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This article, The Legend of Arthur, was written by Nanosoldier. Do not edit this fiction without the writer's consent.

Legend of Arthur The Legend of Arthur is a book series created by Nanosoldier based on the many stories of the Nordic Knight Arthur the Honored as he battles mystical creatures and beings from other dimensions while attempting to find the whereabouts of his family, royal figures who were originally in line for the position of Emperor.

Wikitable: Not done in chronological order

The Legend of Arthur series
Book Description Status
The Knight of the North When a mysterious warrior hailing from the North of Nirn arrives in Tamriel, setting out to the many provinces to expel numerous supernatural occurrences. Nordic Knight Arthur the Honored is given the task to discover the true intentions of this warrior who has a divine meaning not known to human understanding Incomplete
The Crucible of Time After the death of High Chancellor Ocato and the strange disappearance of the legendary artifact called the Crucible, said to have godly capabilities, is stolen by the Thalmor. The Knight Arthur the Honored sets upon a long journey across Cyrodiil and Alinor to return the Crucible before the possible beginning of the end. Not started
The Tale of Talos When a vision is given by a Khajiit gypsy that Arthur is to die in the realms of Oblivion, he sets upon an odyssey as he seeks haven in the heavens of multiple religions until he is called back to Nirn to defeat an enemy thought to be long since forgotten by Man and Mer. Not started
The Odyssey of Secunda During the Void Nights, Arthur is sent to Elsweyr where he discovers that the moons of Tamriel has disappeared and the Khajiit people are in panic. Arthur soon encounters a race who are also baffled about the disappearance of the moons and sends Arthur to Secunda in hopes that he may soon return the moons to Nirn. Not started
The Will of the Gods Despite recent events, Arthur begins his sudden trek across Akavir to gain the Hammer of Shor, a fabled object said to be created in the beginning of time with Aedric origins, to return to Tamriel. By treading across Akavir, Arthur experiences extremely strange occurrences that may shatter his very soul. Not started

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