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The Elder Scrolls VI: Uprising is the sixth installment in The Elder Scrolls series. It is based in all the provinces of Tamriel, but mainly Skyrim, Morrowind, Black Marsh and Elsweyr.

The game begins with the screen a blank white surface and you here a voice. It is General Tullius (or Ulfric Stormcloak depending on which faction you picked in Skyrim) and he says" Legate (or Stormblade if you are a stormcloak) i'm sending you to Valenwood to fight off the surrounding Thalmor forces. I'll be sending you with a mercenary named Frobnar. By now you can see Ulfric/Tullius. He continues." You will meet meet him at the Winking Skeever/Candlehearth Hall. He will take you to a carriage that will take you to Cyrodiil where you will have to fight off Thalmor Soldiers patrolling the border. From there you two will travel to Arenthia where you will rest at the local inn. You will make your way along with a gathered force of local mercenaries to Woodhearth, which is being sieged by the Thalmor. Once you are done you are to come straight back here to the Blue Palace/Palace of Kings.

The screen fades and suddenly you can make out the voices of two Thalmor Soldiers. One says" This stupid (race) is scheduled for execution tommorow. The other says" Stupid S'wit thought he would actually be able to take us down." They then both walk away. All of a sudden you here a nord go "psst". you look over your shoulder and see Frobnar. He hands you an Elven Dagger " Stole it from one of the Soldiers when he wasn't looking. Want you to have it. I probably won't make it out alive. I don't have much of a fighting chance now that that stupid wolf gave me (coughes) Rockjoint.

The screen then fades then suddenly you slowly open your eyes and you are tied to a pole with Frobnar next to you. The Thalmor soldier picks you up and says who are you. You then have the choice to either import the saved data from the Dragonborn or create a new character. After you choose you look to Frobnar. He nods to you then behind your back you take out the knife and slowly cut the rope. The guard notices just in time for you to cut the rope and plunge the dagger through his stomach. You cut Frobnar free but then right after a Thalmor Soldier throws you overboard. When you wake up you are on the shores of Elsweyr but Frobnar is nowhere in sight. You suspect that he either drowned or didn't make it off the ship. And so begins the recruitment of the Anti- Thalmor Alliance.

Anti-Thalmor RecruitmentEdit

It starts the first quest(Bethesda you can name the quests:D) and the objective points you to the nearest town, which is Torval, to recruit soldiers to conquer Elsweyr from the Thalmor. You have to persuade the mane to believe the the Thalmor did not restore the moons and that they were tricked. Infuriated, the mane gathers forces from Senchal, Riverhold, Rimmen, and Corinthe. Together you are to wipe the Thalmor from Anequina and Pelletine. Once you do that the objective is to travel to Rihad in Hammerfell (either by ferry, carriage, or by walking if you like to travel the more scenic route). You will gather troops from here and every other province to attack the Summerset Isles, the center of Thalmor forces Alinor. All of the main quests are focused on gathering forces to attack Summerset Isles (but don't worry there is some fun sidequests if Bethesda wants to). The end battle starts with you walking through millions of troops to the front. You then fight your way to the leader of the Thalmor (nobody knows who it is so I guess Bethesda you can decide) where you kill him ending the Thalmor. Of course just like the Stormcloaks or the Imperials in Skyrim there will be scattered forces that you can kill.

The End. Edit

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