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In Volken mythology, the Giantlords, or Vur Bielkher in the Volken language, are principle deities of the Volken pantheon who reside on Goldenvale Isle -- land of the Titans -- and preside over the mortal realm from there.

Primarily consisting of the four immortal Giants: Maeser-Kthal, Bjardgan-Dhao, Chakthan-Baal, and Ruusegard-Pael, chieftains of the last four Hohenriese tribes on Nirn, the Giantlords are revered as the saviors of the Volken ancestors and are worshiped as almighty guardians, rather than creators. While many worshipers tend to focus on the four main chieftains, the pantheon of the Giantlords contains many minor gods and spirits with some, albeit minute, influence on the mortal plane according to the religion.

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