found a note from his uncle saying for him to join the Companions and find himself on the journey. He asks Hadvar's uncle, Alvor where the companions are centered at and he directs him to Whiterun and asked him to send word to the Jarl for help. Tor agreed and he set course for Whiterun.

Path to WhiterunEdit

As he set off for Whiterun Tor bagged game on the way and found some useful herbs and alchemy ingredients that he remember his mother, Kira, tought him about when he was only a child. As he crossed over the hill to Whiterun he noticed a group of warriors in a struggle with a giant near a farm. As he reached the area he drew his blade and struck the beast in the back of the ankle which caused it to lightly slam Tor with it's club sending him 10 feet back on the ground.



He quickly got back up and drove his sword into the giants leg making it kneel giving one of the warriors (Aela) a chance to finish it with a blow to the head.

After the fight Tor talked to the warriors who revealed themselves as Companions and complimented him on his skills. when he asked if he could join the guild they told him to see Kodlak Whitemane. After the Companions leave, Tor set off for the city walls. There he entered and walked to Dragonsreach where he warned Jarl Balgruuf the Greater of the attack on Helgen.

He told the Jarl of the attack and the plight Riverwood was in. He being simpathetic to his subjects imediatly sent troops. He thanked Tor and gave him the task of finding a mysterious dragonstone in Bleakfalls Barrow so Olmgar, always beng one to help accepted the task. He was intrigued by the knowledge his ancesstor pocessed but at the same time was a little ashamed of bardging into the tomb and defiling the remains so he tried to be respectful. Though this is what he thought of funny, that he was trying to be respectful of something that was trying to decapitate him.

By the time he had killed of enough draugr to last weeks, grabbed the dragonstone, and gained the ancient knowledge for a shout it was night so he stoped in Riverwood the night and stayed in the Sleeping Giant. To his surprise the innkeeper, Delphine, was not in but he was not one to gossip or intrude so he dismissed it. The next morning he went to Whiterun with Dragonstone in hand but not before giving Lucan his missing claw. The court wizard Farengar was quite please to see not only Tor returned but could tell about the knoledge he had witness but also converse about it but then was not the time for conversations or debate but a time of action.

'The birth of a legend'Edit

While Farengar and his accosiate were examining the stone the Jarl's housecarl, Ireleth, came running in speaking of a dragon attack on the watch tower. Tor and Ierleth reported to Jarl now was being breafed on the curent dragon situation by a younge gaurdsmen. Balgruuf gave them their orders and the two asembled the men and they headed to the watch tower. When they got to the tower it was in ruins and there was no one in sight. He was the first to spot the survivor and that is when it apeared, the winged beast making a terrible sound that shook the earth.

The battle was fierce and while they took no losses Ireleth's men and Tor were quite honestly, suprised at their battle with a dragon. Tor and the rest of them drew their bows and got a few good hits but it was Ireleth's hit to the wing that made the dragon land. That is when Olmgar charged in full of rage and struck the beast in the mouth right as it was about to scourch him but the beast rebounded quickly afterwards and sprayed Tor with so much flame he was thrown back.

The rest of them thought he was dead for sure but none were more surprised than the dragon when Tor emerged from a sheet of flames, that blanketed the ground, completely unscaved. Tor though suprised at his apperent resistence to fire charged in yet again but this time struck the dragon in the neck and as it squirmed in pain Tor grabbed his head and was flung in the air only to land on the beast's cheast plunging his sword deep into it. As he stould up off the beast he pulled Mer-Bane out while sanding on the dragon's belly, which remarkble made him look like Talos in his shrine.

A shrine of Talos (just in-case you did'nt know what one look like).

When he jumped off the corpse it egnited and a energy radiated from it to Tor. This energy made his blood boil with power and he was overcome with that same feeling of power he felt when he entered Skyrim yet at the same time he was hit with a enlightenment that he could not explain but now knew by heart at an instent. This overwelming power was one of his liking. One of the guards exclaimed "Dragonborn" and that is when he began realised the true power and title he now pocessed. Ireleth was skepticle so the guard called for a test so Tor without even thinking sumonded that acient power on the guard knocking him on his rear.

As he first learned of his title there was still much that would come leading up to the final battle but the world had it's last Dragonborn and now his path to becoming it was finnished and now quest for it's meaning would begin.

The meaning of DragonbornEdit

Once the guards were done praising him, he returned to Whiterun to tell the Jarl what had happened. Before he could get into the gates of Whiterun a massive sound shook the land as if it was an earthquake. The shout declared "DOVAHKIIN" and all around the land it was heard. Tor had no idea what it meant. He thought that maybe the Jarl would know more than him so he entered the city only to find all the townsfolk immerging from their homes.


The Grey-Beards.

The Jarl had heard the call and was eager to hear back from Tor so once he returned to Balgruuf who asked what happened out there he told him all about the battle and the Jarl listened carefully absorbing what had happened. Balgruuf then gave Tor his reward and declaring him the Thane then told him to get to High Hrothgar immedialy. He made his pilgramige to High Hrothgar observing each statue and step amazed at them. When he got there the Greybeards confirmed he was Dragonborn and were astonished at his affinity for thu'um.

They had but one more test for him.To find the horn of Jurgen Wind-caller. After clearing the ruins of any mage or draugr he made his way to the room where the horn was said to rest but in it's place there was only a note which told him to go to the Sleeping Giant Inn in Riverwood and rent the attic room, so that is where he went. He rented a room and that is when Delphine revealed herself and her secrets. They went and talked in private in her secret room where she revealed herself as a Blade.



As part of her plan they went and killed a freshly risen dragon, named Sahloknir, at Kynesgrove and discovered her hunch about dragons was right, they are coming back to life. She then told him she needed time to think of a plan on how to get in the Thalmor Embassy, who she thought was responsible for the dragons. Delphine left Tor, a little perplexed at tihs revelation. He headed for High Hrothgar and gave the Greybeards their horn. From that point Tor would visit the monistary and learn the secrets of thu'um every week then train and do work with the Companions, who he had joined in earlier.

The CompanionsEdit

He became a member of the circle in the ranks of the Companions in a short time and inherited the blood of the beast. He frequently brought the fight to the Silver-hands winning many great victories for his shield-sibblings that he had grown very close to. Tor and Kodlak became great friends and descussed Liconthropy often and together searched for a cure. The raid on Fort Fellhammer went as planned and the Silverhand's leader was dead and the Companions had the upper hand in their private war which gave Tor time to help Kodlak with his quest for purity.

He was told the story of how the Companions were cursed by the wiches at Glenmoril by Kodlak and soon was off to their lair to avenge the cursed Companions of the past by slaying them. He did so with ease but as he returned to Whiterun he discovered the remains of the battle that had taken place in his absence. The Silver hands had lost many men but along with stealing the fragments of Wuuthrad (which he had worked so hard to get) they somehow managed to kill Kodlak. Enraged he and Vilkas sought out the remaining Silver hands and showed them the true meaning of the word "rage".


Even Vilkas was a little startled at Tor's furousity in his Beast form. Tor thought in his mind that Kodlak's death was his fault so he left no survivors. They recovered the fragments and made it back just in time to witness Kodlak's funeral. The circle met and they agreed to carry out Kodlak's last wish of purity so Tor lead the way to the Tomb of Ysgramor with Wuuthrad in hand. Once all the spirits of the past Companions were defeated they found a eterial Kodlak in the barial chamber and vanquished his beast side, freeing his soul from Hircine. Tor also wanting to be free of the curse one day. He promised to do so when that day came.

Before Kodlak left this world he bestoyed the title of leader to Tor and thus he became the first leader of the Companions since Ysgramor. Later Tor recieved a letter from Delphine telling him of the sucess in designing a plan to get into the Embassy. With his newfound free time Tor told the Companions of his upcoming travels and set off for Riverwood. Delphine had formulated a plan that both was risky and ingenius. He was to infiltrate the Thalmor Embassy as a guest and sneak away from the group and find info on the Thalmor's knowledge on the dragons.

"Diplomatic Immunity"Edit


The Thalmor party.

As part of the plan he met up with Delphine's friend Malborn and gave him the supplies he was suppose to sneak in for him. Olmgar chose his set of steel-plate armor, his lucky blade Mer-Bane, and Ysgramor's Shield for Melbourn to sneak in. They parted ways as he met up with Delphine who held the rest of his gear and gave him party clothes for the occasion. She wished him luck then Olmgar entered the carrige to the Embassy.

He arrived durring the night at the party, just slightly late. Tor walked to the Thalmor soldier standing guard at the door and gave his invitation to her. The soldier acepted the invitation without any suspision and gave him the right to go in but as he did he whispered "thank the nine" under his breath. The guard stopped him and asked what he said not knowing herself what he had uttered. He managed to say in a calm matter "thank you...I said thank you. Why, is their a problem madam?" She believed the lie and let him inside the Embassy.

From there he entered and was greeted by the Thalmor Embassador Elenwen who he thought was the sum of all he hated about the Thalmor. It was bad enough to band the whorship of the greatest son of Skyrim and the Empire but then rub it in our faces by roaming through our lands and preaching your suposed "superiority" to us. He could bearly stay in character without bashing her face in but he managed and began a small convesation only to be interupted by Malbourn telling her about a shortage in supplies.


Once Elenwin left, Tor asked Malborn (who was manning the counter) for a drink which was the signal that said he was ready so he gave it to him and said the code he would "get another bottle of that from the back" meaning for him to cause a distraction. He with drink in hand search the party for a distraction but found none. Tor sat next to a complaining party-goer named Razelan. Tor was about to take a sip of his drink when he heard Razelan's complaints (about his lack of drink) and saw an opportunity. He gave him his and asked for a favor from him which was to make a distraction.

Razelan was happy to oblige and quickly made a distraction which gave them just enough time to escape. From there they made their way into the kitchen where Tor pretended to be sick as part of the plan to get him through the prying suspitions of the chef. Once past her and behind closed doors Tor gathered his gear and headed into the innerworkings of the Embassy. He snuck pasted two guards in a door way then got into another room. He threw an apple at the wall causing one of the guards to investigate then once he turned his back Tor slit his throat. The next guard became suspicious and called out for the other one so Tor dragged the first one's body away and put his armor on.

Tor mustered his best Aldmeri accent and said "yes it was just a hungry Skeever" which fooled him and as he entered back into the guard's room he quickly cut him down. He exited to the courtyard (after searching around and finding little evidence) and was surounded by several Aldmeri troops. He change into his beast form and quickly despached of the hostiles while getting some satifying revenge of the Thalmor pigs. After that he finally changed back and he suspected that the Thalmor heard the comotion so he hurried to Elenwen's Solar. Tor found his way into the solar where he was attacked by more Thalmor which he took care of quickly then he proceded to the torture room were he found a prisonor then took the Thalmor Dossiars and a book on the Thalmor's main target a man named Esbern.


He freed the prisonor and was about to leave when he noticed Thalmor on the prison balcony with Malborn as their captive. They luckily didn't see him so Tor told the prisinor to wait there. As he creep up behind the Thalmor they began to question Malborn more intensely and soon began to beat him. The soldier battering him then put a knife to Malborns neck poised to end him, just then Tor drove his sword throught the back of the Aldmeri soldier who had been asking the questions. His friend only add enough time to exclaim before Tor did the same to him.

He then picked Malborn up from the floor and the three entered the trap door where they encountered a frost troll. Malborn and the prisoner where told by Tor to run as he struggled with the troll. He struck it with his shield but the troll counter attacked, staggering Tor. He use his unrelenting force shout throwing the troll up against the wall giving Tor just enough time to impale it. The two had been waiting outside the cave when Tor emerged and they went their separate ways Tor going to Riverwood, Malborn to Windhelm, and the prisonor to Riften. When Tor reached Riverwood after a long carriage ride he and Delphine agreed on the fact that they must find Esbern (an old friend of her's) before the Thalmor so Tor was off to Riften.

"A Cornered Rat"Edit

Tor embarked on the journey as soon as possible. He took the route south of Riverwood through the mountain pass south of the Throat of the World then entered the Rift Autam forests that reminded him of home so dearly even though his curent home in Whiterun was nice he missed his true home, here. Tor, being a master huntsmen bagged a considerable amount of game on the way to Riften. He had slain everything from elk, deer, spiders, wolves, and even trolls but he enjoyed nothing more than the meal that he would craft when he got to Riften. On the way he noticed some Thalmor in a convoy stile that were headed towards the city. He used what little sneak he pocessed and tried to listen to what they were saying. He could make out something about them being reforcements to the raiding party in Riften that were trying to capture the " target'".
Thalmor 2

Thalmor on the road to Riften.

Tor was about to sneak away when he accidentally steped on a stick thus all twenty-sum Thalmor discovered him lisening in on them. An Aldmeri archer sent an arrowing fluying into Tor's armored shoulder staggering him and also making him drop his sword and shield. Now unarmed Tor watched as he was aimed at by several Thalmor archer's and swordsmen poised to strike. With no other option he was about to fight to the death with his bare hand and thu'um but then there came a barrage of arrows striking down half of the foes he faced and as he looked behind him he saw several Stormcloaks charging in beside him. Together him and the rebels stormed the Thalmor's postion and this is where Tor is first given the title of Thunder-throat, becuase after the battle these Stormcloaks (who had heard about the Dragonborn's return) noticed his use of thu'um in battle and described it as "thunder eminating from his throat" thus the title Thunder-throat was spread from there on through rumor, folktales, and song. From that point on, considering he was widely known by the alias "Olmgar", they called him Olmgar Thunder-Threat.

Back at there camp they toasted to his new title exclaming "all hail to the Dragonborn, Olmgar Thunder-throat" and that is where he stayed for the night. When he awoke in the morning he said his good byes to the Stormcloaks and made it to Riften in record time and without any other delays. As he walked to the gate he was stopped by a suspicsous looking guard who asked him for a tax for entering the city. Olmgar smelled the scam from a mile away and called him out on it. The thief, knowing the scam was over, relectently let him in. Olmgar after asking around was aproached by a man named Brynjolf who tried to persuade him to steal from a local merchent. He refused but after several minutes of trying to ask around he pushed him to far.

He had asked him about Esbern but he just kept trying to talk him into the job so Olmgar lost his temper and grabbed Brynjolf by the throat. All around people began to stare at Olmgar as he yelled at Brynjolf. Stunned by Olmgar's fury and audassity he nervously pointed him in the direction of the rat way and said a man named Delvin Mallery would know. He threw Brynjolf into his stall and walked off. Before he could leave though he was stopped by a women who claimed he was familiar. He took one look and gave her such a bear-hug she could barelly breath. She was surprised by this at first but then the Lioness understood and  two both embrased then began to ask eachother a seemingly endless amount of questions. You see that women was the lioness known as Mjoll Olmgar's lost friend and love.

Mjoll talking to Olmgar in the Bee and the Borb.

The young man with her (Aerin) was confused and asked for a explination and after a quick explination three went to the Bee and the Borb and talked for hours. They talked so long that the only thing that would stop them was the sound of comotion outside. Olmgar poked his head out to find three Thalmor questioning a guard on the where-abouts of Esbern. He had no choise to bid Mjoll a good-bye for now as he headed off to the Ratway. Before that though Mjoll ran up to Olmgar and planted a kiss on him, which despite all his brovado he couldn't help but to blush (much like his father to his unliking) then he said the only thing he could think of, "still the old Lioness I see". He snuck away into the Ratway dispatching of any lowlifes or skeevers that stood in his way. He finally founed the Ragged Flagon where both Mallery and Brynjolf stould talking.

Even after the inncident in the market Brynjolf wanted Olmgar in the guild even more. He stepped up to them and immeadiatly Brynjolf said,"so you changed your mind then, lad." Olmgar replied with "I here for information, not your guild." With that him and Mallery sat and after a mix of a little pursuation and bribery he got the location of Esbern. Their was one slight problem though the sewers were filled with Thalmor so he fought his way through wave after wave of them. That is when he reached Esbern's house and the sheer amount of security he put into it suprised him. He knocked on Esbern's door and Esbern answers neverously.

After convincing Esbern of him being the Dragonborn the two take care of any Thalmor in their way then resurefaced into Riften only to be attacked by a Kajiiti Thalmor assassin named Shavari. After she was killed Olmgar and Esbern got on the carrige and made their way to Riverwood. It was a long carrige ride and Olmgar was not only tired but also fammished so reluctently he walked past the counter lined with food into Delphine's room in the Sleeping Giant. He was given his next quest by Esbern after he explained the fabled Alduin's wall where they could find out how to kill Alduin the leader of the dragon cult which Esbern had rescently told them about.

"Alduin's Wall"Edit

He made his way to the Reach where he made great use of the roaming mountain goat as target practice and as a good source of income for trading with the occasional hunter on the road. After Karthspire was cleared out they trio then proceed to Sky Heaven Temple where they discovered Alduin's one weakness, Dragonrend, not sure where to learn it Olmgar went to the Greybeards to learn it but before that he finds a ancient enchanted blade known as "Dragonbane". This blade he liked so he kept it. He made the perilous journey to High Hrothgar yet again where the Greybeards sent him to their leader Paarthurnax. With the new shout clear skies taught to him by the Greybeards he gained access to the Throat of the World. Olmgar took a second to catch his breath in the thin air and looked around for this Paarthurnax he was sent to speak with.


Just then a dragon swoops overhead and lands just yards from Olmgar he was staggered by the beast's weight but managed to draw his blade and ready for attack then just as he was about to strike it spoke and revealed him as Paarthurnax. Parthurnax asked why he was on his "strunmah" (mountain). Confuse Olmgar told of his surprise that Parthurnax was a dragon. He didn't trust him at first but after some conversation he liked this dragon and respected him. The two pondered where to obtain the shout dragonrend and soon Paarthurnax hatched a idea involving one of what he called the "Kell" the fabled Elder Scrolls. Olmgar had briefly studied the Elder scrolls back in Cyrodiil and now he needed to resserect those studies to save Nirn so he talked to Arngeir who pointed him to the college of Winterhold.

He set out for Winterhold but not without stopping in Riften to catch up with Mjoll and tell her about his latest quest. They talked in the Bee and the Barb for a bit then Olmgar heard her mention her lost sword Grimsever and that is when an idea sparked. Mjoll although, almost sertenly loving Olmgar, she said she needed time to think so he resolved to get that sword (in his mind). He left as Mjoll started to get suspious about him getting Grimsever. She would never allow him to risk his life for her sword. He pasted through Windhelm on his way to Winterhold then made it to the frozen city just as a storm pulled in. The mage at the college's gates, Faralda, let him in after he showed her his Dragonborn abilities. Once he got into the college he asked the librarian Urag Gro-shub about the Elder scrolls. The books pointed in one direction, the great mage Septimus Sigmus, who revealed the location of the Elder Scroll to be in the tower of Mzark in a Dwemer ruin called Alftand.

Black Reach and MzinchaleftEdit

He fought his way through hundreds of Falmer and Dwemer constructs then he found the remnets of a lost expidition whose member attacked him on sight. He took one of their sheilds called the "Targe of the Blooded" which interested him. Once in Blackreach he finally made it to the tower of Mzark and unlocked the Elder scroll with the Lexicon but his journey was not over yet he made his way to Mzinchaleft and located Grimsever and barely made it out alive. He met Mjoll at the Riften maketplace and presented both Grimsever and the Targe of the blooded to her and asked for her promission for them to courte. She was so awstruct by Olmgar's love for her (that he would risk his own life to retrieve her lost sword) that she said yes immeadiatly and jump into is arms and the two inbraced and kissed eachother overwelmed by their love.


He asked her to acompany him to High Hrothgar (adventure and dates interwine with the two) on the Throat of the World, a prevledge she had envyed of Olmgar. They reached the throat of the World where Olmgar read the Elder Scroll and revealed dragonrend to him just as Alduin reached the sumit. The battle that ensued shook all of skyrim and left Alduin defeated. As the World-Eater retreated, Olmgar resolved to find his location and destroy him. So him and Mjoll talk to Paarthurnax and hatch a new plan to reveal his location via one of his dragons. To do this he would have to trap it in Dragon'sreach but to do that he would need to ask Jarl Balgruuf. He wouldn't let Olmgar do so unless he could put an end to the war raging outside the walls of Whiterun so Olmgar used his gifted of diplomacy to get the Greybeards to host a peace council between the Empire and the Stormcloaks.

He did just that shortly later and after hours of intense nagotation he gave the Empire Riften and the Stormcloaks Markarth and to balance out Ulfric's demand for territory he gave the Imperials compensation at Karthwasten. At the end of the council both sidea trusted and respected him and as the Stormcloaks left the council they discussed the plan on traping the dragon. Balgruuf (now basically a close friend to Olmgar) agreed to spring the trap without hessatation and his friends in the Blades provided the dragon's name, "Oh-da-viing" (winged snow hunter). He left the room only to be confronted by Delfine who told him to kill Paarthurnax for his past crimes but he immediatly refused.

The Hrothgar peace council.

Both Olmgar and Mjoll hiked down the side of the mountian in excitement to Whiterun where they stayed for a nights rest in his house then the next morning they walked to Dragon's reach together just then both realizing the weight of the situation. Before they walked in Olmgar told Mjoll that she couldn't come with him to where ever this dragon might take him for it was to dangerous and despite her disapontment she agreed. They sprung the trap with Balgruuf and his men that day and capture Ohdaviing who agreed to take Olmgar to Skuldafn which was impossible for a human to get to. As Olmgar released Ohdaviing the others wished him luck but they didn't even enter his mind for he was admiring Mjoll who seem concern. He walked up to her and all seemed to freese and the pace had become slower and it was as if Mjoll and him were the only ones there. He had slain everything from Bears, Trolls, Giants, Dragons, and who else knows what...but this was the most frightning thing he had ever done and he new his father, Saalgren was laughing at him somewhere in Shor's hall or wherever but he vowed he would not make the same mistake as his father.

He finally got infront of Mjoll after what seemed years, took her hand, revealed his amulet of Mara, and kneeled and asked those words that can be evermore powerful than Thu'um, he asked her if she would take him in marrage. She repliled yes and the to embraced eachother for what seemed a eternity then Olmgar let go of her hand and said "now I have not only somthing to fight for but somthing to look forward to. I'll see you love", as he said jumping on to Ohdaviing's back. Mjoll looked at him one last time and told him she loved him and playfully rolled he eyes then he took off and as the others remarked on his bravory or foolishness she just watched him awstruct and gazed at him untill he disapered from sight...

The final battleEdit



Olmgar, now with a goal in mind and a heart full of fire enter Skuldafn shredding ever Draugr or Dragon in his way using both Dragonbane and the sword given to him by by his father Mer-Bane years ago. His furrosity was legondary even for him. The hostiles dead and emotionless even bagan to retreat from battle as a result. He made his way through Skuldafn poised to wiped Alduin from Sovenguard for good. He killed the Dragonpriest and then leaped into Sovenguard and emerged in the imortal plane Aetherius where his foe resided feasting on the souls of the dead. He charge at him but the cowardly beast took flight and was to powerful to Dragonrend so Olmgar made his way to Shor's Hall gaining entrence after defeating Tsun. There he met up with the heros of Sovenguard that defeated Alduin before and together they purged his fog from the land and attacked Alduin with all their might. Olmgar and the hero shouted the words "JOOR ZAH FRUL" so loud all of Sovenguard shook and Alduin was bound to the earth and forced to face his doom by the Dragonborn.

Olmgar charged in, hacking, slashing, and stabbing at his foe and the heros followed him into the fray and after a long and glorius battle Olmgar finnished Alduin by plunging Dragonbane into his heart thus shattering the world-eater and freeing the souls of man from his snare forever.

Sovenguard as Olmgar saw it.

All throughout Sovenguard all could hear his demise and as he stand triumphant the heros of Shor's hall praised him and cheered his named. As much as Olmgar wanted to stay in Sovenguard he could not for he was to be married soon so he asked Tsun where his father Saalgren was? Tsun told him his father had walked to the gates of Sovenguard long ago and was allowed acess but went before Shor himself and told him that he would reside in his hall once "Ysmir, truest son of Skyrim is praised once more..." then he left untill the day would come.

Olmgar though disapointed he could not see his father was reashered by Tsun that wherever he is, Saalgren was looking toward him with pride. He let one last shout thunder through Sovenguard as he was sent to Nirn where he reapeard on the Throat of the world next to Paarthurnax surrounded by dragons crying out in both anguish and fear at his return. They begin to fly off mourning Alduin death shouting "ALDUIN THURI" as they went one by one. Paarthurnax, although disapointed at the death of Akatosh's first born (Alduin), congragulated him in his victory and took to the skies enpowered, bent on recruiting dragon followers to teach the way of the voice and to guide them to the path of enlightenment and redemption. Olmgar was then greeted by Ohdaviing who pledged to aid the Dragonborn in his quests from now on. Their words shook the land and all knew of their salvation.


He made it down the moutian to Whiterun where Mjoll was waiting for him in his house, Breeze Home. Together they celebrated and then headed to Riften where a huge wedding ceromony was held. Nobles, Jarls, friends, and people from all around came and gave their thanks. Among the guestlist was General Tulius, Ulfric Stormcloak, Jarl Balgruuf, his uncle Jorvengral, Hadvar, Ralof, Alvor, Lucan and Camila Valerius, Savos Aren, The Companions, and for those who couldn't come sent their respects. The happely married Olmgar and Mjoll toured the 9 holds of skyrim then went on a vaction honeymoon to Solitude where they would travel Tamriel for several months. Allthough these were the greatest few months of his life once he came back to Skyrim the year would be brutal and unforgiving to Olmgar and all of Skyrim.

The boat "Siren of The North" that took Olmgar and Mjoll on their honey moon.

The Civil war (to be continued)Edit

With the return of the Alduin over ( which was a six month crisis) and at lease half the dragons dead (thought there would be many stragglers long after his death) Olmgar returned to Skyrim on the 20 of Frostfall all around him he could hear news of the changing tide of the war which he thought he had ended. As he entered solitude he wanted to pray for the wounded so he went to the temple only to find it filled with wounded and sick Imperial soldiers and Solitude guards. When he asked what had happened he was told when he was gone the peace deteriarated and the war continued then the Stormclaoks lunched a massive offensive and just attack Solitude a week ago with a force of 300 men. Among the fallen was a Solitude Guardsmen, his cousin Alf. He helped heal as many as he could in anguish of his cousin's death but still to many died that day.

He was enraged at the continuing of the war, that had killed his cousin and went before Tulius and demanded to know who broke the treaty first. Tulius told him Ulfric began a major offensive just a week after he left Skyrim and ever since then Ulfric has added to the body count ten fold. Olmgar almost didn't believe him so he went to Ulfric himself and was infuriated to have the truth confirmed to him. He told Ulfric that their is no heros or honor in this war and if he would just stand down, Olmgar could negoiate a lasting peace. Ulfric ignore him and tried to parsuade him to join the Stormcloaks but he refused and left the palace in a rage.
Skyrim 2

The front lines of the civil war after Ulfric's offensive.

Olmgar goes to Whiterun and continues as usual but still calls for a end to the war but soon he realises that the Civil war seemed hopless. As he sat down one night he looked through his things and found Ulfric's dossier he had taken at the Thalmor embassy and was shocked when he read how the Thalmor were trying to keep the war going to weaken both sides for a later war, one to end not only the Empire, but man aswell. He now only had one option and that was to end the war quicker so to not give the Thalmor the upperhand. He never liked the concordat but what choise did Titus Mede II have, sign the treaty and lose Talos, don't sign it loose the war and Tamriel. Just as this war their are no winners in the last aswell so he vowed to change the tide of the next war before it begins and if he had to choose sides he would rather choose to support the Empire over Ulfric but he didn't want to betray Ulfric.

At least the Empire would last a year in the next war with the Dominion the war not to mention they are trying to preserve what Talos himself spent a lifetime creating. Olmgar that night left his house at the dead of night (alone) and prayed at the shrine of Talos to fight for him, to restore the Empire and Tamriel, and lastely to do whatever it would take to end the Aldmeri Dominion. Talos answered, "you will know what to do after the mare has bleed and enemies have abandoned death". Thanking Talos for the response he promise one thing though before he left, that if given the operitunity he would give Ulfric and Tullius one last chance to end the war. The next morning it was as if Talos answered his prayer becuase Olmgar was contacted by General Tulius to come to Solitude as quick as possible. He did as he asked and once in Solitude Tulius asked Olmgar if he could deliver a message warning Jarl Balgruuf of a Stormcloak attack on Whiterun. His thinking was that maybe Olmgar could get through to him (being his friend and a nord himself). He agreed and went to Whiterun to tell Balgruuf.
Tulius and Rikke

Tulius and Rikke discussing strategy with Olmgar.

Once the Jarl recieved the letter he read the troop count and enemy potision information the Imperials scouts had gathered and was amazed. After holding a court with Ireleth and Preventis he had one more job for Olmgar, give Ulfric Balgruuf's axe signifing peace. Now Olmgar was certen of it, Talos had heard his prayer and was giving Ulfric one more chance and it could now go two ways Ulfric could exept Whiterun's neutrality then from there the war could be be ended with his help or he could deny it and his and the war's fates would be dicided. Axe in hand Olmgar made one stop at his house and grabbed the Thalmor Dossier on Ulfric thinking that if their's anything that Ulfric hates, it's the Thalmor and he will not be their puppet so he set off for Windhelm on his fastest steed,Allie, uncertan of the future but he trotted on guided by Talos bent  on peace but proparing for war.

It was an a relativly short trip yet it seemed to be a new era by the time Olmgar reached Windhelm. It was a cold snowy day in Windhelm and Olmgar was happy to reach the palace and get out of the storm. Ulfric stould next to Galmar in his war room and as he, entered the suspitions of the Imperials were confirmed as he talk about the plans with Galmar. Ulfric sees Olmgar and says,"So you have decided to join the true sons and daughters of Skyrim then." Olmgar cut him off and said," I am here to talked to a friend not to join a rebellion. You need to read this" he said as he threw the dossier on the table. Ulfric looking puzzled picked up and read it. "Now do you understand Ulfric you're fighting the wrong side," but he only responded with, "The only thing I understand is that Thalmor lies have corrupted yet another man". Olmgar and Ulfric continued the argue in a louder fashion as tenstions rise. "You don't understand I stole this from the embassy it's not lies it is legdimate, if you will just drop your game to win the thrown and forget about being high king you will see the truth. THEY HAVE BEEN USING YOU!" Olmgar said as he hand Balgruuf's Axe.

Ulfric as Olmgar negotiated with him.

"We need you in the next war, a war of glory and liberation, not this petty war of Jarls and Imperial Generals. So please by Talos give the Empire of man one more chance." Olmgar said pleading to him. Ulfric only laughed and said,"Well it is ashamed you chose the wrong are quite brave to deliver such a message but you should take this back to the owner and tell him to exspect to entertain some company." Olmgar said barely able to control his anger said," It's ashamed Ulfric we really needed you...We'll be seeing you soon and...Talos have mercy" then Olmgar walked out of the palace and  onto the road as fast as he could to Whiterun. He arrived and delivered the news just as the Stormcloaks began the attack. Olmgar ran to Jarvaskr and gathered as many of his shield siblings as he could and joined the ranks of the Imperials and guardsmen readying for the defense of the city. As he near the main gates of Whiterun he found Mjoll and asked her to lend her sword in the cities defense (for she was a extremely capable warrior) but she refused. Olmgar ask why and she revealed to him that she was pregnant with his son.

Fearing for his unborn child's life and that of his wife he told Vilkis to escort Mjoll to Dragonsreach and protect her then he headed to battle. The Stormcloaks charged in by the hundreds and shouted their battle cries as they came. Olmgar, the Legionaires, the hold guards, and the Companions let a barrage of arrows rain down on the attackers killing many but soon they broke through the baracades and poured in. The defenders were pushed back temporarely until Olmgar charged into the heart of the battle and fought his way through half of the foes then shouted the rest down and rallying the Companions and half the other defenders then counter attacked the Stormcloaks pushing them back to stables. Soon the battle was near done but the rebels began raining down a hail of artillary weakening the defenders and giving the attackers the upper hand so Olmgar called in Ohdaving who destroyed the enemy catapolts allowing the attackers to take the offensive and claim victory.
Ohdaviing fighting Stormcloaks

Ohdaviing during the Battle of Whitern.

As Olmgar pursued the Stormcloaks he noticed Ralof his old friend wounded at the gate as Imperial Soldiers and Whiterun Guardsmen thirsting for blood to avenge their fallen comrades surrounded him swords in their hands. He saw many other Stormcloaks wounded and nearing death by victorious and angered foes and abandonnded his chase of the retreating Stormcloaks and rushed to save his friend. Legate Rikke was loosing control of some of her men just as Olmgar jumped it the circle using unrelenting force to keep Ralof's would-be killers are bay and then he raised his sword at them, furrocious like a wild beast ordering for them to yield. The companions came to Olmgar's aid and together they formed a circle around the wounded Stormcloaks as the Imperials readyed for another battle to ensue. Just as Rikke had lost control and the battle seemed inevitable Hadvar came between the two sides and with words of truth calmed them then the Legionaires relented and Olmgar and his shield siblings dragged away Ralof, his wounded Stormcloaks, and the wounded Legionaires to the camp where the attack had begun, where they worked to heal them. This was a mighty feat indeed for even townspeople and guardsmen and then finally the Imperials, minutes ago wanting to kill the stormcloaks lended themselves to help heal the fallen.

Many were saved that day and many more questioned the war and yet more owed their lives to Olmgar, so many paid the debt with their loyalty to him, Stormcloak and Imperial. Even Jarl Balgruuf, who just before the battle joined the Empire's side was now reinvigorating his passion for an end to the war. The few surviving hostiles retreated towards Riverwood with their commander Galmar which would come to be know as Galmar's retreat marking a major Stormcloak defeat. Olmgar shouted and the heavens open raining down and stopping the fires from burning in Whiterun. After a few days had passed and  most of the combatants were healed General Tullius visited the camp and talked with Olmgar in private. Tullius gave Olmgar an ultimatum, to either help crush the rebels or stay out of his war. Olmgar told him to stay of of his way if he new what was good for him. That day in Whiterun Olmgar gaves a specch to the battle weary soldiers and guardsmen and citizens:

"On the eve of the battle we saw Ulfric's true colors. He only cares for power and would attack his own people to get it and worse still he would leave his own men to die for the same cause. To attack Whiterun, the Heart of Skyrim and her crowning jewel, but today I was then shown the true colors of Tullius who told me to stay out of his war, last I checked this is our war. But together we sent them both a message, we showed them that brothers and sisters of Skyrim will spill each other blood no longer. In my hands I hold that which solidifies who the true enemey is, the Thalmor have tricked us, they send weapons to both sides to spur the war on to divide man and weaken him. Well lets show them that the Empire of Man ​still lives and is willing to defend it's citizens to the death. Let us ride to Windhelm and may Ulfric either accompany us to Solitude or be  dragged from his thrown all the way there, then we will march to Solitude and the Empire and Skyrim will unite as men to face own true enemies, the ones who banned Talos, the ones who drag us away at night, the ones who defile our land with their Justicars preaching of their false supperiority. No more will they have us bow to them. Long lived the Empire, long live Talos, long live Skyrim, and death to the Dominion."

His speech inspired and enraged all, from Stormcloak and Imperial to Whiterun Guards and Companions and gave them hope. Olmgar shouted into the heavens rallying the men and women who begin to ready their horses and swords to head for Windhelm. Olmgar confrunted Mjoll and the two embrace. Olmgar told Mjoll about his plans to bring Ulfric to Solitude and have him talk with Titus Mede the Second who was visiting for his cousin's wedding and show them both the Thalmor Dossier but stopped him, fully confident in her husband only making him promise to be back for the birth of his son. With his word given to his wife Olmgar and the Companions lead the way, Jarl Balgruuf and Rikke with their men and the Stormcloaks headed for Windhelm, putting everthing on the line with is risky move. Olmgar proud of this victory, knowing surely he was guided by Talos, was only troubled to think what would happen when he reached Windhelm. He just prayed this fanale chance he would give to Ulfric would be taken.

Rebuilding Skyrim Edit

Olmgar was oppointed Military Governer of Skyrim and became General Caius Axea when General Tulius Died a month later from unkown causes. The title was supposed to go to Legate Rikke but she said Olmgar deserved it more. With his new title he started a campagn to rebuild Skyrim but it was lacking workers and funds so Olmgar traveled to Cyrodiil and got his uncle Jorvengral to fund it. Still it wasn't enough so he persuaded rich nobles from Cyrodiil to invest in the project, promising them a big payoff from the deal. Soon the project was on it's way and the cities of Skyrim were being rebuilt and restored.

Post warEdit

Olmgar did many things after the civil war besides seeking revenge on the Dark Brotherhood. He not only rebuilt Skyrim but also joined the College of Winterhold, Joined the Nightin Gales, freed Markarth and Riften from corruption, and even traveled to Akavir. Here are his post war adventures.

Joining the CollegeEdit

The stresses of post war troma were getting to Olmgar so he (before becoming the Military governer) joined the College of Winterhold to learn the Arcane art of magic and to relieve stress. He rented out the inn in Winterhold for Mjoll and Tor and he gave Mjoll (who was also stressed) a break from Tor in the day time when he would take him to the college with him and train with Magic. Fate had other plans for Olmgar when the discovered the Eye of Magnus forcing the Psijic Order to contact Olmgar and soon he was in a struggle to deny access to to anyone who would missuse the Eye but Ancano became corruppted with it power.

Olmgar found the Staff of Magnus and defeated Ancano then became the Archmage (aswell as the leader of the companions which he was also). Being the leaders of the Companions and the College he astablished "The Guildsmen's Alliance" which was a organision that sought to bring a better relation between the two guilds. Once he was gone on his trips he arranged for the postions of leadership for the companions to be given to the Circle and for the College a very skilled and promising younge mage named Anoth who he had mentored.

The Forsworn ConspiricyEdit

After he became the top general of the Imperial liegon in Skyrim Olmgar Traveled to Markarth to inspect the guards there when he stops a Forsworn agent from killing a woman named Margret in the marketplace. Opon further investigation he found out Margret was a Imperial spy and she then revealed to him a plot by the corrupt Silver-Blood family who was in a shadow war with the Forsworn. He went under cover and was sent to Cinda Mine where he killed Madanach and thus crippled the Forsworn chain of command. Once he escaped the mine he was confronted by Thonar Silver-Blood who he imeaditly killed on charges of Corruption and conspircy.

He had troops stationed in Markarth as he feared a Forsworn counter attack then he had the last surviving Silver-Blood Thongvor arrested and jail for Conspiricy and Corruption. With Madanach dead a hagraven by the name of Vodea (Voh-daya) (also known as the Queen of the Reach) took the title of leader of the Forsworn and as Olmgar predicted a week later a full on Forsworn invasion of Markarth began but with the combinded forces of city guards and Leigonairs the attack was foiled. Olmgar was declared the Hero of Markarth and the Thane by Jarl Igmund. With the new Forsworn leader dead he tracked down the newest one a female worrior named Rirna (Reer-nah) and the two created a peace treaty in which the Forswoorn would have represention in the Reach government and be recognized as citizens of the Reach and the Empire.

The treaty (now called the Reachmen's recognition) also allowed the Forsworn to worship their own gods and practice their religon as they please and allowed them to perchess property and live in Markarth. With the peace treaty a success Olmgar was called Hero of the Reach by the Forsworn and many of them returned to their camps or began living back in Markarth. Corruption was ereased from the memories of the citizens of the Reach and no longer did they have to worry about oppresion by the Silver-Bloods or Genocide attacks by the Forsworn. Queen Rirna becomes the co-ruler of the Reach and the hold begins to prosper for years to come.

An unexpect brush with the shadows, joining that Nightin GalesEdit

As Olmgar was adventuring he came open the back entrance of the 

(to be continued)

A gift to the lady of the rift, freeing RifenEdit

Olmgar was tired of the greed and corruption in the Rift but even more his heart ache every time he looked at Mjoll's face for everytime he did he only saw sadness. She was happier that she was ever in her life considering she married Olmgar but she still thought she failed Riften so Omgar took it upon himself to find the Hideout of the Thieves Guild and then organised a raid. The Dragon-Tails were asembled and the raid was luanched. As planned Olmgar had a legionair drop a smoke bomb in the closed up well which filled the Thieve's Guild cistern with to the brim disorienting all of it's members.

The Dragon-Tails stormed in and either captured or killed all it's members. As he was parading the criminal through the street in bindings the Jarl Maven Black-Briar stormed out with several Riften Guards and demanded to know what was going on. He only said,"Just the end of you corrupt deeds" then he had her arested and thrown in jail. He sentenced the thieves to rot in jail forever. He thought that was the end on it but Brynjolf excaped and challenged Olmgar to a dual in the Rift forests. No one knows exactly what happened but Brynjolf never left that forest.

The fangs of the WolfEdit