The Independence Era

The Independence Era, also known as the 9th Era, was a period of time that lasted around 700 years. It began when the Argonian King 'Sceptre I' assassinated the 'Last King Of Alinor' which resulted in the decomposition of the Thalmor, and the end of the Second Great War that had spanned the Era Of Bloodshed, and the 30-year-long Era Of Recollection. It held many great events, including the Great Arena Battle between Olthrof Hammer-Throat & Nessius Quellan, not to mention the Battle Of Mount Kilkreath and finally The Crowning Of The New Empire.


This article documents the notable actions, wars and dates in the Ninth Era.

9E 01Edit

- Sceptre crowned King Of Argonia

- Morrowind released from Argonian control.

- Kolfhe Snow-Hammer was born.

9E 02Edit

- Cyrodiil falls to Skyrim's control.

- Elsweyr joins with Black Marsh forming the Southlands.

9E 07Edit

- The Nordic Empire is formed, swallowing High Rock, Cyrodiil, Morrowind and the heartland of Skyrim.

- Full destruction of Alinor completed, the refugees flee to Aldmeris.

9E 10Edit

- Valenwood joins the Southlands.

- Yokuda is settled and becomes the new home of the Altmer.

9E 13Edit

- The Battle Of Lemth'ei means a small island to the south is added to the Southlands.

- Yokuda reconstruction continues, with the addition of the capital city of 'New Alinor'.

9E 20Edit

- Hammerfell joins the Nordic Empire, which has now also taken Solstheim.

- The former High Queen of Skyrim, Kaera Snow-Hammer becomes Empress, and her son Kolfhe becomes her heir at the age of 19.

- An elderly Redguard named Lemate dies, and becomes a Lich.

9E 24Edit

- Floods destroy southern Valenwood, leaving the Southlands having to pay for reconstruction.

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