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Storyline Edit


The Empire has crushed the rebellion and is out-raged when the Dragonborn reveals that it was the Thalmor's plan to spark the Civil War in Skyrim. It's been some time since them and unrest is everywhere, the Emperor himself questioned the peace with the Thalmor and the "White-Gold" and now no one has heard anything out of the Summersets or Valenwood. The worst fear is that the Dominion has finally made up it's mind on ruling Tamriel. These are dark times and war is near and you will be the one who leads the charge.


The Empire has finally hit rock-bottom. High Rock has staged a coup and has overthrown Imperial rule in the Province. Only Cyrodiil and Western Morrowind remain loyal. With the Empire falling apart the Thalmor were being quiet for a reason because they then marched into Cyrodiil and tried to take control with the lack of power. There is fierce resistance but Skyrim and the free provinces have heard nothing from Valenwood and The Summersets and suspect the elves are on the doorstep of humanity. These are dark times but you alone will lead the charge.


" Fuck the nord scum, the Dominion will bring peace and justice."

The Blades ( Only available with Empire or Alliance -Paarthurnax must be killed)Edit

After the falling in Great War, Blades are rising up. They recruit new agents, and send them to Dominion Embassies and major cities. They replace one of the Justicar Leader with one of their agents. Before the Great War II, spies attack to Thalmor members and leaders of Dominion. After most of the leaders are dead, Delphine goes to the Summerset Isles. In Alinor, She kills Prime Minister of Thalmor, Vinnerus Asaner. With that, Blades takes their revenge on Thalmor. And the Great War II begins

Thalmor enemies

This map shows the current politics and alliances of Tamriel based upon your chooses in Skyrim. (right Empire and left Stormcloak.


TES VI: Dominion is the next installment in TES series that continues the story of the Dragonborn and focuses on the southern half of Tamriel. Despite this the main storyline of the game takes the character all over Tamriel and unlocks the provinces for travel upon completion of the main quest. One of the other new features in the game is the ability to import your character and his or her information and the sheer amount of possibilities for alternate endings for the game that follow.


The game begins with a vision of a god-like figure (later revealed as Talos) telling the mysterious character (the Dragonborn) of his or her future and of a great war. Next a massive battle seen with the character and his or her factions of choice (Stormcloak or Imperial) fighting the Thalmor. Before the memory goes blank either Ralof or Hadvar drags the wounded character.

Bits and pieces of these memories are shown then the Character is awaken by a blow to the head by a Thalmor Soldier. The ship the character is on is headed for The Summerset Isles and you are scheduled to be executed. The Thalmor Soldier lifts you up and throws you down to the ground. He then kicks you and tell you to get up and he moves you to a new holding cell with another prisoner named Tor. He speaks to you and tells you of his plan to escape (which is optional as you can escape on your own) and tells you he's stolen a elven dagger from one of the guards and he wants you to take it. Next he tells you that the guards are going to take you, him, and the others to the deck to question and identify them, that is when he wants you to do that shouting thing you did back in Valenwood. You are confused about what he meant but their is no time to ask questions because the guards come and rounds up you and the others to the deck. One by one the prisoners are identified and you are up next. The guard asks you who you are and you either import your character or create a new one then when he asked whats your name and where you are from your only response is "I don't know". The guard gets angry and begins beating you up.

Option A:

You've already cut your hands loose with the dagger and as he throws another punch you grab it and knock him out with one hit. Another guard runs over to you but an ice spike shot by Tor kills him. You and the other prisoners fight the Thalmor aboard until Tor and you are the only ones left and become overwhelmed. Tor tells you to shout and you use the Storm Call. The ship is destroyed in the storm and you are thrown overboard. You eventually wash up on shore in Elsweyr where an anti-Thalmor rebellion is taking place and where dragons have been spotted roaming it's skies. The Dragonborn has to wonder the deserts and jungle of Elsweyr to the nearest town then discover the truth.

A beta for Elsweyr (not really it's a mod)

Next your quests are centered toward fighting the Thalmor and tracking down anyone who might know who you are. In this alternate gameplay you wont be wanted by the Thalmor because they think you died on the ship. There are many new thinks to do and factions to join, such as: The Khajiti Mages guild, become a mercenary for a trade caravan, be a personal assassin for the Mane of Elsweyr, join a local group of thieves, or even help establish a Fighters Guild in Elsweyr. You can cross the border to Valenwood (where the main quest will take you) whenever you wish but with the local sights and people you may find that you don't want to.

Option B:

You endure the last blow and then Tor lies and tells him your just an auxiliary and he believes it and throws you and Tor back into your cell. There you and Tor come up with a new plan and wait for a better time to rally the prisoners. That night you and Tor have a fake fight as planned so the guards would move you to the main cell with the rest of the prisoners and out of your current one. While in the master cell you and the other prisoners come up with a plan to take control of the boat the next night but in the morning the ship docks in the capital of the Aldmeri Dominion, Alinor.

In a last resort you and the other prisoners try to take the ship but the Thalmor overwhelm and kill all the other prisoners and drag you and Tor to be publicly executed. They tie you and Tor to a pole and ready the archers but as they do either a rescue party of Imperials or Stormcloaks (depending on your choices in Skyrim) save you both. Either Ralof or Hadvar cuts you loose and together you and your faction board the getaway ship. Half way to either Skyrim (Stormcloak) or Cyrodiil (Imperial) the ship is attack by a Thalmor fleet which you and the crew fight off.

You then arrive at you destination and either meet up with Ulfric or the Emperor Titus Mede II (if you killed him in the Dark Brotherhood questline he will be replace by his son or an other successor) and told of you next mission and learn a little bit of your past (if you did option A you can still get to this part). You leader of choice will instruct you to take some time to rest and you will be able to roam around the land and do some side quests and or revisits places from Oblivion and Skyrim like the White Gold Tower or The Palace of Kings. It's revealed to you the Thalmor are wage war against you faction and is invading.

Stormcloak war pathEdit

If you are Stormcloak the Thalmor launch a full scale naval invasion of Skyrim centered towards city of Solitude and the Haafingar area. You fight them off at your own pace, which means if you loose a battle for a city or fort then that will be accounted for in the main storyline. You can go up front and fight the enemy or go guerrilla and fight in secret. Once the invaders are repelled it becomes apparent that Skyrim can't fight alone so you and Ulfric travel to the other independent provinces to gather allies to help defeat the Dominion once and for all. You travel to Hammerfell, High Rock, and Skyrim (and possibly if you help the rebellion in Elsweyr you could persuade Ulfric to let them join but only if you have a high speechcraft level) and make them band together to defeat the Thalmor. The Alliance is known as the Dragonblood Pact. All of the leaders of the pact agree that you should command the alliance as a symbol of hope and unity to rally the troops.

Imperial war pathEdit

If you are in the Legion you go on the offensive and invade Valenwood with the full force of the legion. Just as with the Stormcloak main quest you fight at your own pace and if you fail it impacts the end outcome. You are also a leading Legate so you choose targets and strategies but don't worry you still fight in the battles. After you complete you secondary objective of supporting the rebels in Elsweyr you are called back to the Imperial City by the Emperor. While there the Thalmor send assassins who kill the Emperor and most of the Elder council. You kill them but then you learn the Thalmor are invading Cyrodiil and are coming for the city. The legion repels the attack on the city for now but it is apparent that for the Thalmor to be defeated the provinces will have unite once again for their freedom. You travel to the provinces of Hammerfell, Argonia, and liberated Elsweyr and make them band together to defeat the Thalmor. The Alliance is known as the Dragonblood pack. With the Emperor and most of the Elder council dead the remaining leaders of the alliance agree that you should command the alliance as a symbol of hope and unity to rally the troops.

On the Offensive
The Great War II

Battle plan for the offensive.


Imperial offensive The Empire and it's new allies plan a massive combined attack on the Thalmor held territories in Cyrodiil but before they can do this a Huge Thalmor fleet is spotted outside Solitude so that becomes the main focus. The combined forces of Hammerfell's Alik'r, Skyrim's guards, and the Imperial Legion repel the invasion and then the main focus returns to Cyrodiil. With combined forces they would defend the Imperial City then retake Cyrodiil and Elsweyr and invade Valenwood.

Stormcloak offensive
The Great War II Stormcloak

This map shows the battle plan of the Stormcloaks and their allies.


The Stormcloaks and their new allies plan to invade Imperial Cyrodiil then the Dominion. The combined force invade Cyrodiil and take the Imperial City. What you do with the you do with the Emperor is your choice. For example you could kill him on the spot, have him publicly executed, or if you are not fast enough in taking the city the Thalmor might get him first. Next you defend the city against the Thalmor then retake the rest of Cyrodiil (and possibly Elsweyr).

The Wild Hunt Edit

I the interest of not spoiling to much of the plot (saying Bethesda is reading and uses my ideas) i'm not going to go into much detail about the next parts unless they contact me then i'll tell them about the end.

Once your faction begins the invasion of Elsweyr the Thalmor become desperate and make the shamans do the ancient and powerful ritual of the Wild Hunt, which would turn it's Bosmeri participants into shape shifting demonic beast men who would kill everything and anything in their path untill their target is dead. The Target is you the Dragonborn. You are warned by a member of the Psijic Order named Relyndil who says that if this ritual is able to happen not only will you die but most of your faction and any innocent bystander in the beast army's way and a Thalmor victory such as that would insure that any hope of peace and freedom in Tamriel would be shattered.

Special features, improvements, DLC's, and highlightsEdit

Dominion has many improvements to gameplay and storyline that even make an epic experience like TES: Skyrim seem old and boring. Combat and RPG elements have been improved by adding more types of killmoves and realistic combat plus Bethesda has added a feature where you can choose your character's personality so you can speak to the NPC's more toward you or your character's personality (it's optional). As usual you can customize you playstyle to comprise several aspects of a single class and has many more types of looks for your character making hundreds of potential combinations. This insures that you will almost never have the same look as another NPC's. Another cool character improvement is the ability to give him or her a voice. This voice varies from race, size, gender, and nationality. Every time you talk you can hear you hero speak his words of wisdom...or just hold up a begger for a sweet roll. Whatever you choose this is optional but many people may find that the voice selection is to their liking. The Second Great War questline is much longer and has many different outcomes and deverse quests and battles. This is due to the real life consequences of you victories and failiures. The experience of the game is different to everyone who plays it and it's such a large world that even if you complete all the quests in one provence (which is about 2 months of gameplay) you still have the mainquest, find all the locations, buy all the houses, and then theirs still all the other provences, DLC's, and alternate endings.

This ensures this is the game to end all games (yet I have a few more ideas for future installments). Mountable beasts other than horses are very common. These are but are not limited to carriges, ships, boats, and even dragons! Many new shouts, factions, creatures, lore, areas, people, culture, and dangers refresh the game and keep you always guessing what's next and who or what do I get to slay. The game also features a new mode where you can play as a non-Dragonborn character so you can do other things like: be a criminal, a farmer, traveler, soldier, smith, ext for those days when you just wanna be a comon folk. To allow easy money for more lower-level or cautous players your character can become an aprentice, start a store, or work in anyother profession thinkable in Tamriel.

A realistic survival mode makes it to where your character must eat, sleep, or drink to survive so a day in the deserts of Elsweyr seems much more epic and dangerous than usual. The Elder Scrolls VI: Dominion has 4 DLC's which are: Akavir, Shadow-mist, Hunter's Moon, and Vivec (to be explained in detail to Bethesda only).

Factions and Behind the LoreEdit


"Unrest...everywhere, except this time it's not just in Skyrim but in Crodiil, High Rock, Elsweyr, Hammerfell, even in Blackmarsh, the provinces know now what the Thalmor plan was. The Emperor himself knows. Now even the most die-hard rebels are lining up to join the legion. Everyone knows it's coming but the strangest thing now is, that with all the noise across the continent, the Dominion is silent..."- Hadvar telling the Dragonborn about the recent events.

Ever since the events of Skyrim the people of the Empire are tired of oppression and the Dominion. You've given the Emperor the dossier on the Ulfric found in the Thalmor embassy and it reveals the secret plot to start and continue the civil war in Skyrim. Outraged he calls for all Aldmeri troops to leave every province in the Empire and for a end to the White-Gold concordat. All the legions were put on full alert. The only strange part is that one or two weeks ago when the embassy was raided by the Legion there was no one their. The howl Empire is waiting for a new great war but still nothing from the Dominion.


"Uprising and collapse...that is what's happening. Didn't even surprise us when you gave us dossier and now we have something to rally towards. just a little ways back High Rock joined us in freedom when they overthrew Imperial control in the province. The Elves just marched into Cyrodiil a day ago after weeks of silence and it's not going well for the milk-drinkers. Ulfric's dream of escaping the Thalmor may be put on hold cause the elves are on the doorstep of Humanity...-Ralof telling the dragonborn of recent events.

The Empire has fallen. All but Cyrodiil and the Imperial zone of Morrowind have seceded. In Skyrim, Ulfric began his plan for rebuilding the nation long before this. The Thalmor embassy was burnt to the ground and all it's occupants execute and their heads sent back to Alinor next the Stormcloaks laid siege to the Orc Strongholds and forced them to leave and go back to Orsinium then they crush the Forsworn movement. The a draft was made and given to all who could defend Skyrim. All none humans were keep under watch to make sure no Thalmor or Imperial spies could get information. The people of Skyrim get ready for war but there is still nothing from Dominion.

Dark BrotherhoodEdit

You are the listener and the new leader of the Brotherhood and while Skyrim's Sanctuary is secure the other branches were all destroyed long ago. You must rebuild and bring dread to all that defy Sithis.

College of WinterholdEdit

The Mages guild was disbanded a long time ago and not many branches still stand like Winterhold. Now you can rebuild and destroy all those who intend to misuse the arcane arts.

The GreybeardsEdit

(If you character chose to not kill Parthurnax) Parthurnax has become the new lord of the dragons and has taken in the some of the remaining ones to learn the way of the voice and serve you on you journeys. Once you Finnish the quest to get you memory back you can call upon the dragons and use them in combat or even ride them.