The Elder Scrolls V: Crimson

“Kentighen is not a Dragon, not a Beast, but a monster created by the souls of a hundred dragons and a thousand men, all forged in the crimson lava of Red Mountain.”
―Clonor Urisil, Lord Of Urisilia.

The Elder Scrolls V: Crimson was the 5th and final add on which succeeded TES V: Dragonborn. It allows you to take a boat from Solsthiem to the northern Dunmer isle of Vvardenfell. There, you can travel to the newborn Dark Elf Capital of Azuria. The Dunmer forces managed to push back the Argonians from the island, althoug they still have much control over the southern mainland of Morrowind. In the add on, the Dragonborn is tasked with killing Klentighen, a legendary dragon that has been terrorizing the island.


Azuria (Hold)Edit

  • Azuria
    Azuria City
  • Nel' Kai Bay
  • Renlont (Town)
  • Haltreys (Town)
  • Nel' Kai (Town)
  • Cloveria (Town)
  • Quelvir Crossing (Town)
  • Kalkhor Priory
  • Cloveria Silk Factory
  • Mekzhetzglit
  • Rhnzelgakt
  • Melfors Gallery
  • Eienaur Crypt
  • Lonh Ai Barrow

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