Imperial loss

The Battle of West March River

 West March River was the biggest river in the eastern provinces of High Rock. During The Crossing War the river was used as a fort for the Bretons. Then it became the border for Imperial and Breton land.

The BattleEdit

In 2E892 the 5th Legion marched on the river. General Michell Cashear, incharge of the Breton forces, ordered his archers along the river. Breton arrows rained apon Imperials of the 5th Legion. Breton infantry fought with Legionnaires along the damn. The Imperials were pushed back until the second wave came. The Bretons were taken by surprise and were forced to retreat. it was the biggest battle of The Crossing War.


  • Imperials
    • 1023 Light Infantry
    • 57 Legionnaires
    • 112 Archers
  • Bretons
    • 3789 Breton Vanguards
    • 451 Breton Archers

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