The Dragonborns is an upcoming Machinima short. It features two characters, Hezerra and Sebastian, two Dragonborns who meet during unlikely circumstances.

(The word Skyrim appears in typical Elder Scrolls font. Fade to white. The camera flies past a mountain and reveals a small village. A Dragon flies past the camera and perches on top of the mountain. Switch scene to the village. A Khajiit is seen walking through the streets. He enters a bar and sits down. An Argonian waitress walks up to his table.)

Waitress: "What can I get you, sir?"

Khajitt: "Nothing for me, thanks."

Waitress: "Suit yourself."

(He sits and ponders a while. He sees a Dragon lurking near a mountain.)

Argonian: "Amazing things, aren't they?"

(The Khajiit is startled and looks right. He sees a hooded male Argonian, with impressive horns around his chin and a red coloration around his forehead. He is clearly quite frail and weak.)

Argonian: "I'm sorry to have startled you. Do it all the time, me."

Khajiit: "I'm sorry, who are you?"

Argonian: "Oh, yes, of course. I'm Hezerra."

(They shake hands.)

Khajiit: "Sebastian. Nice to meet you."

Hezerra: "Likewise."

Hezerra: "Wonderful things, Dragons. As a matter a fact, I'm a Dragonborn. And you know what? You are too."

Sebastian: "Pardon me?"

(He looks back from the Dragon and sees that Hezerra has dissapeared. He then sees a Frost Dragon fly around the mountain and ponders. Scene changes to show Sebastian walking up a mountain path. He shivers as he reaches the top. The mouth of a cave stretches in front of him. He starts to walk forward when an Ancient Dragon lands in front of him. He panics, and begins to run away, when he sees a figure through the snow.)

Sebastian: "Hello?"

Hezerra: "Down boy."

(Sebastian recognizes the voice immiedietly.)

Sebastian: "You?"

Hezerra: "I know that you are puzzled by my sayings back at the village, young one, and that this is why you came here. Do come in, it's getting dark out."

(Sebastian looks back at the Dragon and sees it walk inside after Hezerra. He pauses for a moment, and then follows them in.)

(Sebastian is seen sitting on a stool in front of a fire, drinking from a golden chalice.)

Hezerra: "I know all this seems a bit strange, but this is my keep. And this is my Dragon."

Sebastian: "But how do you control it? It's just a wild beast, isn't it?"

(The Dragon blows a puff of hot air out of his nose at Sebastian, clearly dissaproving his comment.)

Hezerra: "Simple. Magic."

(As he says this he puts his scaly hand into the flame. As he pulls his hand out, the flame stays in his hand. He then makes a fist and extinguishes it.)

Hezerra: "I am a natural born mage, you see? I learnt to do this at age three."

Sebastian: "But that's just amazing. The Magic must be highly advanced to control such a magnificent creature."

Hezerra: "Indeed. Extremely advanced Magic. This is an Ancient Dragon, see. It is very rare, and dangerous. It took me over five years to do it right. But there is one beyond my reach, a Red Dragon, Odahviing. He is the most powerful Dragon to exist. I've yet to find a piece of Magic to conjour him up."

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