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This article, The Knight of the North, was written by Nanosoldier. Do not edit this fiction without the writer's consent.

The Knight of the North

Chapter 1: The City's Crack of PerilEdit

Arthur was anxious entering the Frozen Hearth. The many Mer present drinking Nord mead made him remarkably uneasy. The poor boy sat at the counter in front of the barkeep, who was also suspicious of the heavy Dunmer presence.

"Mead?" he asked. Arthur slid 10 golden septims and was immediately given a brown bottle. His recent adventure from his home city of Solitude managed to scare Arthur into submission on one occasion when a Troll murdered his camping colleagues. As he drank from the bottle, he started thinking about moving to Cyrodiil into the Imperial City though remembered that simple immigration into another province is far more difficult than it seems. He squinted his eyes has the mead's acidic liquid bubbled on his tongue and finally swallowed it as he noticed he became a focal point of attention in the inn. Arthur finally noticed that he was the only Nord in the inn.

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