The Lady Of Darkness
“The Lady Of Darkness. The Pinnicle Of The Dark Brotherhood, And One Of The Greatest Tricksters Of All Time.”
―Madanach, speaking about The Lady Of Evermor.

 Lady Ciele Audiere, better known as The Lady Of Darkness, was the Breton Listener and leader of the Dark Brotherhood during the 4th Era. She is best known for the assassinations of Victoria Vici, Commander Maro & Emperor Titus Mede II. It is also rumoured that she is the Gourmet.

Early LifeEdit

Ciele was born in a town in Hammerfell known as Aldrehmad in the First Era. It is also a waypoint to which Sheogorath sends his Daedra Minions onto Nirn. At the age of seven, she was sacrificed to Sheogorath. After which, she lived for several millenia in the Shivering Isles as Sheogorath's Steward. Sometime in the late third era she was relieved of her duties and she returned to Nirn. She found Aldrehmad to be now a ruin, destroyed by Thalmor soldiers. She intended to avenge her townspeople by destroying the Thalmor. She returned to Evermor, said to be where her parents had descended from, to find the town in grief as the Lord had died. She decided to take control of the city by killing off Alain, the rightful heir to the throne. After which, she declared that he was dead by poisoning. To which the entire kitchen staff of the palace were executed. Ciele became the Lady of Evermor. She then fought in the Great War against the Thalmor, and managed to use her bordering position to keep the Thalmor away from High Rock. 

Invitation To The Dark BrotherhoodEdit

After the 'Death' of Alain, she was invited to join the Dark Brotherhood, to which she accepted. After a while in the Dark Brotherhood, Ciele began a contract to which she was told to assassinate Alain Dufont. After travelling to the ruin, she discovered that it was in fact the rightful heir to the throne of Evermor. He had snuck away, seriously injured and became a bandit leader. After a short and bloody battle, he was dead.

Upon CIele's return to the sanctuary, she discovered Astrid, paranoid about Cicero's activity. After hiding in the Night Mother's coffin she was instructed by the Night Mother that she was the listener and was to meet with Amaund Motierre. Motierre wanted the assassination of the Emperor, to which she grimacefully accepted. After which she assassinated the emperor's cousin, Commander Maro, and the gourmet himself. Being an avid chef as well, she took the name as the Gourmet.

She used her position as the Gourmet to poison the emperor, only to find that he was a double and Astrid had been planning Ciele's death all along. She returned to the Sanctuary, only to find Nazir and Babette still alive. They discovered Astrid in a secret room to which she had performed the Black Sacrament. She wanted herself dead. After killing the traitor, Ciele took her rightful place as the Leader of the Dark Brotherhood in the newly refitted Dawnstar Sanctuary.

Now came the time to kill the real emperor, as he was visiting Skyrim on his boat, The Katariah. After battling through the ship she found the emperor in his chamber. The Emperor pleaded her to kill Amaund, him knowing already the corruption of the Elder Council. To which she replied her now catchphrase "Anything For Sithis." and killed the Emperor. She returned to Amaund in the Bannered Mare to which she killed him and took the 20,000 gold reward.


Upon her return to Evermor, she revealed to her subjects that she was in fact The Gourmet and was widely celebrated as one of the greatest rulers of all time. She was soon made a member of The Elder Council to which she still incorporates today.


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