The Elder Scrolls: Revival is the final installment of the series. It is centered on the areas of Morrowind, Black Marsh, Elsweyr, Cyrodiil, Valenwood, and Summerset Isles.

===Warning! Most information below is only partially true, as the idea has not come to a complete halt and is still being worked on. ===


Plot --

It takes place 15 years after the events of Skyrim's Civil War and most well known characters from it, like General Tullius, Ulfric Stormcloak, and the dragon Paarthurnax are mentioned greatly.

in 4E 216, the New High King of Skyrim is now Ulfric Stormcloak, but the civil war is now over, thanks to the Dragonborn's idea for the truce between the Empire and rebels of Skyrim. Ulfric and Tullius now see similar grounds now, as the only way to win the war, is to unite the provinces once again, though it won't be easy. The first province to join the forces of Skyrim is the Redguards of Hammerfell. The warriors of both nations now have a strong force for the Dominion to fight, but they both fear that these will not be enough. And as fate would have it, the Dragonborn of legends did eventually fall into his death after saving the world from the dragon Alduin. But fate was strong, as in 4E 221, the finding of an Elder Scroll gave hope unto the world once again. The Elder Scrolls have foretold of the old Dragonborn, now in a tomb of his own, has had the very soul of him split into 3 pieces and was scattered upon the 3 strangers that shall now have the spirit of the legendary Dragonborn. one of which is a Khajiit from Elsweyr, J'skar, who is son of the leader of an important tribe. At age 10 was addicted to skooma. The Mane was also born into the tribe, saw this as a weakness in his kin and abandoned him in the desert. He did eventually break his addiction and returned to the tribe at 16 to find the mane had been murdered by a Thalmor agent, claiming it was heretical to follow a mere beast. This angered many tribes who rose up against the Thalmor, but a few tribes and the Imperial-influenced cities rose to the defense of the Thalmor. He then rose to power as a tribe leader by being the strongest warrior in the tribe and eventually ruling half of the province itself. Eventually added title "ra" to his name when he turned 25. He united the tribes and pushed out most of the Thalmor forces from Elsweyr, but the celebration was short when the armies from Black Marsh invaded the land. Thus leading the fate of another stranger with the soul. Hides-his-Eyes.

The Argonian Hides-his-Eyes, is not his real name, but a "stage name". Nobody but him knows his real name. With his parents assassinated by the new and established Dark Brotherhood in the swamps of Black Marsh, it was he who would have two fates. Not only be the worlds prophecy, but also to be the heart and soul of the Dark Brotherhood itself, for it was him who was chosen by Sithis himself, and now, for the rest of his own life, his guardian is now the dark lord himself, but not to tell him what is right and wrong, but what to do to save the realm of the living, because if no humans are living, there is no use for the Aedra or the Daedra, and his own blood will be been gone for eternity. Now, thanks for Sithis's guiding, he forced his apprentice near the top of the rulings. Overthrown the dictatous "king" of Black Marsh, had his own army in his hand, and had the hearts of the people, promising freedom to his people by showing that the Thalmor can never enter the sacred lands that has not even seen the faces of a Thalmor soldier, but that soon they will attack and take away the ways of life here, as the did throughout the rest of the land. And with that, an army rose and was marching the next day to the first land controlled by the Dominion. The Province of Elsweyr. But as he would protect him, Sithis ordered his apprentice to halt his army, and to look ahead at what is happening. A battle was deffinentally happening, A single black and white Khajiit, fighting off a group of over a dozen Thalmor soldiers with nothing but 2 swords and a bow. He now knows the perfect ally to end this evil foe. The 2 realized what was needed to happen, and then the 2 themselves, traveled to skyrim to forfill the prophecy of the elder scrolls and travel to seek the greybeards.

The 2 meditate with the greybeards themselves for years to come, but then, the Emperor himself called upon us, but only J'skarra was to leave High Hrothgar, as the dark lord told his apprentice to stay as long as possible to understand the way of the voice. The Greybeards were resistant to teach the Argonian at first because they did not think that he was the true dovakiin, as he never used his voice at first, but they kept him there as they did see something with him.

Now was the time to uncover the last one being with the soul. As J'skarra went unto the throne to explain the news of why Hides-his-Eyes did not come, there was both silence, and blood within the throne room, for the old Emperor is now dead. Killed by his own son, Arcturus Vexus. The adopted son of Titus Mede III.

He grew up as the son of a Penitus Oculatus agent. Was never very wealthy. Helped mother run an inn in Bruma until he was 16. Joined the Penitus Oculatus and travelled all across Tamriel. Found a Khajiit named J'skarra stranded in the deserts of Elswyr. Brought him back to health and became firm friends. His father was killed in that battle and my mother died by thalmor torture for worshipping talos, but was ultimatly killed from the prolonged suffering of corpus. He was promoted to General by the emperor himself, the youngest to ever achieve the rank. Later challenged the emperor to combat for the throne because he was a puppet of the Thalmor . Won the battle but was forced to kill him in sympathy with a quick death. Secretly went around with the help of J'skarra to unite the provinces for war. In that time He met the noble king of high rock, who joined the cause.

Now with the help of the rebels of Elsweyr, the forces of High Rock, the neutral allies of Black Marsh, and the power of an emperor who was the one to discover the secrets of the Khajiit J'skarra and his powers of the voice, who also found the unlikely suspect, Hides-his-Eyes, to form a band of heroes who will retake the Empire from the Thalmor and have the freedom they had before them.

The evils of the Thalmor will be the ones who ultimatly destroy the weak provinces themselves, and rule with the iron fist the want. Or, will the prophecy be true and the ancient dov shall retake the form of motals and destroy the Dominion themselves?

find out for yourself...

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