The Crossing War was 40 years after the Nord-Breton War. High Rock was in poverty and the Empire wanted to keep it that way. During this war the First Daggerfall Covenant was created. The war ended in a Daggerfall Covenant victory and a humiliating defeat for the Imperial Empire.

The Beggining of the WarEdit

In 2E890 Emperor Tiber Septim sent the 5th and 9th Legion to High Rock. The 9th Legion set up camp at Fort Ti on the border of Skyrim and High Rock while the 5th marched to eastern High Rock. The only defense for eastern High Rock was the Breton Militia. The 5th Legion Commanded by General Manti Pitus, an Imperial, marched to the village of Teymanna. The Militia met the Imperials north of the village in the forest. The battle was destructive to the Bretons. The Breton Militia retreated further into the forest. This was the first Imperial victory. General Pitus took a small recon force of Legionnaires to the Militias camp. The Militia was surrounded and cut down on the hill side of The Leeper Forest. The 5th Legion grew trust in there general. The 5th Legion ransacked villeges along the border after the Militia was destroyed. In 2E891 High King Emeric heard of the loss of two of his provinces to the Imperials he sent the two Breton Armies to the east. High King Emeric made a agreement with the Empire. If the Imperial Legions cross the West March River, War will start officialy.

The Middle of the WarEdit

In 2E892 the 5th Legion disagreed with the disision and marched to the West March River. General Michell Cashear, of the Breton Army, set his Archers along the river. He set up his infantry on the other side of the river. The Imperials clashed into the Bretons. The battle was up close and personal. The Imperials were pushed back. The had many wounded. Back at the Breton Camp supplies were running low, but most important The Crossing War began. The 5th Legion regrouped and attacked again. Breton Archers held the Imperials from across the river until the infantry arrived. The troops fought along the rocks of the river. The Bretons retreated due to the force of the Legionnaires. The Battle of West March River was the biggest battle of the war. The Bretons packed up there camp and retreated deeper into High Rock. The Empire now controlled the Eastern Region, which contained 4 provinces, of High Rock. General Pitus was leading a small caravan through the Evermor Pass. Once news of this hit High King Emeric he sent the Lion Guard to assassinate the general. A group of Lion Guards by Captain Miher Pier tracked the general. They ambushed him on Evermor Pass. His guards were killed instantly. General Pitus was shot with an arrow to the chest. When the 5th Legion marched throught the pass the Lion Guard attacked again wiping out the whole legion. The Legionnaires of the 9th Legion called the pass "The Lion Gates". Emperor Tiber Septim ordered the 1st and 2nd Legions to High Rock. In 2E893 High King Emeric sent a messenger to Skyrim for the aid of the Nords. The Nords agreed and sent the 6th Axe Regiment, lead by Captain Ufer Bogrim, to High Rock. From there the First Daggerfall Covenant was made. 

The End of the WarEdit

In 2E894 The Nord troops came to the Breton Camp. The 1st, 2nd, and 9th Legions marched across the West March River. The Nord Army had left the camp to battle, but the Legions had flanked them. They attacked from all sides only a few made it out of the chaos. General Cashear retreated to Blue Haven. The Imperials took over the camp. The Nords came back and attacked the Camp. The imperials were crushed and retreated. The Imperials split into two groups one stayed and one flead to Skyrim. The Lion Guard hunted down the Imperials in High Rock, While General Vitus commanded the men in Skyrim. The Bretons marched to Skyrim and met the Imperials at Silver-Blood Mine. The Bretons were defeated. The Nords marched to Silver-Blood Mine it took them a month to get there. they lost more men on the road then the last battle. All the Imperials were killed. The war was a Daggerfall Covenant victory. It was a humiliating victory to the Empire. The Imperial Empire lost four Imperial Legions and two Generals.

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