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The Draconic Era banner Draconic Description

We are beyond mortals. We're a superior race to all. We deserve to rule forever. All of your wasted flesh will become of use for the dov and your souls shall fill us with power and we would have no use for your lifeless corpse ----

The Draconic Era is an expanded universe set after the events of Skyrim and is based on an anarchic order bent on conquering Tamriel and enslaving all of its life because of the rebellion of Krilotnonvilzin, a powerful leader within the Draconic Council.


1: It's Always Good to Maintain Civility — It gives a bad impression to use foul language solely to offend the subject. Don't do it, or risk being banned from the entire wiki. If you have a problem that was primarily caused by the subject, report it to Nanosoldier who will take action ASAP.

2: Editing Someone's Work Can Lead to Disastrous Consequences — Correcting someone's work without actually changing any major content is permitted but the author may have minor problems with your actions though however the author has the right to alter your edit. Using references to other articles within the Draconic Era is allowed as long as you have the author's permission to do so.

3: It's A Priority to Follow Canon — Don't contradict events within the games or any other official media. You can 'skim' across canon though it must be plausible and realistic. For example: Jagar Tharn had attempted to corrupt Cyrodiil. Concerning crossovers, authors within the Draconic Era have every right to collaborate with each other though any Draconic Era article has absolutely no right to crossover with a completely different universe such as Halo or Call of Duty. You also can't crossover with other expanded universes on the wiki unless your article has separate histories depending on the universe.

4: Plagiarism is a No No — Copying article content from other is utterly stupid, even on the entire wiki but simply rephrasing another authors quote is allowed if you're collaborating with the author though. Taking inspiration is frowned upon but articles that is titled Zelda with the same image and same personality of the character, he may have a completely different history and background. It is frowned upon and users will be asked to change at least one thing.

If you're a serial breaker of these rules, you will be banned from editing in the Draconic Era and may also perhaps be banned from the wiki if having a serious history of harassment.

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